Bumkins Keith Haring Clutch Bag, Graffiti

Bumkins Keith Haring Clutch Bag, Graffiti

Bright, waterproof and stain resistant. Bumkins clutch bag is a convenient and stylish way to store diapers and wipes when on the go. Featuring a printed waterproof exterior and a coordinating waterproof change pad, these versatile bags help make diaer changes easy and mess free.

Main features

  • Water resistant
  • Change pad included
  • Magnetic closure
  • Interior pocket
  • Wrist or carry strap

Verified reviews


it’s okay

I love this compact diaper bag for quick trips to the grocery store or even to have spare diapers and wipes in the car for emergencies. I don’t like the closure, it’s magnetic. If the bag gets too heavy, the closure constantly pops open and everything inside fall out. Basically, I love the bag, love the included changing pad cause its compact and folds flat, but very dissatisfied with the magnetic closure. I which it had a snap closure or Velcro closure.

Kari Springport, MI

Finally – a clutch for cloth diapers!

This is the best clutch that I’ve found for cloth diapers. This clutch is big enough to hold 2 cloth diapers, a spare cover, the included changing pad, a stuff sack, and a small plastic container with cloth wipes (or if I know I’ll be somewhere with a sink, I skip the plastic container and throw in a few dry cloth wipes). We used it on vacation and it was perfect for changing diapers in airport restrooms and airplane bathrooms without having to tote the entire diaper bag in there. It is too big to conveniently stick in my purse, but it has a wrist strap, so I usually just carry it.

Dessie Covington, PA

Must have

I love this clutch. It’s so convenient to grab this ‘essentials’ bag and go without having to lug around the big diaper bag. I typically make sure I have wipes, 3 diapers and a change of clothes in it… and we are out the door! The diaper pad it comes with is small & no padding, but when you are using one of those changing stations at the bathroom, you are very happy to have it!!

Kristen Kendall Park, NJ

Great size but doesn’t stay closed

I bought this to throw in the car or stroller for times when I don’t need a full diaper bag with my 13 month old. The size is great, and the print is cute. I can fit four size 3 diapers and a small package of 40 wipes. This would also work well for cloth diapers, or even an extra set of clothes. There are no zippered pockets like other diaper clutches. I like this because it is versatile. This comes with a small thin mat that has no padding. It is not long enough for all of my toddler, but it will cover from his head to his bum. The good thing is that it doesn’t take up much room in the bag.The big problem with this clutch is that it does not stay closed. It has two small internal magnets that are not strong enough to keep it closed, even when it’s just in a diaper bag. I solved this problem by sewing on two pieces of Velcro, and now I’m quite happy with it. However, if you aren’t prepared to make this modification, do not buy this item.

Angeline Kettleman City, CA

Bigger than I anticipated (dimensions included), could use small inner pockets.

I needed something “smallish” to put in my purse for those times when the entire diaper bag isn’t necessary but you still want a diaper and wipes, maybe a small snack, and whatever other small random items you can’t live without.The good part is that this bag definitely has room for all that. The bad part (and maybe I just have spatial issues) is that it’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be from the photos–hence, it takes up more room in my purse than I’d like (and I have a decent size bag). It is about 11″ wide x 3-4″ deep (depending how full you pack it) x 7″ tall. I think I’d like it more if it was just a bit smaller all around.This clutch can easily fit 2-3 diapers plus a small pack of 80-100 wipes (or that hard plastic wipe container) plus your other random items. That said, the random items will be floating around, as there are no internal pockets–just one middle divider. I think it would benefit greatly from even just two smaller pockets half the length of the bag–or maybe even just a small elastic inner pocket.The other thing I am not in love with is the handle/wrist strap: while it is neat in that the strap can either snap on one end of the clutch to be a top bag handle OR can snap to itself to create a wrist strap…but because the one permanently snapped end can’t rotate, it means the handle must sit on the top of the bag, which adds a bit of difficulty to get it open one-handed. This, along with the fact it has no internal pockets takes it down to four stars for me.I am still deciding if it’s going to work for me, but overall, even if the size isn’t right, it’s a great product that I would recommend.

Rosalind Sparta, NJ

Love this!

I actually bought this item with my husband in mind so he wouldn’t have to take and fish through the whole diaper bag if he wanted to change our son while they or we were away from home. Just grab and go. This clutch was larger than I anticipated. (Which is awesome!) It is large enough to fit a portable wipes container and a couple of diapers inside and it still has room for ointment and spare “just in case” onsie. It also comes with a matching changing pad. AND it still fits nicely in our diaper bag. Material quality and workmanship is great. I anticipate this clutch being with us for quite a while. I am so stoked I found this!

Lara Maypearl, TX

Versatile, stylish, perfect

Will fit 80ct wipes, 3 or 4 disposables, hand sanitizer, bag of sassy bags plus rash ointment. Love that its wipeable inside and out, magnetized closure, snap handle, sits easily inside diaper bag.For cloth diaperers it fits one cover and 2 or 3 inserts plus hand sanitiser and me pkanet wise wi9es bag with 10 bamboo wipes.

Andrea Lady Lake, FL

Easy, Cute Mini Diaper Bag

I love this diaper bag for on the go! I still keep my huge bag in the car but this one easily fits a few diapers, wipes, a large wallet, keys, phone and even a few teethers for my baby. It’s the perfect solution for when I keep her in the ergo and don’t want to lug around my heavy diaper bag. It even came with a convenient little changing pad. Can’t beat the price either!

Crystal Dublin, IN

Pretty and functional

I just received this bag and am already very happy with the purchase. The bag is large enough to hold a couple of diapers, wipes, a pacifier, cell phone and wallet. No need to carry a big bag for a quick errand, etc. The pattern (floral) is very pretty, and love the fact that it wipes clean. The bag can easily be tossed into a larger diaper bag, and makes organization a cinch. I would definitely purchase again, and would recommend to a friend. Would make a great shower gift too.

Guadalupe Lohrville, IA

Perfect size diaper bag

This is the perfect size for a couple of diapers and some wipes. There aren’t any internal pockets, but since that’s all I really carry in the bag it’s not an issue. The wrist strap is also annoying for me, but I still like the bag overall. The best part is that it cleans well. I had it in a larger bag which leaked apple juice and it got soaked then sticky and gross. I was able to clean it off without any difficulty. That’s a huge plus for me.

Heidi Mountain Home, ID

Awesome purchase

Wide and spacious. Everything you need to keep the diapers away from anything else. Because lets face it, its your baby’s personal parts we are talking about.Goes perfect with any Dr. Seuss diaper bag

Lottie Fort Lyon, CO