Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag, Blue Owl

Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag, Blue Owl

Bumkins wet and dry bags are a versatile storage solution. Featuring 2 compartments, one for wet, one for dry. The main interior compartment features a non-wicking PUL fabric featuring heat-sealed seams for true waterproof protection. The exterior and second compartment is made from Bumkins lightweight, durable, machine washable waterproof fabric. Ideal for cloth diapering parents but also the perfect bag for carrying dirty clothes, shoes, swimwear and much more. Easily fits up to 8 Bumkins cloth diapers. PVC, BPA, phthalate and lead free. 

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 100% polyester
  • Made of Bumkins easy wipe waterproof fabric, stain and odor resistant
  • Features two waterproof compartments for separating your wet and dry items
  • Snap handle
  • Measures 12″ X 14″

Verified reviews


Perfect for Soiled Clothes!

The bag is pretty basic. It has a zipper on top with a big storage compartment, then a side zipper pocket, for separate storage. There’s a loop with a button that snaps shut so you can hang the back from a stroller without worrying that it will come undone and fall off.Our primary use for the bag is probably going to be for those occasions where one of our kids wets their pants (it happens sometimes) or spills something on themselves. We’ve previously been stuffing the soiled clothes in our diaper bag, but this is nice because it keeps everything separated via a waterproof pouch, and the pee or juice doesn’t get on everything else.

Elda Covington, OH

Great for potty training time / cloth diapering

I keep this wet/dry bag in the bathroom for quick easy changes while potty training. We keep the clean/dry undies in the front dry pocket, and the soiled ones in the zippered wet bag Pocket. it makes it a snap to change out while she is on the big potty, or pick up and leave the house if necessary. It is a great medium sized wet bag – and holds a good bit. I wish I had this when I was full time cloth diapering – it would have held one – two days of diapers which would have been perfect.It works well for any accidents resulting in soiled clothes as well. Smells stay in and clean things in the pocket stay fresh and clean. Super product.(I am so impressed with the BestBottom Potty training kit. I have two of the sets which would be one pair of waterproof undies, plus 3 inserts and one extra 3 pack of inserts,plus 4 Gerber training undies and an extra outfit or two. There is still a bit of room. As this side decreases, the room in the wetbag size increases – great balance.)We have also had great luck with the potty training book: ‘girls potty time’ – We have used it for our daughter from about the 9 month time frame, and though she was/is young but the pictures of real girls, real potties, and real big girl undies are very helpful. I can recite this thing backwards in my sleep now. Thanks.

Lucinda Amsterdam, MO

perfect for infant thru childhood!

I wish I had had one of these when my daughter was a baby! It would have saved SO many bags! The 16×20 is a good size for clothes that she has now, like swimsuits, tshirt and shorts, when wet, and I love that the dry side can fit the same. it’s perfect for going to the splash park, beach, or an even, where you might want/need to change clothes. Right now I’ve got in my daughters irish dance bag. so she can add stinky socks and practice wear to it, and throw it back in her bag, and I don’t have to worry about the expensive bag smelling horrid when she gets home hours later! It’s been a breeze to clean and I’m adding it to my must buy list for baby showers!

Adriana Edwardsport, IN

Great for both Wet and Dry

It’s winter and swimming hasn’t been on the daily activity list. So, instead to test to see if this works for both dry and wet stuff, I put wet towels in one pocket and my nice wool knitting yarn in another. Lucky for me, there was no shared moisture.After testing it that way, I let my toddler carry it around for a day too. No outside wear was visible.So then I carried it around for a couple of days when running around, with a pair of small scissors inside that I use to trim yarn when knitting. No visible wear.That sold this for me. I love it as a simple bag you can throw in the car for packing up any daily needs.

Camille Fulton, CA

You need it!

Ok, you could probably use a plastic bag, but are you certain it will stay closed or not rip? We’ve all been there. I really like that this bag has two compartments, and the design and colors match many popular color schemes.Easy to wash too…which makes it ideal. Hey, with plastic bags, you’ll be adding to landfills more often.

Susanna Evansville, IL

Very well-constructed bag!

