Bummis Fabulous Wet Diaper Bag, Green, Small

Bummis Fabulous Wet Diaper Bag, Green, Small

The fabulous wet bag is a practical accessory for any cloth diaper stash and, well, for life in general. Double-seamed on three sides, this bag is designed and constructed to be durable and leak resistant. It comes in handy on all kinds of occasions: just think of all the things you might use a plastic bag for, and then try an eco-friendly fabulous wet bag instead.

Main features

  • Of course, as is true of all our own products, the fabulous wet bags are made with careful attention to detail in our own wonderful factory in montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices
  • The fabrics and components we produce with are all sourced in north america and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and bpa free
  • Our lovely minimalist packaging is environmentally friendly, made of chlorine free recycled fibres
  • The mini bag has a zipper closure; This size is ideal for travel, toiletries, wipes, menstrual pads, micro organization, small electronics and more
  • The small and medium sizes have a snap-able handle for strollers and a zipper for odour control; They’re ideal for diapers, swimsuits, travel laundry, a change of clothes, papers, laptops, tablets and more
  • The large bag will make your cloth diaper laundry routine simpler than ever; It is endlessly versatile; Use it for dirty diapers or for camping, boating, other laundry, etc.
  • The fabrics and components that we use are all sourced in North America and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and BPA free

Verified reviews


Breaks Easily

The bag is really cute and great for travel. I cloth diaper my son and used this bag when I was out and about. Unfortunately the bag tore in the wash the second time I washed it and it was never put in the dryer. Yes, its adorable but its not going to last long. Once you touch the bag you can tell its not very durable. I gave it two stars because it’s a cute bag. Guess I’ll have to figure out how to fix it. Definitely not worth the money in my opinion.

Mitzi Daleville, MS

Junk! Really low-quality.

I am very upset about this purchase. I used this bag one time and some of the stitching is already coming undone. Boo!

Lydia Green Lake, WI

Great bag, could be more durable

We love these bags. Size medium can hold 4-5 of our cloth diapers (Bum Genius). We have had them for about a year and a half. For the past year, they have been subjected to heavier use than most people would use them for: we bring them to our son’s daycare every day and use them to line a small trash can for the staff to put his dirty diapers in throughout the day at school. So, we have 3 bags and have been using them on a nearly daily basis. So they have been washed, zipped, carted around, and stretched at the zipper line to fit over a trash can A LOT. At this point, two of the bags are completely broken (the zipper pull has come off and the top seam is splitting), one bag has lost its handle. On a few of the bags, the inside plastic liner is starting to separate from the bag. I consider this reasonable given how much we have used them. In terms of style, I actually prefer the Planet Wise bags, but they don’t offer a bag this size with a strap, which I consider a necessary part of the product. A great bag, I’m back to buy more.

Rosalyn Reading, VT

Okay, but not great

I bought one of these to use in my weekday rotation of two wetbags to take back and forth to daycare for my daughter’s cloth diapers. The bag is thin and folds up easily in the diaper bag (as compared to the other one I bought), but when I pick her up in the afternoon, the smell of the diapers is pretty evident – even with the bag completely zipped closed. I know a wetbag won’t contain all the smells, but it doesn’t do as good a job as my other bag. The handle also broke/came unstitched after just a few month’s use. I washed it with my diapers and line dried it (it does dry quickly), so I guess it was just not made to last.If you need something for occasional outings, this would work just fine, but I do not recommend it for daily use.

Loretta Litchfield, OH

My go-to wetbag

A lot of people rave about the P******** wet bags, but I prefer these hands down. I’m selling my other so I can buy another of the Bummis. There are a couple of reasons I like it:1) The price is very reasonable2) Washes very well and dries fantastic3) The handle is very convenient to attach to the stroller or diaper bag when we’re out and about.

Pamela Hima, KY

One Pocket

I thought this might be the case, but was hoping there would be two zipped pocket areas, one for clean, and one for soiled. But, it’s only one large pouch. Will still be wonderful, but was a little disappointed.

Miranda Swampscott, MA

Okay bags, great customer service

The first two Bummis wet bags I used were defective. The liner inside started separating from the outer fabric and eventually started to tear (all this within 4 months of use). However, the company confirmed that they were of a bad "lot" from the number and replaced them very quickly. I was happy and impressed with Bummi’s customer service. The second two bags have so far held up well.

