Bummis Original Wrap – Small – White

Bummis Original Wrap – Small – White

As it’s name suggests, THE ORIGINAL WRAP features our original design. This is the wrap that started it all back in 1988! The classic “Bummi Original” has evolved over the years to become the tried and true stash staple that it is today. It has the same great fit and features, but the new design and PUL make this a wrap that’s as easy to care for as it is to use.

Main features

  • Very trim and lightweight.
  • For use with inserts only: flat, prefold, or contour.
  • No elastic in the bindings for an extra gentle fit. Stretchy lycra bindings prevent leaks and are soft against baby’s skin.
  • The newborn size is ideal for tiny newborns, preemies, and multiples.
  • The small, medium and large sizes feature a unique Aplix design: an extra-wide panel across the tummy for greater adjustability and a perfect fit.

Verified reviews


They do the job but…

My son is 1 month old and about 10 pounds. I use these covers with the Bummis and Bumpkin pre-folds. They do a great job at preventing leaks as long as you change the pre-fold immediately which is difficult to do unless you want to constantly stick your finger under the cover and check it. I very rarely get a “blow out” with these diapers which is awesome because my son constantly blows out of the Pampers or Huggies every time he goes poo.The MAJOR downside to this diaper cover is the velcro. The more I wash these covers, the more mangled the velcro tabs get. The rough velcro tabs do not sit flush on the diaper cover which causes the corners of the tabs to poke out and rub against the soft skin of my son’s belly. The velcro doesn’t bother him when he is lying down flat, but once I sit him up (and his belly sticks out) or I cradle him (and his waist is bent) then the velcro rubs and irritates his delicate skin. This downfall is enough to make me discontinue use of these covers. I’ll be sure to never purchase velcro covers ever again!

Eleanor Fisher, IL

New favorite

This cover is awesome! Cheap, adjustable, easy to use. Also, this is the only cover I can use all day without it getting soiled or wet.

Nora Irvona, PA

Really nice cover

For the price, I really like it. I think its on par with Thirsties. There are no tabs for the velcro, so it needs to attach to the front velcro strip. Its very trim, and I think my son could have worn the small as an 8 lb newborn easily. He outgrew it, except for maybe swim diaper. I think the fit is smaller than the other Bummis covers, especially more trim than the Bummis SWW.

Jennifer Kanaranzi, MN

nice fit, but terrible velcro.

I like how trim this cover fits my son, and no leaks ever with this cover. However even when I attach the velcro to the other side of the velcro it always I repeat always comes undone and sticks to the leg and butt portion of itself, fraying the fabric. If I don’t have this cover in its own hosiery bag then it sticks to all of my other covers and damages them as well. not good. However if you remember to keep it and its own bag in the wash or wash it by hand and don’t care a whole lot about the looks of it, then this is a good cover for you. If you’re one of those cloth diapering families that likes to have their baby out and about in a t-shirt, cover and baby legs then, this is not for you.

Ada Goleta, CA

Easy and simple

This was one of two covers I bought for my first cloth diapering attempt. The other cover I bought was a Thirsties. I prefer this one 10 fold. For starters I read the other review about the leg gusset and I completely disagree. The leg gusset in the Thirsties only serves to annoy me. They have done nothing to prevent leakage and they are a bad fit around my sons chubby legs. These fit my son perfectly and fit the cloth prefold perfectly in place. The Thirsties on the other hand seem that you have to shove the prefold in to fit on all sides. I can change out the prefold in these very quickly whereas I have to fumble to get him changed with the Thirsties. I’ve found that the waist band of the Thirsties does not sit flush with the waist once the prefold is in.The Bummis however, does.I would recommend these to anyone using prefolds.

Lilly Mead, WA