Bumkins Junior Bib, Blue Fizz

Bumkins Junior Bib, Blue Fizz

Made from Bumkins lightweight, easy wipe, machine washable waterproof fabric, the Junior Bib is both comfortable and durable.  Sized to fit ages 1 to 3 years, this bib features short sleeves and a back Velcro closure that allows for a quick, adjustable and tug-proof fit. The generously sized, catch-all pocket on this toddler bib is great at containing spills and reducing loads of laundry! Bib measures approximately 15″ across, 14″ from the neck down and 16″ from sleeve to sleeve. BPA, PVC, vinyl, phthalate and lead free.  Designed in Arizona, responsibly made in China.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Sized to fit 1-3 Years with adjustable Velcro closure
  • Made from Bumkins’ easy wipe, stain and odor resistant, waterproof fabric with a catch-all pocket
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • Measures approximately 15″ across, 14″ from neck down, 16″ sleeve to sleeve
  • BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free

Verified reviews


The bibs we got do not match the description

I bought these bibs for my twin grandchildren because their mother loved the long sleeved ones so much. With the weather so much warmer, long sleeves were sometimes too hot. We were disappointed to find these bibs have Velcro closures instead of the tie closures mentioned in the product description. (this is a quote from the description: “This full coverage bib features a catch all pocket and tie closure.”) She prefers the ties because she has found that the Velcro doesn’t hold as well after several washes. I hope they haven’t made this a permanent change.

Phoebe Burnside, KY

Great Bib

Fabulous bib. Made of high quality material, very easy to wash off in the sink, does not stain as far as I can tell. The shoulders are key since my 20 month has been ripping his bibs off for months, this prevents him from doing this. This is a must have.

Judy West Fairlee, VT

good coverage, wide

Good bib but a little too wide for my son, who is 12 months/9 kilo, so it bunches at the neck and creates a bit of a gap. For a larger toddler with a better fit, this would be a great bib. I’ll keep it until then. The arm holes help protect shoulders and keep the bib on kids who pull them off. I don’t like how the pocket is stitched together in the middle because it can’t be turned inside-out to clean. I bought some of the regular super bibs to use until he grows into this one.

Rhea Rupert, WV

Use at Daycare

This was perfect for our son, especially for use at daycare where they paint, eat, do little crafts, etc. and often require full covering. It’s good for that purpose as well as at home for the independent eater. The pocket is especially helpful so that peas and carrots do not go on the floor or down into the highchair seat.

Myra Laurens, SC

The best feeding bib!

Bumpkins junior bib is the best feeding bib for your baby and toddler. My daughter is 3 and a half and she still uses the same one I bought her when she was a baby for messy food. I love that it is well made and so easy to clean. If it needs more cleaning than just a quick wipe, I usually wash it with my hand soap in the kitchen sink and then hang it to dry so it’s ready for the next feeding. Sometimes I put it in the washer. I recommend the junior bib over the regular because it goes over their arms so a baby cannot take it off and it covers much more. It will catch food that is dropped whereas the non-junior one will not. I am buying more bibs now since I have a baby boy who is feeding himself on occasion and has to wear his sister’s pink bib for messy food since his non-junior style bib will not catch the mess.

Gwendolyn Cambria, CA


Our son figured out how to pop off his other bibs so this was perfect since it goes over his arms. Also it’s a great length so it really protects his clothes. The arms on the bib also help keep his sleeve cleaner too. Loved it so much bought more. Cute designs, very easy tomclean with just water & we toss it in the washer about once a week. Definite must!

Alissa Gypsy, WV

best bibs i’ve bought

This is the 3rd set of bibs I’ve bought and by far the best. They’re huge, easy to clean and dry, and best of all, they’re comfortable so my son isn’t always trying to take it off. Plus, even if he were to try, because he has to put his arms through the sleeve holes, the bib can’t be taken off easily like most other bibs. With any other bib, he gets agitated (because the plastic can be hard around the neck) and just pulls hard and the velcro gives way and it comes off. With this one, he seems to forget that it’s on. And of course, since it’s so big, it really does a good job of protecting his clothes.The only issue I have, and it’s a minor one, is that the pocket really doesn’t catch any food.GET TWO cuz you’ll inevitably lose one when going out

Courtney Justiceburg, TX

Finally! a bib that works!!