Geraldine Greendale, WI

love it!

Works great for longer outings where you might need to put more than 2 diapers in it. No leaks have ever happened with this bag. Also, washes great in a washer.

Lolita Laura, OH

Good size for travel/day care

We have a large wet bag to be used in a pail and 2 small wet bags just large enough to store 4 diapers each for a quick outing. This Bummis bag is a good size for a full day outing/day trip or at day care. It is large enough to store 6-7 diapers. I particularly like it because it can be hung on the door knob. With the other wet bags that we have, we have to zip them up and leave them on the floor. There is nothing wrong with it other than it looks a little untidy. The Bummis wet bag works well so far. We have washed it plenty of times with our cloth diapers and it is very durable. It does everything a wet bag needs to be: sealing up the smell and the wetness of the cloth diapers. We are planning to get a couple more of these.

Christina Liberty, WV

fell apart

After a few washes the blue handle came off and left a huge hole in the side of it. It would be relatively easy to fix, but I shouldn’t have to. I was really disappointed with the quality. It is a thin bag but it worked for what I needed it to before it fell apart. I just got a Bumpkins wet bag and was REALLY impressed with the quality of that one. It’s super thick and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

Kellie Ringling, MT

i’m a little “bummed”

This bag is cute and worked great until recently. It has been treated very well since I bought it 8 months ago or so (as well as my diaper covers). It just disintegrated in a gentle wash required to get a stink out that it had finally begun to emit – the stitching came out and the handle came off. Luckily I can fix it myself but until I get around to that, it will be plastic bags for us.

Nola New Town, ND

Perfect size for on-the-go

I bought the Bummis Organic Wet Diaper Bag, size Small, to keep in our diaper bag for everyday use when traveling. It’s a good size to fit in a diaper bag, water tight and smell proof. I can fit 3-4 outfits or the same number of diapers and covers. I use it primarily to store wet or dirty clothing, since we use disposable diapers when away from home. It has held up great after multiple washes. I will probably order another one to use for myself for travel, since it’s perfect for storing wet swimsuits.

Suzette Andover, NJ

great for on the go cloth diapering

This bag is cute and it holds the stinky diaper smell in well. It’s definitely sized for less than a day’s worth of diapers. Good for baby sitting/day care/on the go needs.

Juliana Madison Heights, VA

Great for baby, toddler, and beyond!

I first purchased a small one of these bags when my first child was born. I wish I had bought more. Four years later, I am purchasing 2 more, but in the medium size. You can always use these for dirty clothes, and now I use it for dirty clothes/swimsuit after swim lessons. It is still waterproof after all these years. But make sure to hang dry. Every mom should have one of these for dirty clothes or trash. I cloth diapered with my first, but not with number 2. I still ended up using it most for dirty clothes on the go. It’s so much nicer than a ziploc bag. In a pinch, I’ve used it as a trash bag. You can hang it from your stroller from the loop. I now need a medium size for all the spills and accidents and swim lessons for 2 toddlers. I have one in all of my diaper bags. Don’t live without this!

Rae Dayville, OR

love the bummis bags

Stylish, easy to use, fun bright colors, easy to wash and maintain. Makes cloth diapering easier all around. I’m a fan!

Kathrine Mayersville, MS

Reliable, convenient, and fun to look at…

I wanted something to put my dirty cloth diapers in when I’m “out and about” instead of plastic bags. This was recommended to me by a friend who used it during the two years or so that her daughter was in cloth diapers.So far, it hasn’t failed me. It has held up well in the washer and dryer and it holds moisture and odors in well. It’s also cool looking so I don’t have to make space for it inside the diaper bag…I can just clip it to the strap and let it hang outside the bag without people necessarily knowing what’s inside.It’s big enough to hold 3 or 4 soiled diapers, though I’m never away from home long enough to have to put more than two diapers in it. When it’s empty, it folds up small enough to fit in the smallest zipper pocket in my diaper bag (and I have a pretty small diaper bag,) so it doesn’t take up valuable space. No regrets and I’d recommend to a friend.

