Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet Bag, Blue Cat

Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet Bag, Blue Cat

Bumkins Zippered Wet Bag provides great on the go storage for dirty clothes, messy diapers, shoe storage, travel items, wet swimsuits and much more. Measures 12″W x 14″L.

Main features

  • Polyester
  • Made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric
  • Comes with a zipper closure
  • Comes with a snap handle
  • Machine wash and dry

Verified reviews


might work for some people, but not me

I like the design & sizze, I just don’t like the bag. I don’t like the fact that it isn’t a cotton layer w/ a PUL layer sewn to it. Instead ot is a fabric w/ the PUL “type” layer on the back side of the cotton. So it’s only 1 layer.

Roslyn New Milton, WV


you need to keep anything dry (like papers or thin electronics) or keep somethig wet form soaking everything else around, use this great and stylish bag. WHo does these drawings, Haring or something like that? really really cool, and a highly effective means of keeping out or in the wet.

Misty Lake Butler, FL

No smells here!

Great for cloth diapers at daycare or daily outings. Keeps smell contained for #1 and 2, and even one time where my toddler took them and hid in the closet for a week, still no smells and no leaking. Another plus is great for the beach or pool with wet bathing suits. For diapers, it’s compact but I can easily fit 7ish diapers of a larger size.

Jocelyn Flatwoods, WV

Great Wet Bag

I wish these were a bit cheaper…I’d buy a dozen. They wash well and still look brand new after many uses. Cute prints also. Go Bumkins! 🙂

Fran Asherton, TX

Great value for a daytime wet bag

The Bumkins wet bags are a great value. I can use this one for a day out of the house with my son, I just toss his wet/dirty diapers in the bag and don’t have to worry about my diaper bag getting messy or smelling bad. The handle with the snap is a great touch, I wish more of my wet bags hand that! I can clip it on to the outside of my diaper bag if it gets too full or if I need the extra space inside of my diaper bag. This wet bag holds at least three pocket diapers or several Flip inserts. I will say, though, that it’s not lined so if you are looking for something that will contain smells or wetness for longer than a few hours you might want to get a sturdier bag with a separate PUL lining.

Sandy Nescopeck, PA

Does the job

– Holds 5-6 pocket diapers. Any more and you would be shoving them in.-Good traveling size, but not for your daily diaper pail. Get a bigger one for your pail. :-)-Super cute!-Thin, but it holds the smell in.- I like that it had a snap so I can hang it off of my changing table, but I am concerned if the handle will break or come unstitched. Only time will tell.Edited 6 months after purchase:-I ordered 2, 1 of them is now having trouble with wicking. I cannot put anything I have sprayed off in them.- They no longer hold the smell of #2 diapers in.-The handle has not broken off yet, but the stitching has begun to fray a bit.

Liza Darby, MT

Very handy every day

I used the bag to hold everything from dirty diapers to wet swimming suits and I must say it works. I had a dirty diaper in the bag for like 6 hours, inside of the car in the scorching afternoon heat and I couldn’t smell a thing (until I opened the bag that is). It is very easy to clean and it dries super fast. I also like that it can be folded into something very small when not in use (who doesn’t carry a bazillion things all the time with the baby?) and has a loop with a button to hang it outside of the diaper bag when full. Overall, it does what it promises, which is great.Recommended.

Bethany Bolivar, OH

Just what I needed

Good size, cute print, zipper closure and strap. What I really like is that it’s a snap strap that I can easily take on and off to wrap around one thing to the next. For example, you can put it around a stroller handle without a MommyHook.

Marcella Pomona, MO


I love having this extra wet bag to carry in baby bag. I can keep wet diapers in bag without having to use plastic bags. It also contains smells and I don’t have to worry about it being in the baby bag.

Savannah Hensley, WV

Love this little wetbag

I love this bag completely! It’s not too big yet has enough room for quite a few diapers. We use this when we are out and about for our cloth diapers. Love this print so much!

Ebony Oak Ridge, MO

Works like it should but wish it were larger.

The bag stores used dirty cloth diapers while on outings. The edges are sealed to contain everything – very nice touch. The bag can be thrown in with the dirty diapers in the washer, but make sure you pour out the water that may have gotten trapped in the bag.When I poured water into the bag, it did not leak. But, when I turned the water-containing bag upside down, water leaked out of the zipper, so keep that in mind when using. Thanks to gravity, the diapers fall to the bottom anyway, then I put the bag in my diaper bag/backpack with the top flap folded over or twisted, just in case. But, I haven’t had any issues of leaks.I wish it were a little bit bigger because it only fits four all-in-one diapers comfortably, five if i pack them in more. Beyond that, I wouldn’t feel secure because I know the zipper does not seal. Because I change diapers at least once every 60-90 minutes, I’d feel better about having a larger bag on outings that are more than half a day. If you don’t change diapers as often, maybe this size would be sufficient.Wet bags are great for other uses. Wherever you can use a gallon-sized Ziploc-type plastic bags for most non-food-related situations, you can use a wet bag. Some other uses are:- a swim bag to keep wet bathing suits separate.- a dry bag to keep items clean and dry at the beach.- electronics gear-protection bag at the beach or by a swimming pool.- shoe bag.- lunch or snack sack.- toy bag.- travel bag.- separate bag for packing, like a bag for socks and underwear.As a cloth diaper-containing bag, a larger size would’ve been better. But, as a handy tote bag, the size is great.

