Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper, 7-20 Pounds

Bummis Organic Cotton Prefolds Diaper, 7-20 Pounds

Introducing our new organic cotton prefold diapers. These are a totally affordable luxury. Made of 100% certified organic cotton twill, they are wonderfully thick and thirsty. They come in a gorgeous unbleached color and are incredibly soft. And the more you wash them, the softer they become. Use our prefolds with a Super Whisper Wrap, Super Brite or Bummi Original for a great and affordable cloth diapering system. Superb absorption and a snug and waterproof fit – you just can’t go wrong with a prefold system. It is versatile and extremely durable. Preemie: 2 – 4 kg (4 – 9 pounds) – 2x6x2 ply (perfect fit with a Super Brite newborn).

Main features

  • These cloth diapers should be washed and dried 3-5 times before using to remove the natural oils and waxes, please expect an approximate shrinkage of about 20-25% after completing the pre-washes
  • Each half dozen cloth diapers comes in its own beautiful organic cotton packaging bag with a colourful snap closure
  • Our organic cotton prefold diapers are made in pakistan; we are currently working with our supplier on obtaining sa 8000 certification in social accountability

Verified reviews


useless to us for what they’re intended for

These are way too expensive and difficult to use if you want to use them for cloth diapering with covers!! My much easier solution for the cloth diaper covers (have mostly pockets) is to use the extra pocket inserts that I have. You can purchase inserts separate from pocket diapers, and they’re much cheapers than prefolds. You don’t have to deal with folding a prefold and maneuvering it to get the diaper cover on! The prefolds are super bulky when folded for diapering.These were pretty useless as burp rags too, because we ended up using blankets for more coverage. My hubby and I are both more comfortable holding baby on our chest instead of shoulder, so we needed move coverage for baby moving around!We ended up using these on our changing table. It seemed every time I would bother to put an elastic cover on the changing pad, he would soil it! Then how do you get the cover off with baby still naked on the table! These prefolds are easy to keep under baby butts and then pull out if they get soiled. It’s easy to slip another one under (or not) so baby’s not touching a cold, rough changing pad and so that you can finish diapering!

Alexandra Stella, NC

not absorbant

i use this as a liner for diaper inserts. if i didnt already have a lot of burp cloths, i would use these for that.

Kaitlyn Two Rivers, AK

My one and only daytime diaper!

Quantity: I bought 18 of these prefolds in size 1 when my son was born. I use ONLY these during the day. Since then, I have purchased 6 all-in-ones (for nighttime). With this inventory, I am doing the wash every other day. I have 12 diaper covers of various brands, and I feel that is enough to get by given my current laundry schedule. I recently bought these diapers in size 2, again 18 of them.Size: Our baby boy was 9.5 pounds at birth and the size 1 fit him great, but at 2 months old and 12 lbs, and many washings of the prefolds, the diapers were barely fitting anymore and were therefore harder to wrap around and secure. At 2.5 months/13 pounds, he had definitely outgrown the size 1s, so I purchased the next size of this same prefold and they are working out wonderfully. The size 2s are almost double the size of the size 1s, so I can fold in the entire front for extra absorbency. The size 1s, without enough cloth to really fold over, were soaked after one pee and dampened the inside of the diaper cover along with it. So to recap, the size 1s worked great for us until 2.5 months/13 pounds (not the 18 pounds stated in the description) and then we had to order the size 2s.Leaking: I use the jelly roll fold and snappies, and have never had a leak with these prefolds. I am diligent on being sure the cover leaves not even a smidge of the prefold exposed however; I’m convinced that is key to preventing leaks. For the size 1, I folded the inch of extra material at the top front UNDER, back into the wrapped diaper. This worked great until 2 months/12 pounds, when either he was peeing more or the size 1s were getting to be too small. After that, as mentioned above, the size 1s became pretty soaked, and the moisture at the top rendered the cover too damp to use again. We never had leaks though. For the size 2s, I fold the entire top third into itself, creating a 2-ply front. This so far is working great at 3 months and 14 pounds, and I think I will be able to do this with the extra material for quite a while longer.Bottom line: I highly recommend these prefolds. I would just note that you will probably need the next size up much sooner than expected. The extra fabric of the larger size will allow for more absorbency too, so you may even choose to move up earlier rather than later. And, as with all cloth diapers, to prevent leaks it is very important to be sure the diaper cover fully covers the prefold. These are not as easy to secure as all-in-ones of course, so honestly, I don’t encourage my husband to use them 🙂 but if you are willing to put in a little extra effort, you can save a lot of money and still be leak-free!

Sophia Watertown, MA

Yay Organic Cotton!