Rebekah Saint David, IL

my favorite wet bag!

this bag holds at least 5 cloth pocket diapers + wipes and the occasional pee soaked pants, etc :)it is very durable and i prefer it over my other wet bags. i was and dry it regularly with the diaper load and it has held up excellent so far (8 months)

Vonda Star Prairie, WI

great for cloth diapers

we use this for daycare to put our babies cloth diapers in , they hold a days worth of diapers 6-7, do not leak, and stops any smell from escaping

Amparo Platteville, WI

New one leaked fast

I bought one that leaked after a year, the second one I bought started leaking within a month. I did not change my washing routine.

Katina Brunswick, NC

Terrific wet bag!

I love this wet bag for dirty cloth diapers on the go. It held in all the moisture and never smelled through. After some time, the liner began to come away from the bag on the inside, but I am pretty sure I didn’t follow the instructions for laundering. I would throw it in with the diapers or regular laundry so it might have lasted longer if I didn’t screw around with the temperature of the water or the soaps. My son eventually got a hold of it and tore a little piece of the liner out so I can’t use it anymore. But I would definitely recommend to anyone who does cloth diapering on the go and who can follow directions. :O)

Monica Rushsylvania, OH

Great, but I wish it had two handles

I really like this bag for my cloth wipes. It doesn’t leak and there is no odor. I’ve been using it for maybe a year now and it looks brand new.My only complaint is that I wish it had two loops on either side so I hang it better. I ended up putting some ribbon through the label so I could hang it on my son’s dresser.

Gussie Camden, IN

Worked for us

This is a good wet bag. Simple, perfect size for out and about. Does it’s job. Nothing particularly special about it. I wish there were some regular colors as I’m not always in the mood for a crazy print.

Beth Dandridge, TN

My favorite wetbag!!

I have three wetbags from three different companies and this one is my favorite. The design is cute, it holds many diapers (I stuffed about 8 diapers in the medium size on a daylong trip once), no stink issues and it washes and dries very well. Well made, and even tho I’ve never used the strap, it’s a handy little attachment if you need it.

Candy Soperton, GA

Works well and very cute

I’ve been using this bag for about a month to hold dirty cloth diapers and wipes when we’re out and about. It’s worked really great so far — no leaks or bad smells. We have the medium sized bag, which easily fits several dirty pocket diapers and wipes. It’s also easy to wash along with our diapers. We let it air dry, and it dries quickly. This bag is also really cute and fun — we have two (Yellow and Green) and I love the vibrant colors and the pattern.

Jeanne Mc Condy, MS

Stitching is coming undone!

I purchased this bag and at first was very very happy with it, but after a few uses the stitching is coming undone! I purchased a cheap wet bag from ebay and that one is holding up much better than this one!!! I was actually going to buy more, but just finished with the laundry and noticed the stitching so I will not be purchasing any more 🙁 It is sad because I really really wanted to like this bag. Oh well.

Cathryn Sunbury, NC

Contains the smell, Excellent Bag

I am new to cloth diapering and was looking for a wet bag to use to hold the diapers until I wash them. I didn’t want to get a diaper pail, since we are currently only cloth diapering on the weekends. This was an excellent replacement. This bag contains the smell and does not leak. It also comes out of the wash without a trace of smell left. We use Flips, so this bag can hold an entire days worth of inserts (8-10) and covers (3-4). I would recommend getting two if you plan to use them instead of a diaper pail.

Cecelia Springdale, WA

The perfect wet bag

We do not use cloth diapers, but we do use cloth wipes and I needed a wet bag to keep the used ones in until washing. We have hung this right on our changing table and it works perfectly. No smells at all! We’ve washed it about 5 times now and it still looks brand new and smells just fine after coming out of the washing machine.The size is perfect for a week’s worth of cloth wipes or probably a day’s worth of cloth diapers. If you’re thinking about using it for diapers, it would make a great travel wet bag or would be great if you plan on washing a load of diapers each day.Great colors too!

Trudy Stark, KS

Great size

Love this for the diaper bag. It works great as a wetbag, but also just an easy diaper bag to through in any large purse. When my little guy was breastfeeding and all we needed when out was a few extra diapers and change of clothes…this was great. Even fits a folded up changing pad.

Angeline Great Bend, KS

perfect for short outings; holds up in the wash

I use these wet bags for dirty cloth diapers when we are out for a few hours. It can contain a couple of diapers and the occasional soiled outfit. I’ve washed them repeatedly in hot water for about 18 months and they’ve held up very well.

Mia Ford Cliff, PA