Bummis Reusable Fleece Liners

Bummis Reusable Fleece Liners

These great microfleece liners wick moisture away from your baby’s skin and into the absorbent cloth diaper below, creating that “stay dry” sensation. They are super soft and breathable, and especially great for night time comfort. Fleece liners ensure easy clean-ups as well! Solids will slide off easily and our liners will protect your baby’s diaper from being damaged by creams and ointments. Layer on top of any cloth diaper and add a flushable liner if desired. Our Fleece Liners are made from Repreve – “more than recycled” polyester. It’s all about giving back. Repreve is a member of 1% for the planet, an alliance of businesses that donate at least 1% of their annual revenues to environmental organizations worldwide. See repreve .com for more information. Using repreve polyester is part of our efforts to be a responsible manufacturer creating sustainable products at home in North America.

Main features

  • As with all our products, the fleece liners are guaranteed lead, phthalate and bpa free
  • Our lovely minimalist packaging is environmentally friendly; made of chlorine free recycled fibres
  • 5 liners per package
  • Our lovely minimalist packaging is made of chlorine free recycled fibres
  • Our lovely minimalist packaging ; made of chlorine free recycled fibres
  • Made of chlorine free recycled fibres

Verified reviews



I got these because I thought they would add extra absorbency for overnight diapering. They haven’t proven to be useful for that and overall I think they’re pretty pointless. My daughter is only 3 months old (started using them when she was 2 months) so maybe they will come in more handy when her poop is less runny…? They are soft, but most cloth diapers/inserts don’t need t be any softer.

Angel Dudley, GA

no more guilt skipping diaper changes!

I primarily use prefolds on my newborn, but because she sleeps so much I sometimes won’t change her at every feeding because she falls asleep so quickly. So 2-3 hours will go by easily before she’s wide awake and “ready” for a change, and I cringe because I know at times wet, clammy skin will be waiting for me when I open the diaper. She never seems bothered, but I’m so glad I found these liners because I don’t feel bother skipping changes because I know her will stay dry. I always touch her skin immediately when I open her diaper now and it truly is dry, less red and less clammy. I’ve purchased 2 lots. They are long enough to cover the entire length of a diaper cover and wide enough to cover every bit of baby’s bottom. Oh, and they wash well.

Erica Mc Intire, IA

Keeps baby dry…but could make yourself

I agree these are a bit overpriced and you could make them(in various sizes even) for considerably less. But when you have a baby as needy as mine…sometimes you just don’t have time to do things yourself. For that reason, I am grateful for this product…I even ordered a second one after my first. I figure in the grand scheme of things…$10 to keep my baby drier is worth it.And for what it’s worth…I haven’t experienced bunching or shifting. However, my little one is only 2 months old so only time will tell if they shift once he becomes more mobile.

Casandra West Brooklyn, IL

waste of money

I was surprised when I received this in the mail- it literally is just a few pieces of thin fleece. I’m new to cloth diapering so I guess I was expecting more. I could certainly have gone to a craft store and purchased the same fleece, cut it into pieces, for much less!

Rosella Rockfield, IN

Amazing liners!

These are great! We were using flats for my little one and he was soaking through so fast and all the wet was sitting against his skin. I ordered these because I wanted something reusable that would wick the mositure away from his little bum. These do that exactly and can be paired with anything from flats, prefolds, to microfiber or any other inserts. These keep him so much more comfortable that he can stay in a diaper longer which helps to keep him asleep longer. I recommend these to anyone using cloth diapers. Just try one package, at this price you wont regret it, and you will be back for more guaranteed!

Amelia Naranjito, PR

Does the job!

I read all the reviews on this product before buying it (and it was only $5 – but I like to know what I am getting!) and I am happy I decided to make this purchase. A few of the reviewers said this product is expensive and something they can make at home but I am SO not one of those people. Also, I noticed that the flannel on these liners is not like the flannel I would pick out in a store. It has a bit of stretch to it.What I have noticed is that when I use these (I use them in DS’s “nap diaper” as we call it) his diaper will be soaked but he is not wet at all. They really do pull the moisture away.I have been using these for several weeks but I primarily use them for naps only (and DS only naps once a day) so I have not washed them a ton. So far, they are like new and not the least bit worse for the wear after all of the washing. I will be very pleased if they continue to hold up. I will be buying more of these before my DD is born!

Jillian Spicewood, TX


Trying several liners to find good ones and these are not it. Too thin and not what we want at all. Don’t seem like they’d hold much. Returned.

Rosa Kinzers, PA

OK product, horribly overpriced

I still can’t believe what I paid for this. When my son started to develop a rash with our prefolds, I looked to the liners that would quickly be shipped to my home.These liners pilled up, roll up, and worse, cost a lot of money for what essentially amounts to a thin strip of fleece. They’ve also turned a horrible brownish-grey color with subsequent washes. Save yourself the hassle and buy a yard of anti-pill fleece at your local fabric store, you’ll save money and aggravation!

