Bumkins Reusable Flannel Wipes, 12 Count, Natural

Bumkins Reusable Flannel Wipes, 12 Count, Natural

100% unbleached cotton flannel reusable wipes for comfort and softness during diaper changes. Each wipe is sized 8.5″ x 8.5″ and is trimmed with colorful overlock stitching.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • 100% unbleached cotton
  • Colorful over lock stitching
  • Each wipe measures 8.5″ x 8.5″

Verified reviews


Absorbent and Soft

We have three packages of these that we fold in half and use in the OXO wipes dispenser (the folding sounds like a pain, but really only takes a couple minutes and definitely makes changes easier). They get softer with each wash, absorb the goopy breastfed-baby poop well, and are a good size. We’ve been using them for about four months now and haven’t seen any deterioration. Despite some staining, I expect we’ll be able to use them for the life of our cloth-diapering needs.

Lelia Wallace, WV

Updated: doing a great job after some 20 washes!

UPDATE: Amazing improvement in absorbency after 20 or so washes! It’s RIDICULOUS, though, that the package doesn’t say this. I would have prepped these with my prefolds if I knew before.PREVIOUS REVIEW:This was unfortunately the only cloth wipe that I had budgeted for before my baby arrived. I was thoroughly disappointed since these repel water (as another reviewer pointed out). I prepped them with a hot wash, just in case, and then I used my homemade wipe solution (which mostly just consists of filtered water and some baby wash) and tried to saturate these in that. They barely got wet and when they did I had to keep soaking them and wringing them out a few times before I could toss them in the wipes warmer. Also, fyi, you have to fold them in half if you want to use them with the Prince Lionheart wipes warmer (the non-cloth one) and they stink terribly (possibly the warmer’s fault, but I tried some homemade paper towel wipes in my warmer and they didn’t smell as bad). They also don’t seem to be getting any more absorbent as I wash them. In fact, I have to put them in the wash and let them soak for a bit so they can actually get wet, else they come out with dry patches in the center(after a 40 minute wash!)Overall, pretty disappointing considering I have nearly four dozen of them.

Selina Falmouth, MA

Okay wipe

I’ve used several types of wipes for our cloth diapered baby. We found ourselves going through our wipes (two pieces of flannel sewn together) quicker than the diapers, so I wanted more. I didn’t feel much like sewing, so when I found these at such a reasonable price, I ordered two packs.I have to say, I just don’t like them much. They live on the bottom of the pile, in hopes I don’t have to use them. They have a very weird texture…nothing like the flannel wipes I already own. In order for them to be thick enough for my taste, I am having to sew two together. The absorbancy is not up to par, either. They will absorb, but just not as fast or efficiently as I prefer.Overall, If they had been the first I tried, I’m sure they would be fine. Unfortunately, I started with some excellent wipes, so these are very mediocre.

Norma Leupp, AZ

These repel water so they are awful to use as cloth wipes!

The first time I tried squirting water on these to use as a wipe for my daughter the water beaded and rolled right off the wipe. Horrible! They are now are "rags" in our rag bag as they don’t work for wipes if they don’t absorb water 🙁

Sallie East Providence, RI

Great for the price!

I got three dozen of these for $5.95 each. Yes, a few had the stitching along the edges come undone, but nothing that affected the performance of the wipes. They are great for the task…wiping baby butts. 🙂 I like that they are thin enough you can get into the tiny cracks along baby legs and make sure everything is cleaned up nicely. I wouldn’t spend more money on more expensive wipes…these are all you need!

Frieda Shawboro, NC

So soft and great price!!

We love these cloth wipes- they are a great addition to our cloth diapering routine. I bought 3 sets to make sure we had enough (soon to have two babies in diapers) and I think we’ll be good with the 36. I won’t hesitate to buy more though if needed. I have been using them on our 11 month old son now for a few weeks and they are so soft on his sensitive skin and wash up great. So much better than the ones we were using before. Definitely recommend!

Hallie Southern Pines, NC

Not as good as some other brands, but useable.

These are solid, but are not my favorite wipes. I have actually taken them out of rotation for our cloth diaper wipes for a few reasons. I noticed that the spray we would use for our wipes would bead up on the surface of these wipes a little bit before it would actually absorb into the flannel, which can make for a small mess when you just want to spray the wipe and then clean your baby. They also shrank a good bit when we dried them. After a few washings they got softer, and the beading problem is not as bad, but there were enough little problems with them that we just use them as spit up rags and as an extra cloth to have around when breast feeding. For diapering, we use Grovia’s cloth wipes exclusively–they are thicker, softer, hold up better in the dryer, and are more absorbent.

Dolores Saukville, WI

Long lasting!

I use these wipes during diaper changes. I used to wet them in a jojoba oil-baby wash-water solution, roll them, and put them in the Prince Lionheart warmer…but the wipes mixed with warmth created a funky smell. I still use the wipes, but wet them when needed. I just keep a bottle of wipes solution in the warmer and squirt on the wipes. Overall, great quality reusable wipes.

Zelma Randolph, TX

It is good

It does the job I bought it for. I am just not completely in love with them but I would buy them again.

Darlene Red Devil, AK

Too thin, not absorbent

Basically you get what you pay for. These are really thin and not absorbent at all, I can’t really use them for anything other than maybe wiping off the baby’s face after a spit up.

Aurora Kearny, NJ

Really wanted to love them, but can’t.

At 50 cents a piece I really wanted these to be a great deal. However, as others have stated, after several washes they still do not absorb water. I’ve started just squirting water on babies’ bums and then wiping. You just can’t put the water on the wipe. Maybe with a bunch more washes this will change, but I don’t have high hopes.

