Bumkins Waterproof Starterbib, Blue Fizz

Bumkins Waterproof Starterbib, Blue Fizz

Bumkins top to selling waterproof bibs are made from a soft, lightweight fabric that is truly unique. Bibs come in a variety of fun, lively patterns that stay bright, wash after wash. Clean up has never been easier, bibs wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resist most stains and odors. Starter Bib measures 8″ across, 6.5″ from neck down. It is sized to fit 3 months to 9 months. Lead safe and free from PVC, BPA, phthalates and vinyl.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Lead safe, PVC, phthalate, BPA and vinyl free
  • Made from Bumkins proprietary silky soft waterproof fabric
  • Velcro closure
  • Catch all pocket to contain messes
  • Hand or machine washable

Verified reviews


Awesome bib!

I read all the bib reviews and decided this was THE bib to get. I found it on sale at the baby superstore, and have not been disappointed in my purchase. The bib is the perfect size for my son, who is now 11 months old. It’s such a cute design, but the best feature of this bib is its slick, wipe down, waterproof surface. If there are only a few little spills, I can just wipe it down with a wet rag. If it gets too dirty, I can wash it in the sink or throw it in the washing machine with his laundry, then air dry. I have also put it in the top rack of my dishwasher and it cleaned well, but the dishwasher was a little rough on it as it was wrinkled and stretched a bit after I took it out. Although it dried to retain its regular shape, I will use the washing machine instead.The only thing this bib doesn’t work so well for is particularly runny foods/purees. When I first began feeding my son rice cereal and breastmilk, it would run down his chin and onto his clothing – the neck opening is wide enough to allow food to pass behind it. The same thing sometimes happens with applesauce or store-bought purees. In this case, I used a smaller cloth bib underneath the Bumkins as back-up. However, since I make homemade baby food, and my son is old enough to eat thicker textures now, I have no problems with this anymore.

Lindsay Princeville, IL

A must have for babies who eat solids!

I bought these because I didn’t want my baby’s cloth bibs stained or having to wash them every time she ate. These are the BEST. When she is finished eating, I just wipe these bibs with a wet wash rag and leave it on the sink until the next meal time. I occasionally put them in the washing machine. They have held up great. They fold up pretty small too so they are easy to pack & send when my mom babysits. LOVE them & can’t sing Bumkins praises enough!

Glenda Little River, TX

Check the size!

I accidentally bought the starterbib for my daughter of 8 months, and it was way too small. Make sure you get the normal size for any child over 6 months.That being said, I love the bumkins bibs and use them for every meal. I don’t know why I didn’t switch to them sooner! I simply rinse them off after every meal and hang it on our towel peg to keep the pouch open.

Erna Stuyvesant, NY

Love this bib, but wish the fabric would’ve been cut different

Love this bib. It is great for eating and I bought it because this is the brand I was happiest with my son. The only reason I don’t give it 5 stars is because I love the magenta color in the picture, but on my bib there is only on very tiny spot of the magenta color because of the way it was cut. So the colors on mine are kinda bland. Not a big deal, but I was a little disappointed.

Shanna Big Flats, NY

Great bib!

This a wonderful bib- it is my son’s first bib and it is great. He is growing out of it and I am going to purchase the super bib in the same print. It is durable and eay to clean!

Gretchen Jay, FL

Great Early Feeding Bib

I bought this b/c the regular Bumkins bib is just so big on my 5 month old… I was nervous b/c I’ve read mixed reviews pertaining to the neck opening’s size. Thankfully, the neck size is not an issue at all for us – it fits just fine and seems it will for a little while until she’s big enough overall for the other Bumkins bib. It’s easy to wipe clean, washes well in the regular laundry, and sure helps save her clothes now that she’s diving into the world of solids! Worth the (small, really) amount of money to own one or two of these.

Katherine Belvidere, NE

Very cute!