Tamara Vandemere, NC

Does its job

I use these liners for my son, as he has very sensitive skin and gets a rash very easily. When I first got them, they were very soft, however fleece tends to look worn after just a couple washes, and these liners are no exception. However, I didn’t buy them to look pretty, and they do their job very well. They’re wide enough to cover the whole diaper, they keep my son dry, and I can even apply rash cream and put this liner over the top without having to worry about it getting into my diapers, or have to sacrifice Desitin for a cloth diaper friendly brand

Emily Malverne, NY

These are very nice to try as a sample

The previous reviews are correct when they describe the product as simple fleece and it would be cheaper to go to the fabric store and buy a yard. Except I, for one, cannot leave a fabric store spending only $5. Can you? This is where I found the value in buying these in seeing what it is exactly: The size, the thickness, the softness. I also wanted to test it and was hoping it would come with instructions. Which side up for instance. It did not. Not a problem.A cloth diaper and a cup of water is all I needed to experiment.My results were GREAT. Fuzzy side up to baby’s skin is actually a bit softer than cloth. The important thing is that it feels dry to the skin after a few moments after wetting. Rinsing these are easier than a heavy diaper.I am now willing to go to the fabric store and buy a yard of fleece.On a side note, I also compared these to th flushable liners. The flushable were horrid. A paper towel was softer, but that’s another review.

Cecelia West Kill, NY

Too thin….

I know that these are just meant to wick away moisture from my daughter’s bottom, but they are still MUCH thinner than I expected. Now that I have washed them several times, they are covered in lint; Sometimes to the point that they are bunched up after a wash. Point being, they don’t keep the moisture away from my daughter’s bottom and you may as well just cut up a piece of fleece from the store or an old fleece blanket you have laying around.

Susie Middle Point, OH

thin cheap easy to lose

why not just buy flushable liners because you will lose these and they matt up look good at first after a wash or too not so much

Tracey Larwill, IN

Caused Major Leak

I washed these several times, then tried to use them with a hemp doubler for overnight. Within less than an hour after my 1 year old was in bed, he was soaked. After doing a water test to see if water beads up on these or the doublers, these fleece liners failed. They were not absorbing at all…the water just collected & beaded on the surface. So, this liner was the cause of his diaper leaking as soon as he urinated one time while trying to go to sleep. How many times do you have to wash these for them to be effective? I wish I could return them. They were a waste of my time, water & detergent to wash, & money!

Jacquelyn Albion, MI

not a must have..

These are ok. They do their job for the most part but their size is small, I think. Lots of times when my LO poops, it goes off of the liner, so the diaper gets stained and needs rinsing anyways. Also, they are expensive for what they are, you could buy this fabric at the craft store for a lot less and have a lot more liners custom cut to your preferred size. I have used plain flannel cut larger and this works really nicely although it is not “stay dry.”

Angie Stirrat, WV

They are flimsy and thin, but they do what I need them to do.

I purchased these liners after reading some reviews, so I knew they would be thin and wasn’t surprised when I received them. They are thin – but, it’s what I had wanted. My baby isn’t a heavy wetter, and our cloth diapers are already absorbent enough.I needed a liner that would reduce chafing, help prevent diaper rash and make poopy diaper clean-up easier – all without adding bulk. I also wanted a reusable liner I could toss in the diaper pail. So far, these liners have been doing everything I had hoped they’d do. Once I get around to getting to a fabric store and cutting up my own, I probably won’t be buying more, but for now I’m happy with them.

Veronica Smithdale, MS

They work, but they’re thin. Not my favorite cloth diapering item.

Okay I get it. These are inexpensive and technically they work as liners. But they’re SO THIN and flimsy, they irritate me. The fleece is only on one side. They are literally just cut up pieces of fleece. As a liner, they work when I use creams that will mess up my cloth diapers, but I’d rather pay a little extra and get a nice, thicker liner. They sell fleece liners that are substantially more durable and two-sided. So these are just “okay.” Maybe they’ll surprise me and end up being really durable, but I’d rather just cut up old T-shirts and use those if I want something this flimsy.

Roberta Checotah, OK


I got these in the mail today, and I have to say I am quite disappointed. I ordered one pack because I wanted to see how they were made before I went on to order more. They are literally just a piece of cut out fleece. No stitching or surging, literally just one thin layer of cut out fleece. I could go to the fabric store and get fleece and cut it myself for less money, and maybe even get a nicer, thicker fleece. These are a joke. I am sure they do what they are supposed to do, but they are flimsy and look like they will curl after washing and drying. I thought it would be at least two pieces of fleece sewn and surged together, but nope. Disappointing and too much money for what you are getting.