One of my twin boys started removing bibs before his first birthday. I found a really cheap bib with a tie closure at the party store, and it worked—but it didn’t last too long. It is very hard to find tie closure bibs–and I am not sure that they are the safest. I tried the baby bjorn bib, which works great for his brother, but he tears it off. He actually seems to enjoy this bib. He puts his arms out to out it on. He leaves it on for the whole meal. And then–he takes it off when he is finished. The fabric is comfortable. It washes easily. I was trying to find a short sleeve version with a tie closure, but he doesn’t seem to mind the velcro. I think the sleeves help to keep the velcro from rubbing on his neck too much. I love that it is longer and wider than most bibs, because it covers more. I have less mess on clothes and highchair than I do for his brother. I guess I should bet another one!!

Claire Branchland, WV

Great Bib

This bib is absolutely adorable and covers my daughter’s entire top half, which is nice when you want to protect clothing from messy, cloth staining foods!I like the velcro closing in the back and the pocket in the front really does end up catching dropped food. Great buy!

Alisha Russell, AR


I used this for my baby right when he started solids at 6 months. I like that his arms go through the sleeves so he can’t yank it off like he does with the other bibs, and that it’s so soft and light that it doesn’t bother him. Because it is big, it pretty much protects his entire torso and the pocket has served well in protecting his clothes and chair from suffering a big mess when he puked. It’s also easy to wash and will dry by his next meal time, so far, I’ve been surviving on just this one. Doesn’t stain as well.

Martina Meriden, NH

Best bibs ever!

These bibs not only protect clothes and wash up great, they come in fun patterns that my kids LOVE. The robots are just as bright and colorful as the picture shows. I’d purchase again!

Kathie Tidewater, OR

Love it

So easy to use and clean! I have been using them 3 plus meals a day for over a month and love them more now than when I bought them.

Brandi Vashon, WA

Best toddler bibs, ever!

These rock. The designs are cute and they fit my 18 month old well, and will fit for awhile. I love them, easy to clean, quick to dry. I wish I started using these months ago!

Celeste Bayboro, NC

Great bib

A little larger, but works great over his clothes in the winter and even over the straps of the highchair. Cleans up nice also.

Lelia Corn, OK

Great bib for toddler and young preschooler

We purchased these bibs for our son when he was 21 months old. He is now 28 months old and still uses them. We love them. They are bigger then the Bumkins infant bibs. We slide our sons arms through the arms holes and close the velcro behind his neck. It is long and covers his torso and part of his lap. It cleans easily- we hand wash after each meal and it is dry by the time the next meal is ready. We also machine wash them once a week. (We hang to dry) Great product but a little pricey.

Celeste Marionville, VA


This is perfect for my 18 month old son. He has learned how to pull off the usual snaps and velcro on most bibs. He doesn’t seem to mind wearing this and because his arms go through it he has not figured out how to pull it off. I too made the pocket in the front into one big pocket by cutting the seam in the middle so it can catch some of the food that dribbles down his chest. The Dr Seuss is adorable and the fabric is machine washable. I am very pleased!

Brittany Sterrett, AL

Only bibs I will ever use now!!

These are hands down “the” best bibs I have used! They cover everything that needs to be protected and baby can’t yank it off. They wipe up easily,resist stains and are waterproof. The patterns are bright, bold and fun. I love the fact that they actually fit my daughter, without having to use clothes pins to keep it on her. I used to use Parent’s Choice waterproof bibs. They were way too big around the neck and didn’t cover very well. They were ok, but nothing compared to these bibs. I will now only buy these. Highly recommended!

Leola Steelville, MO

We Like

This is super.We have a toddler.He’s dirty when eating.Nuff Said.This fits over his shoulders/arms like a shirt. Easy velcro in the back.Pocket doesn’t stay open very good but the key is that it keeps him from completely destroying his clothes at every meal.

Marylou North Greece, NY

Great bib!

The bib works great. My 14-month old is not able to pull it off, which was our only problem with the other Bumkins. The only problem with this is that it is very big — so the pocket doesn’t sit in the right place and catch the falling food. But other than that, it does the job. She’ll grow into it. As with all Bumkins, it’s easy to clean off. I wipe it off or rinse it off in the sink, then hang to dry. I wash/dry them with the rest of her laundry every weekend, and it’s held up fine.

