Bumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag, Bright Blue, Large

Bumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag, Bright Blue, Large

Bumkins reusable snack bags are the alternative to single-use plastic baggies. Made from the same easy-wipe waterproof fabric as our bibs. Great for many uses: picnics, hiking, camping, cycling, fishing, dog treats, road trips and so much more. Made in China.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Zipper closure
  • Made of bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • PVC, BPA, phthalate, vinyl and lead free
  • Measures 7″ x 7″

Verified reviews


Nice Alternative

This is a nice alternative to the plastic bags however, the price should be a little lower so that others can enjoy participating in helping to save the ozone layer. I haven’t tried fruits for the absorbency, but it seems durable.

Debora Highland, MD

I will not lose my sandwich bag….

I will not lose my sandwich bag,I will not lose it playing tag.I will not leave it lying around,I won’t forget it on the playground.Because to make it worth the price,100 uses would be nice!This is a cute zippered bag. The material is durable and easy enough to clean. It’s not that the bag is overpriced, but you should figure out for yourself how many times you would have to use it in order for it to be worth the money. Plus, you will be washing it that many times as well.

Brianna Unionville, OH

Bumkins vs. Itzy Ritzy snack bags

I own both the Bumkins snack bag and theItzy Ritzy Reusable Snack Bag, Urban Jungle Blue.Here’s my review of the Itzy Ritzy: http://www.amazon.com/review/R3NN1E99D5C4HMI like the Bumkins bag a lot better because:1. it’s MUCH easier to thoroughly wash and dry on a day-to-day basis. This is the same material as the super awesomeBumkins Waterproof Super Bib, Guppies. It doesn’t hold stains and dries in a jiffy. This makes it very practical to use every day – which is key for busy moms. Itzy Ritzy was a lot more difficult to keep clean.and2. way cheaper than Itzy RitzyBoth have zippers, which I prefer to the velcro.The prints are loud and colorful. Some adults may find them garrish. My kid loves the Dr. Seuss pattern. I personally would be fine taking this in my own lunch to work. Sure, it’s a kid’s print, but who cares. It’s a sack lunch snack bag. If someone at work is going to make fun of you for having a Dr. Seuss snack bag, they need to seriously grow up.It’s NOT waterproof, but will hold moist things fine. You probably don’t want to put anything super juicy in it.

Annette Pleasant Plains, AR

Feels cheaply made

While we will use this bag, we certainly wouldn’t buy another one from Bumkins. The bag is a single layer where the Itzy Ritzy bags we have have two layers. Where the Itzy Ritzy bags feel soft, durable, thick, and easy to clean, the Bumkins bag feels plastic coated, super thin, and low quality. I would rather pay $10 for an Itzy Ritzy bag than $5 for one of these.

Helene Cleveland, NC

Not a Fan of Reusable Bags

I’m sure that some people like reusable bags, depends on how “green” you want to go but I just don’t feel like I can get this clean enough to feel comfortable about using over and over again. The instructions say that you can put in the dishwasher or machine washable. I wouldn’t want to put this in the clothes washer and it’s hard to place in the dishwasher and keep it open and in place without it getting blown around the dishwasher by the water spray.To me these are like reusing a straw or plastic sandwich bag. Just get a new one. There are other places to save money on and other things make more of an impact in the landfill than how many times that I might use a plastic sandwich bag.