Blanca Lansing, MN

cute, and very useful wet bag

this is a great little wet bag for storing in the diaper bag and carrying home dirty clothes. has worked well through multiple washings.

Carolyn Erskine, MN

Great wet bag! VERY BIG

This works fantastic and is really quite large. I can probably fit 10-12 gdiapers in here when they are wet, maybe more if I really pack it in! ALso great for clothes that get wet and swim gear.

Clarissa Rupert, WV

It’s attractive it’s useful

This waterproof bag is very cute and it works well. I have machine washed and dried it and the waterproof-ness was not diminished. I have since discovered that the bag dries so quickly on it’s own there is no need to put it in the dryer. I like that the attached wrist strap allows me to hang the bag unzipped for ease of dropping items in. I’ve used it for my little grandson’s wet swim suit and it keeps the moisture locked inside

Lena Mingoville, PA

Have Wet Pool Clothes Will Travel

This bag really is waterproof and is quite light and portable. It is ideal for carrying clothing, wet or dry to and from the water or play area. It’s the ideal place to store wet clothing and for people with babies and toddlers, it is your best friend when you are going someplace with water.

Nadia San Juan, TX

Great Value!

Perfect size for on the to and great value for the price! The pattern is very cute and the bag is easy to wash.

Vivian Uniontown, WA

Good little bag

The Green Turtle pattern is very cute. The bag is sturdy and I’m very happy with it. Although the bag is not as nice as the Sweet Pea bag I have that was about the same price any my local diaper store.

Jean Bertrand, MO

So many uses!!

Love love love this product. Love the black which is more zen for me, and I love the size.Great for male or female, and for using to put damp/wet swimming suits or even diapers for a baby/toddler. Washes up easily and the colour does not fade.Now this may sound odd, but we even used this for a half a cantaloupe that I put in a small ice chest. And filled half full with ice to use as an ice pack.Also recommend their Bumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bags because we hate having anything that is not reusable, or things that we have to throw away like plastic bags.Bumkins Reusable Sandwich and Snack Bag, Green Turtle

Lashonda Grand Junction, MI

great wet bag

I had to have this wet bag to match my Dr. Seuss print diapers. It is very cute and has worked perfectly and held up well after time.

Adele Beaver Meadows, PA

Does a good job, very small

This wet bag is great to put in a diaper bag because it folds up so small. However, I don’t like the feel of the material, it feels like it is going to leak to me…even though it hasn’t. Sounds silly I know. I have noticed that after a day in the bag it does let a little odor out but not as bad as a few of my other wet bag.

Amalia Delta Junction, AK

Fits several Bum Genius diapers

Great print on this wet bag and it holds plenty of dirty diapers for the day. We can fit about 4 in there but have only had to use it for up to 2. I have only washed it once in about 2 months since it doesn’t get daily use and let it air out between uses so it doesn’t get/stay smelly. Overall it does what I need it to and it is cute and functional with the snapping strap

Jennie Darrington, WA

I’ll Be Getting More

These bags are amazing. Large enough to fit almost anything. Waterproof and it has a cool snap ring handle for your wrist or attaching to another bag. I can fit almost anything in this it is so large! I’ll be buying a lot more.Washes well and is ready to use as soon as it dries.

Patricia Eastlake, OH

Bag is waterproof, zipper is not

This is a great wet bag. The fabric is plastic-coated, the seams are sealed. I put water in it and gently squeezed and nothing came out through the fabric, seams or corners at all! YAY! The fabric is fun and high-quality. The sewing looks to be well done. I full expect this to last through toddlerhood as a pool/beach/wet stuff the child was wearing bag. (She’s a water baby.)The zipper, please be aware, is not waterproof.In my test scenario, I just turned the bag upside-down and water came trickling (strongly) out the closed zipper. This is not stunning, especially given how reasonably priced this bag is. The zipper IS very good quality and coated so it won’t rust. As long as you pay attention to this detail, you’ll be fine! If I know I can keep it upright in the car, putting the super-wet-because-toddler-doesn’t-give-me-time-to-wring-it-out bathing suit in it is fine.It’s an interesting, useful size. It’s not so huge I don’t want to take it anywhere but still big enough to be useful for more than just 1 diaper.I have not noticed any lingering smells yet – they would be of chlorine from the pool or lemonade in our case. I rinse it after every use and pop it to air dry.