I purchased this bib for a trip we had planned in Italy. I knew that “washing” bibs would be out of the question, so I gave this a shot.I wasnt sure if the plastic style bibs would be a distraction to my son (and end up on the floor)but when I tested them at home, so far so good. It’s great quality and I liked this design so much I ordered a couple more. My son is 18m and I actually like the smaller size of this one better than the larger sized ones. (bought both to compare)But that may be a personal preference. I think I now own 4 of these and cant wait to use them all through Italy!

Deana Green River, UT

Love these bibs

I have bought a handful of these bibs for my 2 kids. They hold up great. I have used them for years.

Ingrid Barney, ND

Fits small 6mo old; easy clean up

Nice neutral colored bib. Easy wipe clean. Dries in an hour or two, just in time for next meal. Fits my small 6mo old who is 15 1/2#. Great for first meals. Also, at $4.95 this is a good deal compared to prices I saw elsewhere. The quality seems durable, too

Jordan Cascade, CO

Love this bib.

This bib is great! Very cute, vibrant colors. Works great for my five month old who just started rice cereal. Nice waterproof bib that he can’t pull off. The pocket is great for catching what he spits out. Bumkins makes great products!

Mari Ashville, OH

Catches the spills 🙂 cleaner clothes

It catches the spills and that is why I bought it. Even though I thought it was bigger it still does the job. I have a bigger one and that one seems to catch it all, but still recommend this for 6 to 12 months.

Antonia East Marion, NY

Best Bib Ever!!!

This is the best bib out there. It is not made from cloth therefore should not be used to soak up drool or liquids but instead should be used to feed solids. It is far superior from other plastic bibs as it is very soft and suptle. My daughter does not mind wearing it and it keeps her clothes clean when she is eating solid foods that drip down her bib into the little pocket on the bottom. I have a few of these, one on her high chair, one in her diaper bag and one at grandmas. Best bib that will last. All you do is wipe it clean. You can also throw it in the wash as they wash well.

Milagros River Forest, IL

I love these bibs!

They are all I use. They keep the baby clean and dry even though he’s a super messy eater. They wash up easily and don’t fade even after many washes. Most of my bumpkin bibs are on their second kid and still look brand new.

Hope Wayzata, MN

We have many of these

Used these for both of our kids, it’s a quick clean up after eating b/c they’re plastic. They don’t need washing in the landry, sink is fine.

Penny Castle Rock, WA

Not what I expected

I thought these would be bigger. After I ordered them I noticed these are starter bibs. Unless your baby is 3 to maybe 6 months old, you will need the next size up. The quality is very good. I like the bibs because the neck opening is much smaller than most. We have ruined several shirt collars from using other bibs since they hang down the front too far. I am sure the next size up would have been perfect for our 10 month old.

Valeria Round Rock, AZ

Mislabeled size

These advertised as one size, but the size that arrived was 6-9 months, which is so small that many babies (including mine) aren’t yet eating when they’re that small. I did an exchange with Amazon and noted the problem, and they sent me the same size in response so it appears not to have been just a one-time mistake.

Arline Plevna, MO

Our Baby Drools for the Cat in the Hat

I bought this for my son and daughter-in-law’s baby shower. They have a Dr. Seuss theme for the baby’s room and for the baby. This bib was delivered safely, and on time. It is of good quality, but a little over prices compared to items of similar nature that are non themed. It was an add on item, so I had to spend $25 to get it for the advertised price, and it was still priced more than other bibs. Other styles come in packages of two or three for the same price. This bib is colorful, and can be used for a baby of either sex.My son and his wife are happy. It goes well with their chosen theme. It is sturdy, colorful, and beautiful, just like the baby we are all waiting to see.

Violet Garden Valley, CA

It’s good

i’m satisfied. not super impressed. i’m anticipating that the crumb catcher is not going to do a very good job just bc it doesn’t stay open. so far, my babygirl is only on purees so i haven’t tried out the crumb catcher part, but it doesn’t seem like it would do very well. the material is thin but super easy to clean. i guess i just expected more for the price.

Germaine Wenona, MD

Not a Superbib!

I bought this thinking it was a Superbib. We have 2 Superbibs and love them. This product popped up when I searched for “superbib” and the picture looks like my Superbib. But it’s not. If you are looking for a superbib, do not buy this product. I am giving it 5 stars however, because Bumkin bibs are awesome and my gripe is with the labelling of this product.