Ursula Wayland, MA

Study, good size, and easy to use

We’ve been using re-usable snack bags for years. The ones I had prior to this were handmade from Etsy. They were fabric on the outside, waterproof material on the inside, and closed with velcro. Overall, I loved them, but found that the thick velcro could be hard for my son to open and keep open. Every time I turned around, the velcro had caught and re-sealed the bag and he was struggling with it again. I was very excited to get the Bumkins bag and love that is uses a zipper to close which is much easier for a preschooler to open and close. At first glance, the material seemed very thin, but the more I mess with it, it also seems sturdy. It isn’t tyvek, but is sturdy in the way that is while still being thin. Cleaning is a breeze. I just flip it inside out and wipe it down or rinse it off.Pros:Easy to open/close zipper closure – greatly prefer this to velcroEasy to clean and dries fastSturdy, thin material that is waterproof (although I wouldn’t recommend filling with anything that creates a lot of liquid)Very cute designsCons:None yet!!!My one complaint has nothing to do with the product and I didn’t take that into account on my star review, but it’s worth mentioning. I HATE that these items are only available as Add On items. I hate this program in every way, shape, and form. I pay eighty dollars a year for pre-paid shipping through Prime and more and more often am finding that the items I want aren’t available to me unless I buy $25 worth of junk I don’t need. I would like a couple more of these bags and I guess I’ll look through vendors other than Amazon purely out of principle.

Cecile Portis, KS

I prefer a small plastic container

I have been waffling for over a year on trying out some of these re-usable bags for my kid’s snacks. Now that I have it, I realize how many things it’s really not good for. Crackers or pretzels can and will be smashed in my purse or my son’s lunch bag. Cheese or meat sandwiches are out of the question unless you have enough bags to use a fresh one every day. Berries are an obvious no-go. After agonizing half the summer last year about what nifty things to buy to pack my son’s lunches in this year I finally just used the hard plastic containers with flip up lids we have been using for years (from that big Swedish store) and that is what I will stick with. This bag will get some use packing the kids’ toothbrushes and toothpaste when we travel, but not for food.

Ashleigh Lenzburg, IL

Cute and practical

My favorite word combination ‘cute and practical’.I have endlessly re-used plastic baggies, but they get gross, smelly (of gas) and are hard to clean. This bag is great for dry to modestly wet item (think grapes or blueberries).Of course my kiddo LOVES Cat in the Hat.Will definitely get some more.

Anita Carrollton, IL

Good idea but not practical

Great idea not to invent a product that replaces throw away sandwich bags, but after a few uses, this reusable bag starts to smell…washing doesn’t really help because then the bag is wet, hard to completely dry and therefore your next day’s lunch is also wet.

Ada Saint Francis, KY

Keeping things fresh!

This neat bag does a good job at keeping pretzels crunchy and gummi’s gummi. It’s a good thing too, my gummi bear and pretzel sandwich never tasted so good. The only complaint round here is the price for this baby, $4.95 on Amazon, really?! I like it and I have one so I guess it’s worth it…wait…one of the gummi’s fell out into the bottom of the bag! Nom!

Harriet Old Hickory, TN

Good in theory … bad in practice.

I thought this was an interesting concept, though in practice I’m not sure it is as environmentally friendly as it sounds or as convenient in practice. The bags need to be washed either by hand or in the washing machine after every use (and dry before next one) I was not comfortable washing the bag with undergarments since it holds foods and we still have little ones who have accidents in our house. So I now found myself creating more laundry just to wash the bags every day. Then hoping they dry overnight to use again next day. I had bags hanging around kitchen and over chairs. I think I will stick with the plastic or paper sandwich bags for the kids lunches.

Nancy Montandon, PA

Good For Eco Enthiasts

The label calls this snack bag “an alternative to single use baggies”. It’s nicely finished with Doctor Seuss characters and therefore seems aimed at children. The composition is some kind of plasticized fabric and it closes with a zipper. It’s described as machine washable.Supposing that one use will be to store sandwiches I smeared the inside with jam, mustard and mayonnaise. I then inverted the bag and held it under a running tap — those substances wiped off easily, only the cotton liner at the zip remained stained. Perhaps butter would have been harder to remove, needing hot, soapy water.So, it IS a practical alternative to plastic baggies and if you are concerned about the use of plastic you will perhaps feel noble by using this snack bag. But I recycle plastic anyway and would not bother with it.

Leila Verona, MO

works well – would like to get more of them.

