Bumkins Waterproof Starter Bib, Blue Crocs and Turtles, 2-Count

Bumkins Waterproof Starter Bib, Blue Crocs and Turtles, 2-Count

Bumkins top selling waterproof bibs are made from a soft, lightweight fabric. Bibs come in a variety of fun, lively patterns that stay bright, wash after wash. Bibs wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resist most stains and odors. Starter Bib measures 8″ across, 6.5″ from neck down. It is sized to fit 6 months to 9 months. Lead safe and free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and vinyl.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Generous velcro closure for adjustable fit
  • Machine wash, hang dry
  • Fits ages 6-9 months
  • Catch all pocket to contain messes
  • Made from Bumkins proprietary silky soft waterproof fabric

Verified reviews


smaller than I was expecting

Didn’t realize that this was for 6-9 months of age. I do like the material and think that this bib is great, but I just wish it was a little bigger in size.

Roseann Whiting, ME

These bibs are Small

I have another Bumkins bib that I love, so bought these. This batch is almost a "mini-bib". It is notably smaller than I’d expected. Aside from size, it works. I do love this line of bibs.

Kristi Broadus, MT

Lightweight and waterproof

We LOVE these so much that we bought the super bib’s for when our son gets a little older. They are waterproof, lightweight and adorable! To wash we just rinse and let air dry (our son is only doing rice so it’s not too messy yet.)

Erica Cora, WV

Did not like them

My son hated them from the beginning and they are not that useful because food slides on them and they are small so it ends up on their lap…plus they are sized for children with extra slim necks!I used them twice and will give them away. Waste of money.

Evangeline Flatonia, TX

Great for starting solids

I’ve only fed my daughter a handful of times, but so far these have been great! Easy to just rinse down in the sink afterwards and I hang it to dry on the bottle drying rack. The Dr. Seuss patterns are so super cute! Actually they are so distracting that she just looks at the bib and tries to eat it while I’m trying to feed her some puree. She’s really small for 6mo and most bibs are giant on her- but these can get around her neck tight enough to keep the food and spit from dribbling down her neck. The bib portion covers her whole torso from her neck to her hips (for reference she’s 6mo old, 14lbs and 25in long). I’m guessing these will easily last 6mo months, even if she was twice as big they’ve still cover her chest and fit her neck.

Bobbie Sawyer, KS


These bibs are fine for my son who is eating purees. They do require a little scrubbing to clean them well, I was hoping to just wipe with a paper towel, but I they only get clean when I use a sponge and scrub.

Vanessa Brundidge, AL

Perfect for First Feedings

These are great – light, cute designs, clean up easy. Grandbaby likes to look down at the design on the bib – really cute designs, Multiple sizes, the small ones work great for 7-8 month old. The large bibs, we use for our "art" projects and the cover everything – really impressed with these.

Daphne Dagus Mines, PA

best bibs- no stains, easy to wash, and last forever!

I love these bibs. Bought them for my son and now I get to buy pink ones for my daugheter!! I rinse them in the sing then wring them out and hang over the edge of the sink. They are always dry by the next meal. Then I throw them in the wash at the end of the day. So I use 1 bib a day per kid. The extra money I spend on these is worth it to not have to deal with nasty stains on the fabric bibs. I little girl has been wearing these since 4 months, she is now 7 months. I think I will move her up to the next size in another 2 months.

Sophie Georgetown, IN

love it

Bumkins Waterproof Starter Bib is perfect for my 7 months old, it is small, light, easy to fasten and easy to clean.

Georgia Sandy Hook, VA

Easy to clean, great colors

Great bib! Catches everything and comes in cute colors. I was my bibs with babyganics soap and it comes right off. Great product!

Fern Ashburn, VA

Waterpoof bib with pocket

These bibs are great, a total life saver! My little guy has a terrible gag reflex so unfortunately we have used this pocket to catch what comes up several times. I know that’s gross but what’s great is that this pocket holds it all in and keeps my little guy and myself super clean. The bibs wash up well and still look good after several months of use. This are my absolute favorite for when we are out and about too because they are easy to wipe off and stick back in to the diaper bag without getting all that yuck all over everything. Lastly, because they are so easy to clean I’m not stuck doing laundry all the time because of the stinky dirty cloth bibs we used to use!

Candice Whitewright, TX

Perfect size for babies and very easy to clean

I got similar bibs for my toddler and now with a baby thought the smaller versions would work for him as well. And they do, since they are super easy to clean (hand wash in sink or put in the machine) and don’t stain even with the messiest of foods I couldn’t be happier/This size is perfect for babies 4 months and older especially once they start solids. I would continue to use the terry cloth or cotton bibs for milk feedings and everyday drool as the absorbency is very helpful there.

Regina Fayetteville, AR