Arline Piseco, NY

Great Before Baby Learned to Pull It Off

This bib is very durable and easy to clean. I would give it 5 stars if it wasn’t for the valco not being so strong. My son recently learned that he can pull this bib off easily during feedings and it gets very difficult trying to feed him and hold his arms so he doesn’t tear his bib off. I’m going to try the other version of this bib (with the arms) and see it would work better.

Debra Bunker Hill, WV

Cute and functional.

These bibs wash well and are so cute for baby boys. They are the smaller size, so it’s perfect for my 7 year old. We also have the Dr. Seuss one.

Nelda Windsor, KY

Mixed feelings!

This bib was great for use at our house. Although it would fold up really tiny, I would not be able to take it traveling because it basically needs to be washed out after each use and would be a pain to dry out in the car (or potentially get moldy in a plastic bag). The material was really nice, it was a lightweight soft cloth feel but didn’t absorb as quickly as cloth bibs do. I could sometimes wipe it clean, but other times it needed a good rinse or machine wash. (Never tried it with something like spaghetti, it would probably stain if it wasn’t rinsed quickly enough). I had mixed feelings, because it fit for a very short window of time. It is rated for 6-9 months, so I knew that going in. I liked it because it wasn’t oversized or a nuisance on my little guy, but it literally only fit around his neck for two months, although he is a pretty big dude (Started solids at 6 months and it fit until 8 months, he is in the 90th percentile for BMI). Every baby will be different obviously. For the price, I was happy with it – but wished it would have fit just a little bit longer! It was a nice "sample" bib, to see if I liked Bumkins bibs (which I do) I did keep it for future babies, so it was a win at our house!

Carolina Richmondville, NY

Overall best bib

I’ve tried at least 10 different kinds of bibs (fabric, plastic, firm, soft, etc) and these are by far the best. They are flexible but made of waterproof material and they are extra large. Plus, they even have a crumb catcher pocket. They also have laster longer than several of the other without looking ugly and worn.

Elisha Marshall, WA

Hands down the best bibs on the market!!!!

I simply love Bumkins bibs! They are super soft yet waterproof, and my daughter doesn’t mind wearing one during meals. They come in an array of colors/patterns that are fun, cool, and cute. They fit great and are sized just right for babies begining to eat solids. I love that you can quickly rinse them off and hang to dry and they are ready for use by the next meal. Bumkins bibs are made for travel too, they fold up so small and take up almost no room in the diaper bag and if you can’t rinse it off, you can simply wipe it down with a wipe or wet napkin for on the go clean up. They are machine washable and can withstand tons of washes without fraying or tearing at the seams. My friends have had several for years and they still look great. Personally I have 5, 4 in my home, and 1 in the diaper bag ready to go.I think these are the best baby bibs on the market and they are worth every penny. They are pefect to give to new moms as well. Once you own these bibs, you won’t want to use any other brand. As a mom and former nanny, Bumkins bibs are a MUST HAVE for all parents!

Teri Slippery Rock, PA

Easy Clean Up

These are great for when you start solid foods. They are easy to clean and don’t stain. They save you from laundering a lot of traditional style bibs. All you have to do is rinse it off in the sink and hang it to dry for the next feeding.

Aisha Winton, MN

Love these

Use these everyday have had 3 for 9 months and they are holding up well, wash them in the sink when I was his dishes and the hang to dry for next day.

Viola Van Horn, TX

too small

The bib is cute and it does it’s job keeping my baby’s clothing clean. It’s easy to wash. I just run it under water and set it outside to dry. But the neck seems very tight to me. My baby is only 6 months old and I don’t see this bib lasting much longer due to tightness of the neck.

Helena Litchfield Park, AZ

not so good

I have a love/hate relationship with this bib- they are exactly what you want for newly introducing solids to a baby. They wash and catch bits of food.But after using them a few times – hand washed after feeding and line dried- it develops a musty smell and even has black spots appearing (mold?)I won’t be re-ordering these.

Mary Quanah, TX