I accidentally left a wet diaper in this bag in a backpack for over a week, and this bag has not failed. Need I say more?Okay, maybe a little more. The construction is very good. The wet portion of the bag is lined with waterproof lining, and the entire bag is made of fabric which can be easily wiped. Because there’s a dry portion, you can put the diaper wipes and the unused diaper in the "dry" portion if you want to run off somewhere to change diapers without schlepping everything.It also makes a great beach or swim bag. I love having two separate compartments.

Kendra Louisville, TN

Superb Wet & Dry Bag

The Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Wet/Dry Bag does exactly as it claims…keeps wet items in one compartment without leaking and dry items in a separate compartment that stay dry.Before taking off with the little ones and this bag I tested it by placing a very wet dishtowel into the large compartment and hung the bag above my washing machine for 24 hours. The bag contained the water and towel with no leaks into the dry compartment and no leaks onto the washing machine. I was and still am very impressed.Besides being a really cute bag it has many great features:1. Light weight2. Folds easily and compact to fit into a diaper bag or purse ready to be pulled out when needed3. Short handle has a snap closure to easily hang onto a stroller or diaper bag.4. Can be used to contain many wet items such as cloth diapers, training pants, damp wash rags, burp rags, bibs, swim suits, it’s even big enough to drop childrens muddy or wet shoes into if your child steps into puddles, mud or poo and you don’t want to get the inside of your vehicle wet or smelly.I’m sure there are many more uses for this type of bag with or without small children and it would make an excellent gift to an expectant mother.

Velma Hineston, LA

nice big wet bag

This zippered wet bag works well. The size is larger than my other wet bags, which is helpful. Cute design.

Kelly Bovina, TX

Can’t go wrong with Bumpkins

My daughter loves owls, and this is perfect to throw a wet bathing suite or wet beach toys in!Super cute.

Tammy Barron, WI

Excellent wet/dry bag from Bumkins

I am really excited about reviewing anything cloth diaper related! From the moment one decides to CD (cloth diaper), there are just so much options and information out there, that one inevitably wastes money buying things while figuring out what works best.One of the biggest problems parents have with cloth, is figuring out what to do when you go out on errands and so on. I used to purchase disposables for such runs, till a friend told me about the 2 pocketed wet/dry bags. Pretty much you can store clean diapers in one pocket, and then put the soiled one in the other while you are out.Now the on the go wet bags that I have are Alva brand (which I really recommend for super cute prints!) however it is really small compared to this Bumkins one. In the Alva one, I can maybe put 3 diapers in there? I use sunbaby and alva one sizes, and I double stuff the (charcoal bamboo) inserts when we go out. It just so happens that whenever I’m out that’s when traffic is bad, an errand takes longer etc and it’s just better for me knowing that there are 2 inserts in there. Now the bumkins can hold about 7 diapers which I think is awesome.Now to be clear, when I’m out and about, I don’t need so many- but after I pack maybe 3 or 4 dipes, I still have space for cloth wipes, a little jar of coconut oil (Which I use as a barrier cream) and a small thing of regular wipes (for poop diapers).The other thing that makes this bag a good buy, is the fact that it’s gender neutral.The only thing that I am not a huge fan of, is that the inside PUL is separate from the owl fabric, so when the bag is in the washing machine, you see the inside ballooning out like a jelly fish. Not a huge deal, but with my HE machine, I am always worried about how much water is getting around. (That’s a whole ‘nother story there)All in all, highly recommended! This will make a great gift to someone who is cloth diapering!

Tracie Youngtown, AZ

Adorable, and practical

I have used cloth diapers with 3 of my 4 children and this is one thing you don’t want to be caught at the mall without. There’s nothing like a yucky pair of soiled clothes or diaper that you don’t want to trash that you wish you had something to protect them with until you can get home to wash them. I even use this in the summer time to put bathingsuits in on my way back home so my whole bag doesn’t get soaked or smell. I love owls and this bag is too cute as well.

Sybil Coats, KS


We use this for pool time. Keeps everything dry (phone, camera, wallet, diapers ….). The zipper works well and when tiny dripping hands go to grab stuff this bag keeps them dry. I love all of these products.

Molly Cheshire, MA

Great wetbag!

This is actually the second Bumkins bag in my cloth diapering stash. This is the perfect size to hold 1-2 days worth of dirty diaper. It holds in the stink like a champ. While I’m not a fan of Bumkins diapers, I adore their wetbags. They hold up with repeated use and come in the cutest prints. You can’t go wrong with this product!

