Bummis Pull On Diaper Cover , Tangerine, 8-18 lbs

Bummis Pull On Diaper Cover , Tangerine, 8-18 lbs

Not interested in fiddling with Aplix or snaps? Then THE PULL-ON is just the wrap for you. It’s quick n’ easy, and offers complete cloth diaper coverage. Like your favourite t-shirt – just pull it on and go!

Main features

  • Very lightweight.
  • For use with fitted diapers only, or a prefold insert secured with a Snappi.
  • Roomy – this pant will cover even the bulkiest fitted diaper in your stash!
  • No elastic in the bindings for an extra gentle fit. Stretchy lycra bindings prevent leaks and are soft against baby’s skin.

Verified reviews



I bought this solely to use at photo shoots for my now 3 month old. It worked great over his disposable diaper. He is currently about 13 pounds and it looks I’ll be able to use it for picutres for at least 4 or 5 more months.

Lela Herrick, SD

Great Diaper Cover!

Excellent diaper cover. They run a bit big. I thought I was ordering the Whisper soft cover by Bummis, but this is a different material. The Whisper Soft covers are made from a very light nylon waterproof fabric, and I thought that would be good for the summer months, but I guess they are no longer being made, so if you find any, they are spendy. These are the same type of fabric as the Thirstee covers. I just didn’t like dealing with the snaps. Great product.

Allie Pineville, NC

Great rubber pants, but check the size.

Almost exactly what I was looking for! We used rubber diapers to cover our cloth diapers. Now that we are trying to potty train, we want rubber diapers to cover the potty training pants.Our son weighs 23 lbs (right in the middle of the Medium size). His body profile is tall and skinny. The medium was too big for him. We tried the medium on over his pajamas and diaper. The pants were still too large. I returned the medium and ordered the small.

Imogene Midway, AL

Simple and Effective

Our 7 month old had no problems transition to cloth diapers b/c we found great comfortable combinations for him. We use bulky fitted diapers and these bummis pull ons are roomy. They don’t pinch his chunky thighs but still cover the big fitted diapers in entirety. Easy on the pocketbook too.

Luz Washington Depot, CT

Best Cover I’ve found

It is a bit big but I especially like that because it can fit over a cloth diaper. The elastic around the legs and waist are nice and snug but not too tight.

Karen Stewart, MN

big–they fall down a bit, but okay

They’re okay–I got them because my 11 month old is very difficult to diaper these days. You still need to get both legs in. We tried to skip the snappy and improvise a pocket diaper situation, but it didn’t work.

Vilma Nash, TX

Great for covering cloth diapers

I bought these to prevent blowouts with our cloth diapers. They are easy to wash and rarely leak. I really like these covers.

Claudette Polvadera, NM

good to have on hand

This is a good staple when cloth diapering and using pre folds. It’s a quick and easy cover that is easy to slip on. Holding up well, and fits well.

Brenda Loveland, OH

No leaks so far.

Cute baby pants with very soft material, easy on baby’s skin, not plastic. No leaks yet, so far so good.

Lidia Fowler, CO

I love this cover.

I am a big fan of Bummis products in general, but I think these might be my favorite covers ever. Pull-on covers make tons of sense for babies once they decide they don’t want to lie down anymore. I reach for these time and again because I can put them on while my son is standing and that minimizes the crying. (Plus, they pass as shorts if you don’t look too closely, so I feel comfortable taking the baby out of the house in them.) The material is flexible, wipe-clean on the inside, and thin but not flimsy. This cover and the green one I bought the same day are in heavy, heavy rotation at my house; I quite often use only these two all day long. So far, the only signs of wear are on the irksome Bummis tag (which, of course, is on the outside like all Bummis tags). No stains! Given the price, I happily recommend them to everyone who is looking to cloth diaper on the cheap. The colors are great–vibrant but not neon. I only wish more colors were available; I would buy one of each if there were.My son has fat little thighs, and I had some worry that the leg holes might be too tight, but that has not proven to be the case. They do not leave marks. The covers are capacious enough to work with nighttime diapers (right now usually a Disana tie nappy stuffed with a small prefold, or else a prefold stuffed with a flat), but compress nicely with daytime diapers and fit under clothes with no problem.I had one poop blowout and nothing escaped the cover. There *was* a slight issue with stuff getting on his legs when I pulled the cover off, but it was not a lot of extra mess and I don’t deal with giant blowouts often enough that I hesitate to put these on him. Babies wash pretty easily after all, and like I said to begin with I’d rather minimize the screaming from a baby forced to lie down!

Cheri Linden, WV