Bumkins Waterproof Superbib, Flower

Bumkins Waterproof Superbib, Flower

Bumkins award winning Superbib is made from a soft, lightweight fabric that is truly unique. Bibs come in a variety of fun, lively patterns that stay bright, wash after wash. Clean up has never been easier, bibs wipe clean, rinse off easily, and resist most stains and odors. Features generous Velcro closure and catch all pocket. Bib measures 10″ across, 9″ from neck down. Sized to fit 6 months to 2 years. Lead safe, PVC, phthalate and vinyl free.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Lead safe, PVC, phthalate, BPA and vinyl free
  • Made from Bumkins proprietary silky soft waterproof fabric
  • Generous Velcro closure for adjustable fit
  • Catch all pocket to contain messes
  • Hand or machine washable

Verified reviews


This was a bad batch

We’ve owned 7 of these bibs (this one included). It started to grow mildew very quickly. We’ve replaced it with another print of super bib, the dr seuss ones. Those have lasted months longer in perfect shape with no stains or growths.

Marion Randolph, NJ

the rubber one from BBjorn is soooooooo much better

Updated after almost two years:it was not a good starter bib, for the first foods the BabyBjorn is much better.But once we got there, this is great!——————————–Old reviewI’m not saying it is bad, although it is not that easy to clean as i expected as the food gets stuck on the edgesBut your baby will grab it and put it easily in her mouth and make a big messthe rubber one from BBjorn is so much better as the baby can not bend it

Amie Derby, CT

Does not accomplish its job as a bib

I don’t absolutely hate this bib, but it’s definitely not what I was hoping for, especially since it’s over-priced and I paid so much for it. Although it is very easy to hand wash and reuse for each feeding (which is why I wanted it – I didn’t want to have to do laundry every time my baby ate), it does not accomplish its job as a bib fully. The neck is so big that most of the food gets on my daughter’s neck and clothes. So what is the use of wearing it? My daughter is six months old, and her height and weight are in the 95th percentile, indicating that there is a problem with the actual size of the bib. I tried tightening it as much as I could by closing it at the end tip of the velcro, but that did not work either. I don’t see her growing into it any time soon.On a plus note, I do like the material this bib is made of. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s really easy to wash. I just run some warm water over it and hang it for our next use. However, I do need to find another alternative. So far, I have found the normal cloth bibs to work best, but washing them is definitely a hassle.

Erika Creole, LA

excellent bib

The pocket catches everything. The fabric is easy to wash and durable. Air-dries fairly quickly compared to other bibs of this style that I’ve used. Occasionally I throw it in the washing machine instead of washing in the sink, and it holds up well (fabric doesn’t become sticky or worn).

Tanisha Yachats, OR

The only bib I use for my baby/toddler

I love this bib! It’s the only bib I’ve continued to use from the time my baby was first introduced to solids at age 5 months until now – he turns two next month.The prints are very appealing to my son (he has the Robots and Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat), the pocket works well to catch food, and the bib is easy to clean. This bib really is leak proof and covers a large enough surface area to go shoulder to shoulder and down to the waist on my two year old toddler.Cleaning: For purees and a few crumbs here and there, I just wipe it down with a wet rag. For more serious dried-on pieces, it can be tossed in the washing machine. It can also be placed in a bowl with warm, soapy water and soaked, then rinsed. I don’t recommend putting it in the dishwasher. While it does come clean, the shape gets distorted and it takes a while to lay back in place.The reason I gave this bib 4 stars instead of 5 is because it is a bit large for a baby under one year, in my opinion. As another reviewer mentioned, first baby foods run down his chin and neck and go under the bib, even on its “tightest” setting. To solve this problem though, I simply put a cloth baby bib on first, then the Bumkins bib over it. The cloth bib caught any runs and the Bumkins caught the big stuff. Once my son was on to chunkier foods and thicker purees, I didn’t have to double the bibs anymore.This is the only bib I have bought and the only one I continue to use and love! I just bought another last month just to have two on rotation. The original that I’ve been using for about 15 months is still in immaculate condition and looks almost new.

Sophie Dalton, GA

Saves Lives

This bib (and others in this group) is a lifesaver when it comes to keeping mess off my kiddo. I love the pocket, I love that it’s washable in the sink or the washing machine (hang dry only, methinks!) and I love that it’s durable enough to be tossed around, thrown into the backpack, used during dinner, hastily wiped off and then returned to the backpack, etc. ALL without staining or tearing. When we get home, I run it under hot water, loosening up any dried-on food, scrub it off with the kitchen sink scrubbie wand and hang it to dry over the faucet. Simply awesome.

