Bumkins Waterproof Art Smock – Flutter Floral

Bumkins Waterproof Art Smock – Flutter Floral

Bumkins Long Sleeved Art Smocks are perfect for any messy playtime projects. Made of Bumkins proprietary waterproof fabric. Fits ages 3-5 years. Machine washable, hang dry. 100 % Polyester.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Fits ages 3-5 years
  • 100% Polyester
  • Machine washable, hang dry
  • Features tie closure
  • PVC, BPA, phthalate, vinyl & lead free

Verified reviews


Best bib for protecting long sleeves or good clothes

We’ve tried a LOT of bibs – and Bumkin bibs are the best! It is truly waterproof, yet it can be washed in the washer (yay!). This one in particular is a favorite because the long sleeves and generous length are prefect for protecting long sleeve clothes (or nice dresses). This also has a tie at the neck (instead of the velcro that the short sleeve version has) which ensures that it doesn’t snag sweaters/dresses and if you tie a double know its a little more difficult for tots to take off mid-meal. We have two for each child and love them!

Keri North Fairfield, OH

Very cute

Very cute, unique design. May run a little small, my daughter just turned 4, we should have bought one size bigger. It fits her a bit snug and doesn’t cover a lot on the sides like I thought it would. Overall still satisfied.

Christian Mabton, WA

Good size

We love the bumpkins bibs and I was actually using an old one as an art smock. I was happy to find the same one in a larger size.

Saundra Honaker, VA

Bumkins is the BEST!

I was looking for an art smock for my little boy when he was about two or so, since we had started to paint and do little art projects together and I didn’t want his clothes destroyed. I decided to purchase the Bumkins art smock because I have Bumkins bibs and they’re absolutely the best on the market and all I use now, so I hoped the art smock would be the same quality, and it is!First, it fits my petite, below the fifth percentile boy, yet he has plenty of growing room in it. He’s almost three now, and I can see him fitting it for a good while yet. Another huge plus is the coverage it provides, as it covers the arms completely, unlike another art smock I had purchased before this one. It also ties in the back to hold it securely in place. It does a great job at keeping paint and things off the clothes. The Cat in the Hat print is absolutely adorable too – I also have the Bumkins Dr. Seuss bibs, and the Cat in the Hat diaper clutch that has the same design as this smock, I love it!Most impressively of all, the material is absolutely fantastic and it looks brand new every single time it comes out of the washer and dryer, just like the bibs by the same company. No staining, fading or anything coming apart. The quality is so good that I believe my newborn daughter will be able to use it when she’s a toddler, too. Well worth the money.If you’re looking for a good quality art smock for your little one, seriously, GET THIS ONE!

Karina Huntington, TX

Great smock

I got this smock for my two year old who likes to play with water in the kitchen sink. I was sick of changing her clothes after sink time and so I bought this smock. It goes on easily over her clothes and has worked to protect her from getting wet. She is picky about clothes but she likes the pocket and she seems to like the bright colors. It has worked for us.

Anita Lochmere, NH

Great smock!

I bought 2 of these smocks about a year ago. We only use them for messy crafts, but they have held up well, wash after wash. I do wish they had a velcro neck closure, as my older son says the tie is a little itchy. Excellent long sleeved coverage, which can be difficult to find. I bought these when my oldest was about 2 1/2. Now that he is 3 1/2, I am not sure how much longer he will be wearing it – and he is of average weight and height, so I think this runs small. I am not sure it would go up to Age 5 for most kids as the manufacturer states.

Allyson Pricedale, PA

Great and nontoxic!

I looked forever to find something that wasn’t filled with chemical plastic and that smelled terrible. This is perfect! Non-toxic, no bad smell, cleans up really easily and is very cute!

Daphne Diamondhead, MS

perfect for little crafters

I purchased this for my 2 yr old granddaughter who loves to finger paint. I Love the long sleeves with firm – but not tight- elastic at the end to prevent paint from ending up all over her arms. The pocket in front is perfect for markers or paint brushes!

Loraine Mountain View, OK

Quality material. Tight sleeve cuffs

I love the material and design of this smock- I use it as a toddler bib in winter so child’s sleeves stay clean. However sleeve cuffs are very tight. This is a plus to keep stuff from running down arms while eating (or painting), but if your child is on the bigger side it may be uncomfortable or leave a mark.

Dolly Stearns, KY

Great art smock

I bought two of these smocks for my boys. The sleeves are a little bit tight at the wrist, but it keeps the sleeve in place while they are doing messy crafts. So far it seems like the smock protects the clothes just fine. But I take my boys’ shirts off before putting the smock on due to the chance of paints bleeding through. So I can’t say if it’s 100% impervious to stuff. But so far, all of the paints they have done haven’t gone through to the skin. I’ve only used the smock a half dozen times, so time will tell. The smock is easy to clean up after art projects. I just run it under warm water and hang it up to dry. I like the fact that it ties in the back instead of using velcro. It keeps little hands from taking it off, and strings won’t wear out like velcro tends to do. Overall, I would highly recommend this smock.

Karen Nottoway, VA

Keeps kids clean for craft projects

We’ve had this for our daughter since she was able to stand at her easel… she’s now two and a half and it will fit for a long while I think. It keeps her clean for painting and many other projects. We also bring it to the local kids museum to wear at the water tables since theirs are usually larger and very wet already. Her shoes still get wet, but her clothes are saved from splashes.

Regina Clayton, IL

THE must smock for little ones

I have Bumkins bibs and swear by them. So when searching for a smock for my young toddler and I saw this it was a no-brainer. The material is breathable for kids and washable for parents. And who doesn’t like the Cat in the Hat anyway. 🙂

Anne Water Mill, NY

pretty but a little thin

I bought two of these about two months ago. At the time I thought they where a little thin and wondered how long they would last.ProFits both my 2yr old and 3yr oldwipes down easilyTies in backThe print is prettyConsmaterial feels like it could rip easily or stretch.One of the two I have is already coming apart at the seams.Still like for the price I got them at.

Gwendolyn Fort Monmouth, NJ

Great for messy Toddlers!

I bought this to use as a bib for my toddler who is a very messy eater. He would stick his hands under traditional bibs and wipe everything on his shirt and his sleeves, particularly in the winter, were always a mess. This has worked great! It is long enough to cover his lap, so even when food falls into his lap, his pants are protected. Material is thin but tough — will fold up nicely to fit into my bag to travel to restaurants. I will be buying several more.

Ebony Cherryfield, ME

Great product, works well

My toddler son is just getting into crafts. While I want to encourage him to do it, I also want his clothe to remain somewhat paint -free if possible :- ) This products helps with accomplishing just that. It is easy to use, easy to clean, and does not seem to bother my toddler…

Staci Chandlers Valley, PA

Concept and size is good

Size is good, but a few things are not working for my son very well. He does not like cuffs as it does not open up big enough to put his fist through. The material is very flimsy. It would have been so much better if made it myself rather than buying this….

Stacey Brooklyn, MI

Everwhere we go, we get comments on this!

I love these!!! I use them exclusively as bibs and just got these to replace the smaller size that was getting to short to fully cover my 2-year-old. I hope they are as durable as the smaller ones. They seem to be. I usually just wipe them down, but when they get really messy, I love that they can go into the washer. Also, these are the only ones I’ve found that tie. That is great because it holds up much better than velcro.The only complaints I have is the stitch in the center of the pocket and the designs. The stitch can easily be cut out, though. However, it would be nice if they had more designs. My son loved the “Red fish, blue fish” one in the smaller size. I was disappointed they didn’t have that in the larger size.

Rocio Glenarm, IL