Bumkins Keith Haring Grande Diaper Bag, Baby

Bumkins Keith Haring Grande Diaper Bag, Baby

A bold exterior graphic and printed, waterproof interior make these diaper bags practical and contemporary.

Main features

  • Water resistant for easy clean up
  • Three exterior pockets
  • Four interior pockets
  • Includes water resistant changing pad
  • Rounded loop for easy key, cell phone, and stroller attachment

Verified reviews


Stylish, roomy, and lots of pockets–but not perfect.

I have yet to find the perfect diaper bag, and my son is 18 months old! People ask me why the heck I’m still looking for one (when I have three and my son is almost out of diaper-bag-age) but I just can’t stop looking because I want THE PERFECT ONE. Hence me trying this bag. And it’s pretty good, but it’s certainly not perfect. I actually haven’t decided yet if I’m keeping it…and am hoping that by writing this review, I will make a decision.PROS?
• I like the flat bottom so that it stays upright (something my current bag doesn’t have).
• I like the outside end pockets–which are perfect for sippy cups, cell phones, or keys.
• I like most of the inside pockets–nicely elasticized, with room for bigger things like diapers and wipes (in one), a big tiered snack container, a receiving blanket, a few hars of foods, a handful of medicine bottles…or my wallet!
• Even with the inner pockets filled, there is still room on the bottom (well, in the center) to put more things like toys or books (if you haven’t already put them in the pockets).
• It doesn’t look like a diaper bag! Granted the one I got does have a big red heart on it so hubby might not be thrilled to carry it (vs. the all black one we have now) but I figure I’m the one using it 95% of the time, so he can live with the heart.CONS?
• I dislike the “bow tie” closure. You can’t do it one-handed and it doesn’t close the bag. While it’s nice to be able to look and reach in quick for something without having to unzip, because it’s tied closed, it’s not real easy to actually get something out. I will likely never use it and am contemplating cutting it off. A strong magnet might have been better (although if the bag was packed to the hilt, it wouldn’t close). Just know that there is no way to seal off the entire bag.
• The straps themselves feel and look kind of cheap. They’re just your basic flimsy polyester gym bag type handles. They have no no-slip gripper or padding of any kind plus they are kind of thin so they get twisted easily. Since they aren’t adjustable, I’d much rather have stiffer round straps (I can’t think of how to describe them, so look at this bag to see what I mean:Diaper Tote Bag Brown/Beige) that just fall to the side instead of getting tangled up in each other. So overall I just don’t love them.
• I don’t love the one big internal pocket on the one side. Yes, I realize it’s most likely done that way because of the included changing pad (which is folded to fit in that section) but the changing pad is so thin that it can easily be folded in half again and would fit just as well if the one big pockets was turned into two pockets. There is a velcro strap that attaches at the mid-point so that the pocket doesn’t get too out of control, but I don’t love it. I’d rather have specific pockets.OTHER THINGS THAT ARE NEITHER PRO NOR CON FOR ME?
• There are no insulated pockets. This isn’t a critical thing for me since I have insulated sippy cups, but if you want insulation, this has none.
• I’m not sure how to use the rings. The product features says “Rounded loop for easy key, cell phone, and stroller attachment” but I don’t see how any of those “attachments” are possible without an additional product to make the connection. Other bags I’ve had have actual circular velcro tabs that will attach to a stroller OR an across-the-chest strap that will fit over a stroller handle…not so with this bag. And there’s no way I could hook my keys to that ring without a caribiner clip or something. Or have a special case for my cell phone to allow that. Maybe I’m missing something, but I just don’t get it. That said, it doesn’t really affect my use of the bag at all.So overall it’s a nice bag and does a few things I like but has a few flaws as well. Do I like it better than my current bag? It’s a toss up, because I do miss the shoulder strap…but I love that it will sit on its own. Is this bag better than others I have used? Definitely. This bag is really roomy and can hold quite a bit. But is this bag worth $40? For the moment, yes—but I think I’ll test it for another few days just in case.

Marion East Berlin, CT


I received mine with a small defect the stitching was starting to apart and contemplated on returning it. So I fixed it myself and have been using it for the past 5 months. My baby is 16 months old and out of the 6 diaper bags I own this is my favorite it hold everything I need 8 diapers, wipes, food, snacks, 2 bottles, 1 water bottle i change of clothes and his little toiletry bag.The BEST thing about this bag is I can peek in and see EVERYTING I have in there.It is very comfortable to wear and hold your baby at the same time.I wasn’t to sure about the ribbon closure – but one simple know and bow later I’m done and it STAYS closed until I want to easily pull on it to open. I love it and would but it for someone else in a heart beat.Also I have washed it in the washing maching and dried it in the dryer on low and gentle setting many many times and it still looks brand new. Not cause it needed it but because I can be a germo phobe!! Buy you will not be sorry.

Alexandria Humansville, MO

great bag!

absolutley love this bag! came fast in the mail, and is super functional for me! has many pockets inside which make for great organizing! doesnt zip shut , ties shut but i happen to like it better. adorable pattern , i take this everywhere with my son!

Phyllis Bellamy, VA

stylish, spacious enough

Pros – This is a very good diaper bag that i liked. I have 3 of diaper bags from different brands and this is far far better. I like the stiff look. It is really really very spacious. Fits a lot of items.I use it as daycare diaper bag. You can find items very easily. I don’t use the diaper pad but not that bad quality too.Some have mentioned about ribbon as waste. but i don’t find anything wrong with it. i think it is just cute.Over all i like it, worth buying, good quality and priced reasonable. Definitely a buy.

Kaye Corydon, IA

Cute, spacious bag

I really wanted a Dr. Seuss diaper bag, so this was a great choice. It actually has quite a bit of room, comparable to those I was looking at in store. I don’t like the ribbon that ties it shut, so you will have to find an alternative such as adding a snap to keep it closed. It also comes with a very thin changing pad, so I just bought my own. All in all I would high recommend this diaper bag!

Cathryn Sutton, NE

Does what it’s supposed to

This is a very nice baby bag with plenty of space inside. It has a few internal pockets as well as a couple of external pockets for cellphones etc. It comes with a changing mat although this is a little on the small size lengthwise.So far it has held up well after 3 months of use. We get everything inside – bottles, diapers, wipes, diaper bags, spare clothes, bibs etc.It looks great too – not like some of those garish baby bags!The only thing I would change is to add a velco fasterner or a zip at the top rather than the string ties which can get very frustrating in actual use (we don’t bother to tie the top as they are not practical).Other than this complaint, the bag is well worth the money.***Update 05/23/2013***I’ve increased this to 5 stars because the bag is so useful and I’ve learned to live with the ties. The bag holds everything we want and after 4 months of almost daily use, it’s like new.Highly recommended

Flora Pittsford, VT

Great bag

This bag has pockets for everything.. it’s also a great size! I love that it comes with the changing pad… VERY useful. It’s also all waterproof, so just wipe it down if it gets dirty. Love the Dr. Seuss theme 🙂

Brenda Rotterdam Junction, NY

BEST diaper bag

Awesome quality! perfect size. I love the images inside the bag! It comes with a changing mat that is small but very practical for its purpose. Who ever love Dr. Seuss will LOVE this bag!!Buy the Clutch bag with it to complete the perfect travel bag for your baby

Hester Sinsinawa, WI