We’ve been using this in my son’s preschool lunchbox. He likes that it has a character on it- the Cat in the Hat. I like that it has a zipper to close it – easier than a plastic ziploc bag – and better for the environment. it’s good for packing loose food like dried fruits or goldfish. I clean it the way I’d clean any container – with dish soap.

Claire Bartlett, KS

Not really environmentally correct…

I believe that many people use these Bumkins Reusable Sandwich/Snack bags in an attempt to be environmentally correct. However, given the amount of water and detergent needed to wash and rinse it after use, I think that is more damaging to the environment than using a plastic baggie, or even a plastic container that can go in the dishwasher with other things. Also, it takes a few hours to air dry after washing it, so you really need at least two of these to be practical if you plan on using one daily.Now, onto the bag itself…we have the blue Dr. Seuss design. My daughter loves the pattern. It seems to be well made and nicely stitched. The zipper is small, and is a bit difficult for her fingers to manipulate. (She just turned 3 years old.) It is not waterproof, so you cannot put things like berries in it, or even a messier sandwich. Dry things like cookies or crackers can go in it, but they start going stale very quickly since the bag is not airtight.I really cannot think of a practical use for the bag, at least not for storing food. At the moment, we are using it to store the cartridges that go to my daughters LeapPad.

Brenda Bellevue, KY

Better than plastic snack bags.

I like losing these bags for snacks better than using plastic bags. I put cereal snacks in them and toss them in the diaper bag, and they are easier to find than the plastic ones. The print is lively, the bag is dishwasher safe, and that’s all I need.The bag is big enough for a sandwhich, but not anything else much bigger.

Joyce Siloam, NC

Safe, Eco friendly, reusable bag

This reusable snack bag is really convenient and a money saver. The 7″ x 7″ size of this bag is perfect for sandwiches, goldfish, pretzels, fruit, cookies and more. I’ve been using it for my children’s Advil, Oragel, Neosporin, band aids and other mini first aid necessities that I carry in my purse. However, I will be buying more to use for snacks. I love the fun Dr. Seuss print and it’s so easy to clean because it’s machine washable. The best part is that these bags are BPA, PVC, phthalate and lead free.

Aline Wolcottville, IN

A Bag I feel good about using!

I’ve been meaning to get some of these Reusable Sandwich Bags for a long time, and I’m so happy I finally have one! I use this every day in my daughters lunch box. I got tired of throwing away so many plastic baggies, so here’s to the environment!I’ve been pleased with the Bumkins Bag!-It’s good sized (7″x7″).-The zipper is easy to use and holds the contents in well.-It has washed up well (I put it in the washing machine and air dried it).-It’s light weight.-The patterns are fun and bright.-PVC, BPA, phthalate, vinyl and lead free –This is important to me!I most often use it to hold crackers or similar items, but it would work well for a wide variety of food items (carrots, apples, sandwiches…). I haven’t tried any really wet items, and I would hesitate to do so. But the description does say it’s waterproof, so I’ll have to put it to the test sometime. The bag is not airtight like a ziploc bag, but so far that hasn’t been an issue for me. The Bumkins bag works great, and I feel better using it!

Robin Kirkwood, CA

Perfect for the park and snack time!

This snack pack has been a dream in my house. My daughter is 2 years and 7 months and loves to snack on cereal. I used to put it in a bowl and it would spill everywhere. Now this has taken the place of the bowl and all the cereal remains in the bag!When I first received it, I washed the bag with the zipper open. I then air dried it overnight on a clip from a pant hanger and it was ready for use the next day. I then filled it up with some cereal my daughter snacks on and handed it to her as she sat on her beanbag watching TV. She smiled and was fascinated with the bag and the design. She did not eat everything, after I zipped it up and placed it on the counter to use the next day.Over the holiday weekend I packed a bag to take to the park. I always worry about hydration but also know my daughter needed a snack. I filled the bag up with cereal again and put it in my backpack. We stopped several times in the park and she asked for her `snack bag’. She would sit on the bench and snack on a few bites, close it up, and back in my backpack it went. It was so nice that it is all contained in one area.I love this bag and think it is a brilliant idea, I wish I would have thought of sooner. I will be buying more of these in other characters but so far this is used daily in my home. Wonderful idea and saves a lot of dishes and plastic baggies. Good for the green parents out there.