Dollie Kildare, TX

Great bib

This is a nice bib for feeding baby solid foods. The velcro stays done up, and it is easy to clean. I typically wash in the machine with her clothes, and hang to dry, but I have also washed it in the sink with dishes. It’s also cute, and the photos are accurate.

Elsie Yale, VA

Favorite bib so far

This bib is cute and so easy to clean. Previous bibs I have purchased never seemed to get clean and would have an odor. The price is a little high, but seems worth it!

Sasha Clearville, PA

Cute & easy to clean

I like these bibs a lot for my son, who is 18 months old. He is a messy eater, especially as he learns to use utensils. These bibs provide shoulder-to-shoulder coverage. The pocket catches lots of dropped food. They are waterproof and easy to clean by wiping or putting in the washing machine. I typically wash in the washing machine after every use because it gets them cleaner than wiping, and I hang them to try (which doesn’t take long at all). They have held up very well for many, many washings. I like that they come in a lot of styles and colors. These were a great find!

Melody Klickitat, WA

Effective but can get moldy

These are very cute and useful for starting baby on solids and sippy cups when feeding becomes exponentially more messy than nursing/bottles. They cover the entire torso and have a pocket at the bottom to catch food. They are also easy to rinse or can be tossed in the washer but no matter how we well we dry these, we’ve found patches of mold or mildew growing on them after a few weeks of use. As these often show up around the neck area that is directly in contact with our baby’s skin, I’ve thrown a bunch of these away already. We live in a humid climate which probably doesn’t help and this item may work better in a drier area but I’ve switched back to cloth bibs. Those are not as convenient to use or clean but, for us, the Bumkins are too expensive to use as a disposable bib.

Bertie Worthville, PA

Super Cute, Easy to Clean, Dries Quickly

I absolutely adore this bib. It’s lightweight, catches most of all the purees (as most food items slide directly into the pouch, and is very easy to clean and reuse immediately. Folds so compactly as well.

Marsha Brooklandville, MD

Best bibs!

We love these bibs – they are all we use. They are water proof and the pocket catches the drips, drops, and blobs that occur at every meal. The various fun designs and washability are also a nice bonus.

Lorene Clearwater, SC

The Best Bib!

I’ve bought cuter bibs (even though this one is very pretty) bit all other bibs fall short on ease of cleaning and durability. My sister has had her bibs through two kids (oldest is 5) and they’re still in great shape!

Lakeisha Freedom, WY

Doesn’t stay on, doesn’t catch crumbs, but washable

I have 15-month-old twins. Since starting them on solid foods, we’ve tried about a dozen different bibs from Safety 1st, Bumkins, Ikea, Tommee Tippee (our current favorite), and many other brands I don’t recall because the bibs have been thrown away. The Bumkins bibs are better than average, but they’re still not great.The tiny piece of velcro doesn’t work to keep the bib on. My daughters figured out how to get these bibs off within a week of owning them. I tried for a while to use safety pins instead of the velcro, but it was hard to force the pin into the velcro/fabric, and awkward to have a sharp pin by the babies’ necks Now, if I resort to using these bibs, I secure them in back with a bag-clip.The pocket caught about half the spilled food when the girls were just eating purees, but catches virtually nothing now that they’re eating finger foods. So, spilled food just rolls down the bib and onto their clothes (and everything else).On the positive side, these bibs are completely washable (shockingly – to me at least – many other bibs aren’t really washable and don’t dry well — we’ve thrown out many bibs because they smelled nasty despite washing & drying anyway we could). The pattern also doesn’t wear off (again, this sounds like a low measure of success, but most bibs we’ve tried had ink that came off on the girls’ clothing & hands within the first few uses).Overall, these aren’t great — but they’re better than some alternatives.

Ronda Cedarvale, NM

Our go-to bib

While I really liked the Green Sprouts terry cloth bibs when my son was itty bitty, now that he’s a bit bigger, we need something with more coverage. This is a great bib–love that it flares a bit at the shoulders for extra coverage. The pocket actually works, too, and the fabric looks like new after several washes.

Eunice Mount Union, IA

Super cute

Shipped quickly and looks exactly like the picture. Would like to have one in a cotton variety with the same print. The waterproof one doesn’t double as a face wipe which is often needed.

Lucinda Burnt Prairie, IL

love love love this bib!