Chrystal Waldron, MO

Great to keep breast pump parts

I bought this to keep my breast pump parts in during the day. (I dry them off and keep in a cooler between uses.) It’s the perfect size to keep all the parts that are in contact with milk. I handwash and air dry. These seem very sturdy.

Sylvia Douglas, MI

Many uses for this bag

I know a lot of people use these for cloth diapers, but we use disposables. I bring this bag to the pool with us for wet clothes/suits and it’s always in my diaper bag in case of a baby’s blowout or toddler’s "accident"…It goes in the washer/dryer right with the dirty clothes, and it’s so small/compact and lightweight that it’s not a burden to carry everyday in our diaper bag. I wish I had thought of using this when my oldest was a baby, but so glad we have it now!

Isabella Salisbury Center, NY

Wet inside, dry outside, small all over

This “wet bag” is appropriately named: it keep the wet inside the bag and off of your other stuff. I’ve got to say that it’s a little smaller than I thought, so don’t think that you’re going to use this to take all of your gear to the pool/beach/wherever. Instead, it’s good to use as a bag-within-a-bag after you’ve taken off your wet stuff and don’t want everything else in your duffle bag (or whatever you take when you’re going swimming) to get wet.Does the job and looks nice–can’t ask for more. Will fit a few bathing suits.

Matilda Wild Rose, WI

waterproof wet bag

This bag is about the size of a 2 gallon ziploc and I thought I would find a ton of uses for it, but I have to admit that I really haven’t. I love the bag – it’s well constructed, the little loop is great, it’s attractive, but I just don’t seem to use it that much. We are planning on trying cloth diapers again when our newborn gets a little bigger so I may find a use for it then, but I’ve found that for a lot of purposes I end up using grocery bags or ziplocs instead. For example, for swimsuits I use a reusable grocery bag so I can fit the wet towels inside too. I tried using it as a garbage bag on a picnic, but even when I emptied it right when we got home it was still too gross for me. I’ve been using it recently as a small diaper bag, which has been the best use so far, but pretty soon I’ll need something bigger.It’s sort of in that gray area where it’s too small for some uses and too big for others. Overall it’s a great concept and a great product, but be sure you have a specific use in mind and that the size is right for what you need.

Adele Wayne, IL

No leaks from a set of soaking wet swim suits

We have a baby on the way, but opted to use the Bumkins bag before baby got here after a pool party. We were easily able to fit a set of large adult swim trunks, a two-piece maternity bathing suit, and a set of wet undergarments into a single bag with no issues. The zipper closed easily, the handle on the bag made it easy to carry out while holding a stack of towels. On the outside, the bag looks no bigger than a standard grocery bag – if not smaller, but this is definitely better looking and I like that no one can see exactly what we’ve put inside so I’m not advertising my dirty laundry. I prepared myself for some moisture leaking onto our dry stuff once it was back in our suitcase, but when I got home, everything was perfectly dry. I was very impressed and I’m still not sure how that zipper held in the water from those wet suits because by the time I got home, they were still sopping wet. Very impressed with this wet bag!

Lacey Rolla, KS

Great for those expected & unexpected moments

I’m a cloth diapering mother and have used a number of different wet bags. I was excited to give the Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet Bag a try since I’m already extremely impressed with the companies bibs and reusable snack bags. After using this Wet Bag for my day to day at home and on go the needs, I’ll have to add another product by Bumkins to my favorites!This bag measures 12″W x 14″L. It’s a very ideal size for on the go use whether for cloth diapers, swim wear, or to store other soiled things. It has a convenient handle with a snap closures so you can hang it up on a hook or door knob for wash day. You could also use the convenient snap handle to hang around another bag when you are out, if you so choose. The bag has a zipper that keeps everything inside without fear of anything coming out unless you need it too after being stored.The wet bag comes in a variety of patterns that are super cute perfect for boys & girls! I liked that the material is not overly thick and can squish and fold down easily if you need to tuck the bag away! The fabric is completely waterproof and wipes cleans without much effort. And to keep the bag clean is a cinch, just toss it in the washer and dryer!I also haven’t noticed any smells coming from the bag when things are stored inside which is a huge plus. Overall, I have to give my highest of recommendations to this product. This is a great reusable wet bag to keep on hand when on the go whether you are cloth diapering, going swimming, or just want to keep it on hand for those accidents that sometimes happens when kids are involved! (I know I’ll be taking this along on our Summer road trip with my 5 & 2 year old!)

Brianna Cunningham, KY

Cute and sturdy, no stink

These varieties of Bumkins bags seems bent on celebrating cute prints, but there is nothing wrong with that as long as the product works. And this one has left me satisfied. Here is a suitably cute bag that is of that lovely thin material that will squish just about anywhere.Of course, the big test is if this actually keeps the smell in check, a must for anything involving messy clothing. I used this bag on a long and hot car trip that involved an array of baby poop-stained clothing. The zipper was secure and the material indeed blocked any odor, allowing us to arrive home and get the laundry done. Excellent little bag.

Nora Vina, AL