Flossie Letha, ID

not only for kids – adults can enjoy this eco-friendly snack bag

I find this reusable snack bag irresistible. Not only does it help the environment, it also saves you money – you buy it once and can reuse it daily for sandwiches, fruits, vegetables, etc.You’ll especially like it if you like Dr. Seuss, Thing One and Thing Two.It’s cute, washed/wipes easily (hasn’t washed out on the outside yet), dries quickly, and provides the eco-friendly way to carry your food every day.if you already own a lunchbox, make sure to get this snack bag — it’s great for the Earth and good for you.

Daphne Wallburg, NC

Washable – not waterproof or airtight.

I know people who wash and reuse their baggies because they can’t stand the waste. I can’t stand the annoyance of dealing with plastic and I worry about them getting clean enough, so I throw them away! But then I worry maybe I should keep them and reuse them.Voila, the reusable sandwich bag, perfect for every occasion! This little Cat in the Hat bag is just the right size for a sandwich or a small, dry snack. I say dry, because the zipper on this bag is neither airtight nor waterproof. The bag itself will hold water, but it does not seal.Since the old fold-over bags did a fantastic job of keeping things fresh for a few hours till lunchtime, these will work for short term storage, but not for any type of air proof or waterproof storage.A great concept, and they are washable in both the dishwasher or your washing machine.

Christina Ardoch, ND

easy clean

This is both dishwasher and machine washable. That makes it easy to clean and might be the best feature. This zipper slides smoothly so far. We’ve only washed it a few times, but it seems to be holding up well. Big enough for a sandwich, though I prefer a box to keep them from getting smashed in the lunch.

Britney Paxton, MA

Not bad but not my most used baby accessory

I didn’t end up using this as much as I thought I would, but it was not due to a flaw. This is a great little bag. Nice and sturdy, good construction. It’s nice, but for me, not a necessity type item.

Caroline Hill City, SD

Works for snacks or sandwiches made with smaller sliced bread

If you use a larger type of sliced bread for your sandwiches, this baggy will probably not be large enough for them. It works for smaller sliced loaves, like Wonderbread or grocery store brand breads. But anything larger and it likely won’t fit. The baggy does work for everything else though. Fruits, chips, cookies, etc. The zipper closure is nice, and it’s easy for kids to open and close without help from an adult.The baggy can be easily turned inside out and washed, and the different colors and designs make it easy for kids to know which baggy is theirs. If someone had a few kids, one could get a few different baggies and use certain ones for each child. Like with my kids, when I pack them a school lunch, both of my kids like turkey sandwiches, but my daughter is lactose intolerant. So one sandwich is made with cheese on it, and one without. Putting sandwiches in baggies like these can help identify at a quick glace, which kids sandwich is which. Just make sure to tell your kids not to throw the baggy away after lunchtime, or they might think they are disposable like any other plastic baggy.

Antionette Rufus, OR

Oh The Places You’ll Go

I was charmed by the Cat In the Hat pattern on this light zippered bag. Touted as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic baggies, it is machine washable and dishwasher safe. The material is supposed to be waterproof. It also is lead, BPA. PVC and phythalate free. However as this bag is made in China, I would take those claims with a grain of salt. (The company does make five items, including bibs and a small drawstring bag in the US.)The 7″ by 7″ square bag is very light and made of a silky nylon like material. Although the tag says it is ideal for sandwiches and large snacks, only a quartered sandwich fits with ease. The interior stains easily, as I learned to my detriment. I had filled the bag with some dog training treats. It was hot and they got a tad squishy. The website says to rinse with cold water and wash immediately. Do not use bleach. I did but if I look closely, I can still see a shadow of the stain. Otherwise the bag does hold up to repeated washing. I was a bit concerned about the zipper but it still operates flawlessly. Machine drying is not recommended.Currently I am using it to carry personal items like a small pack of tissues, hand sanitizer, small tube of hand lotion and eyeglass wipes in my car. I think it would be fine for study snacks and non-perishables unless you are willing to wrap the food and place this bag in an insulated container. It is awfully cute and is serviceable, although perhaps not for the manufacturer’s state purpose. Recommended with reservations.