Allie Hiller, PA

Perfect Size and Texture

These are the perfect size for wipes and they ring out really well so you don’t end up with an overly wet cloth. I wish I had just gotten a bunch of these from the get-go. Loving them!

Liz Seiling, OK

Cheap quality, thin, bad stitching

I was not very happy with this item as it is very poor quality. The first time I washed these the stitching starting coming apart. They are also really thin. I was trying to save money by purchasing these and skipping the more expensive brands( EX. Grovia cloth wipes) but I ended up buying them anyways. Bummer.

Brittney Dawson, PA

great wiping but some edges frayed

I like the size & softness of these – 1 is enough for wiping unless my son does a super blowout. I wash them with my cloth diapers. On a few of them the serging around the edge has come off & the cloth frays a bit. But they still work & for the price I’m satisfied.

Nichole Anadarko, OK

Bumkins Flannel Wipes

I don’t love, nor hate this product. They serve their purpose well and are a great size. They’re a bit rough as others have mentioned. So, if your child has sensitive skin they may not be for you. Honestly, as with any cloth wipes, you’re better off just using baby wash clothes as they’re super soft and cheap.

Beryl Schellsburg, PA

Perhaps better as hand wipes for on-the-go?

These wipes were soft & lovely for the first use or two. After going through the wash a couple of times, they quickly became "ball-y" & stiff. It felt more like a wet brown paper towel, even in my hand. The surger stitching also came undone right from the beginning leaving hanging strings that would get caught to the Velcro on her diaper covers. I gave them all to my husband to use as cleaning wipes for his guns since they are 100% cotton. I would think these are a decent price & product to replace the baby wipes in the car for hand washing perhaps, but not for delicate baby bums.

Amparo Holbrook, ID

Great wipes; good value.

Love these for my cloth-diapered son. I keep a bottle of homemade wipe solution at my son’s changing area and squirt it onto a wipe when it’s time for a diaper change. One wipe cleans him up completely (note: he is exclusively breastfed, so the poop is easy to clean up), then goes into the hanging bag with the diapers, to be washed every 1-2 days. They clean up well with my diaper washing routine (cold rinse, heavy-duty wash with hot or warm water), and are a good size.

Debbie Rembert, SC

Poor Stitching

The only negative is the stitching on the side is starting to come off (after less than a month of use) but that’s really not a big deal.

Gertrude Franklin, NC


These work for little wet messes, but not for the big jobs. For the price, these are great, but you will need some heavier wipes to complete your stash.

Brigitte Mendon, MO


We have several types of wipes we use for our cloth diapering system, but these are our favorites. they are thin but still wipe everything off nicely. I do not use them wet but instead spray my little ones bottom to make sure it doesn’t "stick" there.

Goldie New Marshfield, OH

Not very absorbent and ripped in wash

Wipes are small, Not very absorbent, and ripped in 1st wash, I actually have been using vivo paper towel, works much better.

Carolina South Plymouth, NY

Easy to use wipes

I bought my first pack and used these all the time. It’s thin, wipes up a messy bottom or drooling baby quickly. I have them packed in my diaper bag and in almost every room and even use them as additional bibs. I bought 4 more packs and use them in my Munchkin warmer with a special wipe juice. Occasionally I detect a smell within the munchkin warmer but using the wipes in high rotation keeps them from getting stagnant and plus the wipe juice has some silver which helps protect the wipes from growing bacteria or mold.

Jewel Rockaway Park, NY

Not as good as I thought it would be.

They are weird, get kind of piley and the serged colorful thing starts to come undone in some things.Its only 5 bucks and saved so much money compared to disposable baby wipes, not all of them fray, but I still expected better. I don’t regret my purchase and would recommend for people on a tight budget.

Antoinette Marshall, VA

They do the job.

So far I’m happy with these. They are thick enough to get the job done. They wash up nicely and are soft enough that I have no complaints. For the price I am happy!ETA: I noticed that the price is now different than when I ordered… I paid about 50 cents a wipe. Not sure I’d have been as happy paying double that. Thanks

Sherry Mulhall, OK

great 4 cloth diapering

I love them. They are a great buy 4 anyone who uses cloth diapers. They absorve really well and cleans better than the disposabel whipes.

Eva Tionesta, PA

Use these over and over and over

Our 3 month old has used these for diaper changes since birth and we wouldn’t have it any other way. They are super perfect – so much better than the alcohol wipes that are disposable. They seriously clean up messes better. Even our mother in law who isn’t crazy about cloth diapers prefers the cloth wipes, for sure!

Kitty Fredericksburg, TX

Good for baby wipes

For as inexpensive as these are I didn’t expect a well made product but they are nice. I’ve been using them as bum wipes and the wash up great with our diapers.

Lorna New Portland, ME

They’re great- but your dont need them

I bought these and like them a lot. They are nice and thin, and stay soft.That being said, I also cut up a couple of extra receiving blankets into wipe sized squares, and they work just as well. The receiving blankets cost a few dollars for group of 6. These may last a little longer since the edges are sewn, but it really isn’t necessary if you have extra receiving blankets (or any other thin flannel items like old flannel sheets, pillow cases, shirts etc).

Kathi Collins, WI

love these things

I did not end up using these for their intended use as I had planned, but I LOVE these things. I basically use them for everything else! WAsh cloths in the bath and now wash cloths for after meals, to wipe hands, face, etc

Samantha Pomeroy, WA

If you are reading this

you are a hippie. I mean come on… Deep down somewhere there’s a reusable hippie in you. You are using cloth diapers there’s no other reason you are looking to buy these. We bought these in conjunction with the Prince Lionheart Warmies Wipes Warmer. Remove that little sponge in there and add some of these wipes and blam-o you’ve now got the happiest baby EVER!

Daphne Booth, WV