Not only is this bib super cute…it is super easy to clean. Literally just wipe it off and its good to go for next time.Awesome bib…much better than the other wipe clean bibs out there. Will definately be buying a couple more!!

Antionette Lovington, IL

Great starter bib

We got this for our child (6 months before a recent trip so i wouldn’t have to take several terry bibs with us. We love this better than other waterproof bibs we have, because its smaller, and a lighter weight, and fits our child better, and yet generous enough to cover their lap. And i can just rinse it off in the sink and hang it to dry between feedings, but we love how it is smaller, and so it doesn’t swallow her up and leave gaps around the neck. We would buy more, but as its waterproof, i just need one bib 🙂 and i find myself grabbing this over my dozens of terry bibs now, and i don’t have to throw this in the washer after each use.

Allyson Texhoma, OK

Best bibs ever

These bibs wash, wear and protect better than any other bib we have tried. And they last forever. They can definitely be used for more than one kid, so buy gender neutral colors and save yourself some money.

Elnora Grubville, MO

So far so good

It’s been only a couple of weeks, so I can’t comment on durability yet, but so far:PROS:- Good coverage- Easy to put on/remove- Super easy to clean (wipe clean with a damp paper towel, run under the faucet or machine wash)- Dries fast (bib dries in minutes; Velcro closure needs a little longer)- Soft and comfortable for baby- No bad smell whatsoever out of the bagCONS:None so far, but I’ll update my review if needed.

Brandie Buckhannon, WV

The best bibs!

These bibs are the best. I’ve tried others and they stain or don’t get completely clean. Bumkins are the best. They clean and dry easily. Once in a while I put them in the washer to get really clean. I love the colors and size- not huge but big enough to cover baby’s whole shirt.

Lakisha Tohatchi, NM

Almost perfect…

I agree with the other reviewer that my baby starting at 7 mos started to bunch up this bib when she’s trying to lift her hands to her mouth. It happens often. I’d give it 5 stars otherwise because the neck closure is adjustable to a small neck opening unlike many bibs out there and the material is of quality. I do recommend this but I am going try the Bjorn bibs to see if the bunching up stops there.

Sally Clearview City, KS

Great bib, easy to clean and works well

The only downside of this bib is that water drips down her chin under the bib (but then again all of our bibs do that). Easy to clean, easy to put on, catches just about everything that falls out of her mouth. We’ve got two.

Corinne Littlefield, TX

best bib

after trying a few cloth bibs on my 5 month old, i quickly realized that i needed a plastic one. I really like how it is lightweight material, yet sturdy enough that my son cannot pull it off. THe velcro strip is wide, so it can easily adjust to smaller necks, and will still fit as he grows. also, you can secure it at the side of his neck, rather than having to reach behind him to attach the bib, which is much easier.I like the variety of colors available, and glad I chose the blue fizz, as it looks very cute on my boy.Very easy to rinse and hang after each meal. It folds up nicely and fits into his diaper bag like othing when we need to eat out.Very pleased with the fuctionality and quality of this bib. Its a keeper.

Dessie Pocomoke City, MD

Well sized and easy to clean!

We have been using these bibs for the past 6 months for our baby. I love the size as it helps keep her outfits clean, and the little pouch is great in preventing most food from hitting the floor. (Although that makes our dog sad!) These bibs are super easy to keep clean, either through hand-washing or throwing in the washer. I received/purchases other bibs and none hold a candle to the durability of the Bumkins bibs. Even after 6 months of use, there is no need to replace them at this time.

Hannah Lawrenceville, IL

The best bibs!

I bought this for a friend since I have used then with my daughter and love them. Great coverage and easy to wipe clean. I wash them in the machine too, (Wash on delicate, Dont not put in dryer)

Helga Yeso, NM

Best bib I’ve found

I love this bib! It is so durable, yet cute! My favorite feature us the adjustable neck. Now food is actually going where it is supposed to!

Chelsey Annapolis, MD


These bibs are awesome! They’re water proof and wipe off very easily. They work way better than cloth bibs. The pouch at the bottom is great for catching whatever rolls out of baby’s mouth. My son has a collection of cookies and crumbs in his little pouch 🙂

Brandi Strykersville, NY

Awesome bibs. The Best.

Best bibs ever. Easy to wear for baby, sweet to machine wash, still look great after months of abuse… Solid recommendation!

Casey Camden, NJ


I love Bumkins bibs, they’re very light weight and easy to clean. Some of the other plastic-type bibs are so rigid they just get in the way. Not these!

Daphne Alton, NH