Janelle Nineveh, IN

Cant live without this bag!

Cant live without this bag!!I use it for everything! Wet bag for swim classes/beach & pool days. The size is perfect for my 4 year olds clothes. Ive also started carrying this as a quick diaper style bag for when Im not carrying a full bag! I throw a change of clothes, diaper, wipes & even snacks in & off we go! I have 3 or 4 bags and used every single one on our last vacation!!

Britney Springfield, GA

Great Wet/Dry Bag

This is a cute wet/dry bag. It is a good size for throwing in wet swimsuits, cloth diapers or clothes after kids have had an accident. I love that it is waterproof, that it has two compartments (in case you need to keep some stuff dry while other stuff is wet), and that you can just throw it in the washing machine to clean it.

Mandy Napakiak, AK

Perfect for on the go, summer or winter!

We are rating this as 5 stars because it is a great, washable, solution for both winter and summer activities. The summer activities are obvious, but for winter, we’ve used it for when we’ve been on the go and there’s spit-up on a burp cloth or when there’s been the unfortunate blow-out on their clothes.Did I mention it is washable ?The wet side stays there and the dry side stays dry. Other things in are diaper bag are not affected, so this is a well-designed, tightly-zippered bag.Sometimes we’ve grabbed this, a couple dental bibs (far cheaper than any made-for-baby changing liners), some diapers and put it on the dry side and go on our quick trip. (Along with our travel-size wipes container stuffed inside)This is a nice 5-star product for us.

Robbie Mingus, TX

Best wet bag ever

I had no idea wet bags could be this awesome. It is super thick, double walled in the main compartment for wet items, and then it has a single walled front pocket. It’s perfect if you want to put clean dry diapers in the front, and wet/dirty ones in the main pouch, which is brilliant for cloth diapering if you don’t want to lug a giant diaper bag everywhere. It’s just the right size for going out and about and it holds a lot of diapers. The quality is amazing too. I can’t find a single negative thing to say about this. Well done Bumkins!!!

Helena Belleville, MI

Bumkins Waterproof Zippered Bag

I never even thought about this bag being for cloth diapers until I read other reviews. Since I’m not using it for that, I really can’t speak to the odor problems others have had. I got the item to use for wet item after swimming and it has worked perfect! I would argue that "waterproof" is a little misleading since water will go right through the zipper area, but as long as it stays upright and you aren’t trying to carry around a bag of water, it will do the trick.Pros:- Two compartments so you can separate wet and dry items.- Good size to hold a full outfit or two.- The zippers seem to be high quality and they open and close without much force at all.- The whole thing feels very durable- The print is very cute.- Easy to wipe clean inside and out- Easy carry handleCons:- Not truly 100% waterproof-

Margret Richland Springs, TX

Very convenient for swimming!

My daughter has weekly swimming lessons, and this has been a very handy product! We were always balancing her wet swim suit in the diaper bag, or using Ziploc bags. With this bag, all those issues are solved.There are two zippered compartments, one bigger than the other. They are lined with a material that resists mold and is very easy to clean. The exterior is made of cotton and has a cute print on it (our daughter loves owls!).I have had zero issues with mold/mildew or smells. We love this bag!

Dona Paragonah, UT

Perfect for on the go

This is a smaller sized bag, I can probably only fit 4-5 diapers in it, which makes it perfect for a travel bag or secondary wet bag. I keep mine upstairs, our main diaper changing station is downstairs. This would also fit a couple of swimsuits after a day at the pool but it’s not big enough for towels or anything. It keeps smells in and the wetness stays inside the bag! Can’t ask for more than that.

Dena Yolo, CA

As advertised

It does what it is supposed to. You can’t smell the dirty diapers and it is waterproof. It fits several prefolds so it should last for an entire outing.

Alisha Ekron, KY

Excellent for the diaper bag–now I just need a bigger size

I have a couple bags for my cloth diapers–a big one by Planet Wise to keep at the changing table and a simple Bumkins wet one. I love both, but this one is ideal. Largely because it is the wet/dry combination, but I like it a bit more than the aforementioned Planet Wise one and now want to get this in a bigger size to replace my main big bag. As it is, it’s perfectly trustworthy for the diaper bag with the perk of getting to store soiled diapers and covers separately, or even fresh diapers. There is the security of the regular wet bag with the dry pocket perk. I tell you, this does not leak! Excellent zipper design that locks away with all desired anti-nasty smell. With this, I find myself not hurrying the bag out to my car as not to offend anyone. The other improvement is the outside shell. My big Planet Wise bag is all soft and cuddly on the outside, but that does pose the problem of picking up smells before it gets washed itself. This outer shell is similar to it’s inside wet bag, which means protection against smells and undesired absorbancy. I’m loving this for my diaper bag!