Irma Fishers Landing, NY

Catch All for Diaper Bag

The Bumpkins Reusable Sandwich bag caught my eye with the Dr. Seuss design and I choose the item with the intention of keeping snacks in my little boys diaper bag. When I received the item however, I changed my mind. The material the bag is made of is not disclosed however, the label claims that it is lead free, pvc free, ect. but since I’m not sure what the material is or what kind of chemicals were used to make it I will not be exposing my children’s food to it. I currently use and will continue to useCut-Rite Wax Paper Sandwich Bags, 50-Count (Pack of 12)for sandwiches and snacks.It is large enough to hold a normal size sandwich or a serving of chips or small finger snacks if you want to use it for that. I choose to use it to hold various smaller objects such as nail clippers, baby comb, thermometer, ointment, and other small things that I would have to search to find in my diaper bag. So it’s useful for more than just a sandwich bag.

Irma Clinton, AR

Not just for kids

At first sight you may think this is a cute reusable ‘green’ sandwich/snack bag for kids. But think way outside the box and you will realize that this is a GREAT item for all of us who are geeks and ‘green’ types.Love the fun Dr Seuss design and that this will hold a great sandwich or a nice serving of healthy homemade snacks or other additions you want to take as part of your lunch or for when you get the munchies when between appointments.Was able to put a whole orange along with some of my favorite walnuts and almonds.Will definitely be getting more of these and will probably buy some to give to our son and daughter in law.

Kenya Redmond, UT

Reusable snack bag

This little bag has proved perfect for us! As much as I hate to admit it, we’ve gone through a great deal of ziploc bags to carry snacks around for my little ones. This bag is a much cheaper/greener option for us. We typically carry snack crackers/cookies with us to doctor’s appointment(1 hour drive one way trip) and to help my little ones make it through church a bit easier.We’ve tried little bowls with lids, but there are always more spills with those things. They seem to do much better with a zipper kind of bag.Again, this bag is perfect for us! Lord willing, as soon as I place another Amazon order, I’m adding another one of these, so both of my oldest have their own!

Leta Marenisco, MI

Great alternative to plastic

We switched to reusable bags a couple years ago. This is the first bag we have used that isn’t a velcro closure. After first I was worried about how well that would work but now Im sold. Zippers are easier for the kids to use than the velcro for one simple reason – they don’t self close. When the bag is open it is open until someone zips it close. We have trouble with our little one getting frustrated if the velcro would get sealed accidentally and she wasn’t able to open it again.The bag is well constructed. My kids like the print.The size is just perfect for holding car snacks.I would recommend this to anyone who wants to stop throwing away plastic bags.

Kitty Colburn, ID

You can’t go wrong with Dr Seuss

I love this brand, its machine washable! The print is so cute and Bumkins holds up to tough wear and tear!

Marisa Browns Mills, NJ

Durable, but not waterproof

I had seen a few people using these bags and wanted to try one out for myself. This bag will easily hold a sandwich, even with the larger size bread. It has a smooth interior lining, not just the outer shell. I’ve also used it for things like baby carrots and it did fine with those, too.It is not air or water-tight. When zipped, you can squeeze out air and if there’s liquid inside, it will drip out of the corners or zipper. If filled with liquid and squeezed, it can come out of the sides of the bag, too.So damp foods like veggies are ok, but don’t expect to be a complete replacement if you need something that’s water-tight or air-tight.It’s dishwasher safe, and when I ran it through ours it did fine on the top rack, although it flopped over during the cycle and still had some liquid in it. It survived they drying cycle without incident.

Jill Colquitt, GA