Lessie Lynxville, WI

The Bib for Rebels

Our 7-month-old tugged off whatever bib we tried… until I browsed online and found this beauty. Not only does it cover more of him than your typical bib, after the first day or two he stopped trying to get it off and made his peace with bib-dom. The owl design is super cute. Well worth the price!

Allyson Arch Cape, OR

Good product but…

We originally bought these three years ago for our eldest daughter, and LOVED them. They were seriously an answer to our prayers, because we had been struggling with her ripping bibs off for months. The velcro sticks great, they’re cute, waterproof, and I love that both arms go in.I couldn’t wait to buy a few more when our twins were old enough to use them, but am so disappointed! The material is much, much thinner than the one we bought a few years ago (and we still have it to prove it!). I don’t understand why companies have to change a product just because it’s cheaper for them. It was GREAT as it was then, now it’s okay. It still works well, but doesn’t feel half as durable as it used to.

Leanne New River, VA

It works for us

I would have given it 5 stars but it has some stitching in the middle of the pocket, (I guess to hold it up), and it doesn’t seem to catch as much food as our other bibs. I love the waterproof feature but it does take a little longer to dry than our nonwaterproof ones. I guess you have to choose the features you need for each meal. I like the sleeves because it makes it harder for our 15 month old to pull it off. Overall I like it better than my other bibs.

Ethel Lovingston, VA

love it

great product. Priceless and can be washed in the dishwasher . I say be gentle withit but a 3 year around 32 -36 lbs can still wear this thing so its pretty roomy.

Lilia Mineral, TX

great bib with sleeves

My toddler gets so messy that it was a revelation when I discovered bibs with sleeves. This bib is awesome. You just wipe it down to clean it, it has a big pocket, and best of all- those sleeves really keep his whole shirt clean.

Audrey Milanville, PA

My favorite bibs by far!

Bumkins are my favorite bibs by far, and this one offers a bit more coverage which comes in handy now that my son is finger feeding. They look great coming out of the washing machine and they hold up so well, wash after wash.

Maritza Lowell, VT

Perfect for 2 year olds

My two year old loves this. We got them in the fish color, the pink paisley color, and the cream with flowers. She loves the first two the most. It is easy for her to put on, and she tucks it down while sitting in her chair so that the pocket stays under the tray.The pocket is deep enough for storage of necessities but mostly goes ignored by her. The bib is made of some sort of waterproof fabric, which is extremely easy to clean off – just wipe it down, no matter how dirty it gets. It’s long enough to sit in her lap.There is a velcro adherent on the back which we have to help her with, but it is long enough for thick necks, or even thin ones. There are two armsleeves which are basically T-shirt style, coming down a small amount but we pull up her shirtsleeves so that she does not get them dirty. It can hang on the chair until ready, and is a cinch to put on her.It also has adjustable sleeves with elastic cuffs which are great to keep food out for those especially messy meals. The colors are vibrant and fun, and our two year old just loves it.

Sonya Island Grove, FL

The best!

Best bib out there! They cover our 18 months old down to the knee and the new is adjustable so soup doesn’t go down to her clothes. We bought multiple and use them all the time. We had the smaller version of the Bumkins in the past. We love them too but those are better for messy toddler. I would use them for painting also. They wash easily and the color stay true.

Sierra Riverton, WY

Great bib

I love bumkins bibs. They are flexible and keep my sons clothes clean. The pocket catches what he drops and it has a good fit. The designs are very cute and they wash up well. They aren’t very bulky so they travel well too.

Jeanie Bolton, MS

The yellow Keith Haring bib is adorable

I already got a Cat in the Hat one (which I reviewed where that item is located) for my grandson and it is really terrific. Thought I would order another for him when he visits, so I go the yellow one with the crawling babies on it. It looks fantastic in person! I like it even better than the Suess one, surprizingly, and it is cheaper, too.

Minerva Port Chester, NY

Nice and big for toddlers

We finally figured out to buy this Junior size bib for my son when he was 18 months old. We had been using the smaller ones and we would have to change his pants after every meal. I wish we had bought these sooner! These are perfect for toddlers and are the only bibs we need now.

Lynne Pillow, PA