Bumkins Waterproof Supersized SuperBib, 6 – 24 Months, On-The-Go

Bumkins Waterproof Supersized SuperBib, 6 – 24 Months, On-The-Go

Made of Bumkins’ proprietary waterproof fabric. Stain and odor resistant Velcro closure. Features catch-all pocket. Measures 10 across, 9 from neck down. Sized to fit 3 months – 2+ years. PVC, Phthalate & Vinyl Free.Made in the USA.

Main features

  • Made of Bumkins’ proprietary waterproof fabric
  • Features velcro closure and catch-all pocket
  • Measures 18″ across, 18″ from neck down
  • Machine washable; stain and odor resistant
  • Recommended Age Range: 6 months-3+ years

Verified reviews


Super Superbib! Excellent buy!

What a great bib! Really does an awesome job at protecting your little one’s clothes. It’s very generously sized for my 16-month-old. It’s very eco-friendly and easy to clean which makes this so easy to love. Does the job. Fits well…only thing I can think to improve this bib would be to have longer sleeves but it does provide a little coverage on the arms. You can just rinse the bib after use and air dry for the next use. I’ve purchased numerous bumkins bibs and they surely have held up with their quality and durability.

Robert Hollister, OK

Stick with regular Bumkins bibs

The regular Bumkins bibs seem to have better coverage up top. The length just doesn’t seem necessary to me.

Corine Independence, WV

Best bibs ever

This bib is great for any toddler. We used the Bumkins starter bibs and the sleeved ones a bit when our daughter was first starting to eat, but now that she’s 2.5 and really needs more lap/chair protection than shoulder and arm protection, this is an amazing product. We’ve used our bibs at every meal since she started on solids at 4 months old. They’ve held up super well through lots of wipedowns, hand washes, and even machine washes. The velcro on one is starting to come off, but can easily be sewn back on.I found this to be the best of all the Bumkins bibs we’ve got. It provides more coverage than the other bibs, as not all food lands conveniently in the pockets (which don’t stick out a ton to catch more food).I’ve no hesitation in recommending it to other parents.

Isabella State Road, NC

Fun Apron-Type Bib

the best thing about this product is the fact that it is so long, and it has a catch all pocket so if food leaks down, it gets caught in the pocket. The road map print is fun! it can be used in soo many ways, not just for food, but later as ur child gets older, you can put it on while doing arts and crafts to save clothes from markers, paints, clays, etc… you can also have little one help u cook and use it as an apron. The only thing is that it has only one velcro strap around the neck area; so for an apron style fit, i may decide to punch holes on either sides of the bib and string a piece of ribbon through it. anyways, all in all i really like it! its thinner than those vinyl bibs u buy, but it washes and dries very nicely.

Pat Fruitport, MI

No mess!

I got this bib to use at my daughter’s 1st birthday party. It worked like a charm. The cake stayed on the bib and not her. 🙂 I also have the regular sized bibs from this company. All their bibs are great and wipe or wash well! Worth the money cause they last unlike the others.

Bridget Middleport, NY

Full coverage

This thing is great! It’s more like an apron than a bib, really. The waterproof fabric texture is more comfortable for baby than something like vinyl would be, and probably more durable too. It’s machine washable, and easily wipeable between meals if you don’t want to throw it in the machine. Plus this design is gorgeous.

Terrie Lincoln, MA

Great for messy kids

My daughter is 20 months old and loves to do it ALL herself…this bib is a lifesaver, and an outfit saver. The pocket is perfectly placed and the shoulders are wide enough to protect her sleeves. If only I’d bought this a year ago…

Sharon Warrensville, NC

This is the best toddler bib ever!

This is the best toddler bib ever! Before, I’d have to change my girl’s entire outfit after each meal, but this bib catches everything and nothing seeps through – it is indeed waterproof! Great for soups and spaghetti!

Lauren Gibson, GA

We stay cleaner!

We liked the smaller version of these bibs, and now that our son is eating more things and getting messier, the extra coverage because of more length is great in the supersized ones! This keeps our pants cleaner than before and we love that the bibs are made of safe materials!! Great product!

Tanya San Sebastian, PR

We use this daily!

We use this every day. I love that it covers her entire lap! Might even buy another one. Easy to clean, too.

Marilyn Albany, TX

Great bibs

Love these bibs. They protect clothing and make for easy cleanup, even with older kids.

Bernice Interlochen, MI

Very nice, stays on

This bib is the perfect size to use for every meal, nice to throw in the diaper bag, cleans off easily, can throw in the washer when it gets really bad. Love it!

Reyna Flat Rock, MI

Great Bib

I had purchased a bumpkins bib with my first child and soon knew I needed more for my second. These are complete lifesavers! I love that they are easily washable and really cover your child’s clothing. They are extra long, which is nice when food gets shoved off the tray and onto their pants!

Merle Inlet, NY

all purpose

Easy on, covers her entire chest and lap.We use it for everything from messy food to fingerpaints.Easy to clean by either wiping it with a damp cloth or just tossing it in a cool wash cycle.

Denise Perth, ND

Love this bib!

Great bib – we use it a lot in the car since it’s long and keeps the car seat a little cleaner. I wish the material was a little stiffer on the pocket because it tends to collapse and not catch the crumbs. Would buy it again, though.

Paulette Saint John, ND

These are fantastic!!!

The best companion to high chair feeding in children who are trying to feed themselves! Easy to rinse, and easy to use. I wish the pocket were a bit more “loose” so it would be more open and catch more stuff, but otherwise it’s great.

Stacey Lissie, TX

PERFECT for a 2 year old

I’ve always loved Bumkins bibs but as my daughter got older, the bibs got smaller and her messes got bigger. This Bumkins bib saved many clothes from being stained and covered in food.Even my daughter loves this bib. We hang all our bibs up and she goes straight for this Supersized bib whenever she’s hungry and hands it to us to place around her neck. Even she doesn’t like spilling her mess on her shirt and pants.Details:The single food pocket on this bib is slightly larger than theBumkins Waterproof SuperBib, Unisex, 3-PackThe bottom half is generously wide and can cover a lot and works great in restaurant high chairs. The only difficulty you might experience is if you’re still using a high chair with a snap-on tray. Since this bib is so large it will make a tight squeeze. However with a little tug here and a pull there it will still work.This bib has saved me soooo much time cleaning up after soup spills and spaghetti spills.

Lakeisha Treece, KS