I love that these are made with Organic cotton. They are a little more expensive then the OsoCozy pre-fold diapers but I think they are worth the extra money. If you are just starting out with cloth diapers it is worth it to spend a few extra dollars and get the best product possible because they will last a long time. These diapers will sit directly on your baby’s skin all day every day so why not have the peace of mind that they are made from organic cotton. Cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides. I believe babies are much more susceptible to toxins. I am glad to know that pesticide residue is not sitting on my baby’s skin while she is wearing these.

Joanne Swan Lake, NY

Works well with gdiapers

I use these as inserts for the gdiapers (Tiny Gs and Small). They are nice and soft, and pretty absorbent although I don’t think they last too long their own before you need to change it (gcloth will last a bit longer, I think). However, these have been great for nighttime since they are so trim. I can double up with other inserts I have and it will get my baby through the night with no leaks, and without getting too bulky. I have also taken others advice and used it under baby during diaper changes. Saves me from having to wash the entire changing pad cover in case of an accident.

Nikki Winnsboro, SC

They do the job!!

These pre-folds definitely do the job! They are absorbent and come clean quit nicely. The downside is that they are extremely bulky. You can fold these multiple different ways, so be sure to find the fold that fits your child best. Ive found that when my son was a 7lb newborn the "trifold" worked fine. Now that he is a 10lb 1 month old, I do the "figure 8" twist which holds everything perfectly!

Terri South Tamworth, NH


These are impressive! They are very absorbent and super soft – they seem to get softer with every wash. We don’t use them as diapers but we do use them for everything else: her bassinet, changing table, tummy time mat, breastfeeding pillow, as burp cloths. I also love that they are organic since she spends a lot of time with her head on them. Definitely pay attention to the size you are ordering.

Milagros Bird City, KS

osocozy vs. bummis

We have both osocozy and bummis and I have honestly not noticed a difference at all. Both are great and prep easily, both last forever, both sunbleach great. I hate that bummis is so much more expensive when I could get the same thing at osocozy.

Edwina Driggs, ID

Great quality

Thick and absorbent – great product. Purchased for cloth diapering and another for burp clothes. Only wash in Rockin Green detergent which keeps them in great shape.

Virgie Forest Hill, WV

They DO run small! And shrink!

I love these! They’re all organic, of course… for such a delicate, sensitive area on such a delicate, sensitive, precious creature, I wouldn’t settle for less than all organic. No doubt. These wash up so nicely and get all fluffy and soft! BUT they do shrink and run small to begin with so bear that in mind when choosing a size. I figure, it’s always better to get a size too big than a size that might end up being too small. Other than the size issue, I think these are perfect and awesome! Definitely recommended! 🙂

Wendi Craig, NE

Recommended…top quality.

Good quality. Good diapers. We use them everyday. Try washing with a vinegar soak if they start to smell and lightly dry in a machine to soften.

Heidi Dustin, OK

Very soft, durable

These diapers do not break down. Very well made and super soft. They absorb very well and hold a lot especially if you use a liner. They require a cover, though. Snappis work GREAT with these diapers. They are WAY cheaper on Amazon than at my local baby boutique. Save yourself some $!

Lakesha Sidney, NE

Amazing burp cloths for big spitters

We registered for the medium size of these on the advice of a friend, thinking that they were absurdly expensive for burp cloths but why not, if someone else is paying for them? What we’ve found: they are WORTH EVERY PENNY. Our daughter spits up A LOT and frequently, and we’ve found that these absorb about a thousand times more than either the basic gerber prefolds or a homemade set we were given. We like them so much that we ordered another set . . . and then a set of the large ones . . . and now we tell all of our pregnant friends to get these.I haven’t used these as diapers, but I can imagine that they would absorb beautifully. They are certainly bulkier than others, and they do shrink with washing, so I can see what some of the other reviewers are talking about, but as burp cloths . . . TWO THUMBS UP!

Eleanor Almond, WI


I love this product. I bought these and the econobum prefold inserts at the same time. These are a wondeful size and are very absorbant.

Lauren Ulen, MN

Great Prefold

Really like these prefolds. Haven’t had to strip them yet, after 7 months. Super absorbent. Also good as spit-up & general clean up rags. I always have a couple extra in my diaper bag!

Sadie Olalla, WA

Great burp cloths

We don’t have a kid who spits up a lot so we get the premie size bummis and they are great as burp cloths. Super absorbent oh so soft and gentle textured enough to keep him happy when chewing on them. They dye well if you want colors a girlfriend of mine did that to hers so they look less cloth diapery. Plus they are at an excellent price point!

Irene Akron, CO

Fluffy and absorbent

I bought the newborn size of these diapers to use as added absorbency in my flat fold diapers. They are great. They are so soft and absorbent yet they do not add a lot of bulk to the diaper. I am so impressed that I plan to keep these around to use as newborn diapers if I have a second. Also feel good knowing that they are organic – and at such a great price!

Alfreda Westhampton, NY