Pat Daleville, MS

Must-have for pool or beach bag!

We got this is a monthly subscription box and we just love it. It doesn’t leak and is a generous size. I was able to fit a swim suit, a pair of our toddler’s swim trunks and a rolled up wet kids towel in it. The Dr. Seuss print is really cute and it is well made. The lining is thick, so it doesn’t feel cheap like some other “wet” bags I’ve come across. Great buy!

Linda Brady, NE

Awesome wet/dry bag!

I love Bumkins products and this wet/dry bag is no exception. It is very lightweight, folds up very small to keep in your purse or diaper bag. It has two compartments and a handle with snap closure. We will be using this on an upcoming cruise and I think it will be nice to separate wet items (swimsuits, etc) from any dirty/soiled items. I have used Bumpkins bibs, diaper clutch, etc. for years and this product is great addition to my collection. Highly recommend if you are looking for a wet/dry bag. Would be great for cloth diapering as well.

Sally Crown King, AZ

Contains smells perfectly

I can put very nasty-smelling things in the zipper pouch and not a whiff of anything escapes once it’s zipped shut. I like that there’s the dry compartment also. It’s also obviously very well made, and I expect it to hold up quite well to repeated use.

Naomi Minto, ND

Great wet/dry bag for those blowout diapers and you need something to hold the clothes!

This is a great bag that has 2 good size compartments for holding wet/dry items. The material is almost like something that umbrellas are made of and is machine washable. We always have this in our diaper bag and we primarily use it for when our son has a blowout and we need something to put his dirty clothes in. The bag is so large that you could conceivably put 3-4 sets of clothes in it! The bag also has a convenient strap to hook onto a stroller or other handle. The only thing I would say is the zipper pulls are kind of small and those could be larger. But overall, this is a great size wet/dry bag!

Judith East Prospect, PA

Wow! I wish I had this when my son was tiny

I bought this to use after swim lessons. I can throw my son’s suit, mine, and there is even room for his towel in here. It keeps everything else clean and dry. The actual bag is super easy to clean, I just pop it in the washer and it turns out great. The material is very similar to the Bumkins bibs so if you like those you will love this.

Nadia Iredell, TX

I wish it was bigger!

I use wet bags mostly for carrying wash cloths and wet bathing suits. It works perfectly as you’d hope- nothing leaks, it’s washable, and I like the little snap strap. This particular size fits a toddler size bathing suit, a small size wash cloth, and my plastic travel case for toiletries at one time. I’d love to see a bigger version to hold an adult size bathing suit as well.As far as cloth diapers- it probably fits 3 diapers (AIOs) comfortably. But if you are looking for carrying this for larger items, probably not the best size.

Isabelle Vaughn, NM

great bag!

this is a great bag to carry items that are moist or risk other contents in your luggage. Great price, and made well.

Victoria Springdale, PA

love this bag!

I have several Alva brand wet bags, as well as one Bumpkins wet bag (not we-dry like this one). This wet bag has an additional fabric layer inside of the outer owl layer that really holds smells in. This is also bigger than out bumpkins wet-only bag. We usually store only one day worth of dirty dipes in each bag, but this one will hold about a day and a half worth if necessary. (we use pocket one-size dipes). We don’t really use the outer pocket for clean dipes or wipes, since this stays at home, but it’s a great feature and would easily fit a small bag of travel wipes and a dipe or two. It could even easily hold a wet swimsuit (adult or kid) or soiled clothing. The whole situation is a bit big to carry in a diaper bag, imho, but if you will be out for a long day and are using cloth, it may be ideal.The only downside is that it takes a while to dry. I usually flip out the inner lining and hang dry. I find that the inner lining material does hold some water, so it takes longer to dry than the single layer bags and really does need to dry before being used (the others you could really toss stuff in them when they are wet, and know that the bag will still dry fairly quickly).

Brandy Lucas, IA