Tami Rumsey, KY

Do their job …

I bought 3 packs of these to use with my cloth diapers when I need to use a diaper rash cream.I’ve found that these are convenient, but other reviewers are right, purchasing your own fleece at a fabric store is probably much more cost efficient. I paid for the convenience.These are thin, but they do serve their purpose. I would buy them again.

Beverley Edgemoor, SC

Cuts down on changes

These liners laugh at wetness. You really could go hours without any need to change, provided there’s no poo. I use them overnight with BumGenius 4.0 and a hemp liner. After 12 hours everything is sopping wet but next to her bum it’s dry, so no redness or rash. With poo they tend to wash off easily, so while a disposable liner is easier these aren’t too messy. And after washing, no need to dry. They come out of the wash dry already.

Debora Loomis, WA

This is a must for cloth diapers

If you are using prefold diapers these fleece liners are great for wicking moisture away from baby’s skin. You could make your own by cutting up fleece fabric but I’m a new mom of a new born and didn’t have time to deal with yet another thing to add to my plate.

Sasha Ringoes, NJ

you can just cut up some fleece yourself

It’s so easy. Just take some old fleece clothes, or a length of fleece from a fabric store, and cut it into the size that you want. You don’t have to sew the edges because fleece doesn’t fray. Pretty much any fleece will do, but I would try for polar fleece or microfleece. (Don’t confuse microfleece with microfiber, which can’t go against baby’s skin.)That being said, I did try these and they are great. If you have an aversion to even the most basic DIY project (no judgment, I am the same way!), they are a good size and a good price.

Sophia Troy, TN

Good liners

I wish they would stay in place a little better, but they serve their purpose fairly well. I used these for my first daughter for a couple months before she potty trained and now I’m using them with my second daughter.

Leah Hogeland, MT

Bummi’s fleece diaper liners

These are good for lining cloth diapers when you need to use diaper rash cream, however, the diaper rash cream tends to build up in them and cause leaking of the diaper. The only way I’ve been told to get the cream out is to use Dawn dish detergent and a toothbrush. Wash them good before reusing them after using the Dawn or it can irritate your little one’s tush. they also seem to be prone to mold and mold staining, but then again we weren’t really that good about washing them regularly since he doesn’t need them all the time. But overall they work great and I feel they are better than using disposable liners.

Willie Clay City, IN

Does exactly what they’re supposed to.

These could easily be handmade for cheaper of course but I just didn’t feel like doing it. Now that I’ve purchased them I may do it in the future. It’s actually ridiculous how well these work. It’s amazing that just using these will keep a baby feeling dry. It’s cool that something so simple works.**** Update ***** 1/30/2014I said that I would make these in the future. Well I attempted it. I bought Microchamois Microfleece from the Cloth Diaper Store on Amazon. It’s crazy, embarrassing really, how much better the bummis liners are. I still feel like I could make these myself given the right fleece. If you’re thinking of making your own… I would try and shop around or find it in person.

Delia Jonesville, VT

well….like them but some work

Nice sized liners that would work very well for solid poops. My daughter is breastfed a majority of the time so she still has some liquid and I feel like it is messier than it should be for these liners. The few solid stools that my daughter has had have "plopped" right off and into the toilet… I am one of the moms who refuse to rinse diapers and the only reason I CD is because of the convenient invention of the flushable liner. We still use the flushables for a majority of the time and only pull these out when her bum gets red or rashy and it gives her skin the break she needs to quickly heal. When using these alone she had NO rashes or irritation. (it was just a huge pain for me to try to rinse these all the time)

Susie Lick Creek, KY

very soft

I love these liners. They are very soft and go great on top of any of the inserts or prefolds that I use. They help keep moisture away from my baby so she stays more comfortable and can sleep without waking from being wet.

Michael Elwood, NE

too small

i wasnt impressed, they just didnt cover enough area for my liking, ended up just throwing them away after a while, luckilly they are inexpensive enough i didn’t feel too bad about it.

Francisca Rutland, SD

I’ll make my own in the future

These liners work great and do what they are supposed to–wick moisture away from baby’s skin. (These are NOT diaper doublers and are NOT meant to be absorbent). But these are so simple, I would just as soon sew my own. The edges aren’t even hemmed or anything, you could buy some scraps at the fabric store and cut them to size and get the same thing. But since I have them we use them every night.

Claudine Offerman, GA

Work well but expensive

In general this is overpriced but they are good lines that don’t tear apart multiple washes. They stay in place pretty well and make cleaning poop off cloth diapers a breeze and serve as good protection from any creams I might want to use on my son’s bum.

Valarie Inola, OK

Good liner

I use these as a liner in my cloth diapers when I need to really smear a lot of rash cream on baby’s bum. They work great for protecting the cloth diapers from the cream.

Bonnie Morgan City, MS