Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, White, 30 Pounds

Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, White, 30 Pounds

The Super Whisper Wrap is a very dependable cloth diaper cover with a proven track record. A mainstay in any 2 part cloth diapering system, it combines extreme functionality and the latest in cloth diapering technology with fun and colorful prints. And this premium but affordable cloth diapering product not only looks marvelous, but also has a remarkably good fit on most babies. The generous cut of this cover makes it suitable for any type of flat or contoured cloth diaper, or any type of pre-formed, velcro or snap-closing cloth diaper. It features a durable waterproof layer concealed within 2 layers of ultra soft polyester fabric so that no laminate touches your baby’s skin. Although this marvelous fabric is waterproof and will stand up to the rigors of industrial washing, it is comfortable for baby – and much more breathable than plastic or vinyl. Special features of the super whisper wrap: very adjustable. Hook and loop closures with an innovative overlap design that ensures a custom fit on any baby durable, heavy-duty elastic around legs and tummy which will not wear out with repeated washing. Soft, smooth polyester knit bindings for a comfortable, stretchy fit, and a leak-proof seal. Super-sized fold-back wash tabs to protect your laundry from rogue attacks by hook and loop closures. Generous sizing means fewer cloth diaper covers to buy, while still assuring a great fit. Wash and dry at normal temperatures in washer and dryer. Please avoid fabric softeners, chlorine bleach, or any other whitening agents. Be sure to wash and rinse with enough hot water in order to eliminate detergent residue and wash your cloth diapers clean. Your super whisper wrap should not retain odours, and if it does, please check out our washing information or call us for help.

Main features

  • Available in white and fun prints
  • Of course, as is true of all our cloth diaper covers, the super brite is made with careful attention to detail in our own wonderful factory in montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices
  • The fabrics and components we produce with are all sourced in north america and are guaranteed lead, phthalate and bpa free

Verified reviews


Nice for the price.. spring for the Thirsties.

I’ve recently started cloth diapering my 4 month old and decided to try a few different wraps. I use regular Chinese prefolds with a wrap. Here are my reviews.Bummis Super Whisper Wrap, Celery Dot, 15-30 Pounds: ( I actually bought the small size ) This wrap is super cute. The velcro is nice since my baby is a wiggler. The fabric is slightly thicker than any other wrap I’ve used. I think this might be the problem. My daughter wet through the prefold and it got on the wrap. I had to wash it 3x to get the smell out of the cover. I haven’t had that problem with any of the other wraps I’ve used. I also would prefer a double leg gusset and this is a single.Kushies Taffeta Diaper Wrap Infant: This is an amazing price. The design is cute, it’s very lightweight and it has the velcro and double leg gussets I like. But, it’s very baggy. This works great over a fitted diaper and not very well over a prefold. My baby is pretty long and skinny, so that may be part of the problem. I have a few fitted diapers and like to use this wrap when she wears them. The material is much more vinyl-like than a regular pul wrap. I don’t really mind it, but it might get uncomfortable in warm weather.Thirsties Duo Wrap Snap, Hoot, One: There’s a reason this is the number on listing under cloth diapers. It’s awesome. The design is great, the fit is great, the fabric is great! I do prefer velcro since my baby likes to wiggle, but that’s a personal preference. The snap system is very sturdy. I like the fact you can change the size of this cover to fit different babies. With only 2 sizes, they are worth the initial price since they last so long. I haven’t had any leaks and that includes a major mess my daughter made last night. It cleans wonderfully. I will be buying all Thirsties from now on.

Jordan Mattoon, WI

Way better options out there!

When I first started researching diaper covers this one came highly recommended. Why?! It doesn’t have leg gussets, so there isn’t that extra protection from blow outs. The fabric is stiff and seems really uncomfortable. This is my least favorite diaper cover. I think the proponants for this cover like the durability of it. Yes, you can probably wash it a thousand times and it will work fine, but there are so many better covers out there that will do the same. If you are looking for an all around comfortable yet durable cover check out Thirstys Duo Wrap. The fabric is water proof but very pliable. You may have to treat it a little kinder than this stiff plasticly thing, but you baby will be able to move around and not feel like he/she’s wearing a plastic shower curtain. Another great cover is Kissaluv’s Marvel. It is in between the Whisper Wrap and Thirstys Duo Wrap in terms of stiffness, but the fabric is sooooo water (and poo) resistant and becasue it’s a solid color it doesn’t stain (except the white obviously). Happy hunting! Please don’t waste your time with this cover!

Shelia Wabash, AR

I love them, baby doesn’t!

I think these diapers are great! I use them with GMD organic prefolds. They really hold in the messiest messes, never leak or stain, and fit really well from birth (6lbs). Unfortunately, my little baby disagrees. Compared to her fuzzibunz, she does not like the wet feeling of a bunched up prefold, and these diapers tend to leave deeper marks in her legs than the bunz. Hmm…too bad. I would definitely try these out with your baby and see if they’re ok with the wet prefold situation. I tried the whole fleece barrier thing but it didn’t work for us 🙁

Georgia Walnut Ridge, AR

DO NOT bother buying any Super Whisper Wraps

I have tried several cloth diaper covers, including this one. After liking the Bummis Super Brite, I thought the Whisper wrap would be as good. Sadly, I was mistaken! There are no gussets and poop definitely leaks more through the legs. ALso, there is no real moisture barrier material lining the cover. I could hardly call this cover water proof. It is soaking wet with pee in the mornings and we use both a prefold with microfiber inserts at night.Buy Thirsties Duo Snap Wraps instead or if you like the big velcro of Bummis (my reason for buying), stick with the Super Brite model.

Martha Honaunau, HI

Good reusable cover

This brand has proven to get the job done, it keeps things where they belong, washes good & doesn’t hold stains. It perhaps is a little more geared towards girls or shorter torsos- since it doesn’t rise as high I get leakage at the top (i have a boy). When I use these ones I have to keep closer track on diaper changes, but overall I’m pleased. I also use Thirsties brand, which comes up higher, front & back, & therefore last a little longer in between changes.Also, when using the cover/insert method, I highly recommend getting the flushable liners. I don’t think I would’ve lasted as a cloth-diaper parent without them. You just flush the liners down & even if a little leaks onto the insert, its much more manageable.

Tisha Lynden, WA

The best cloth diaper cover I have tried

I have tried a plethora of cloth diaper covers in the past six months, and by far, this particular one stands out as being the best. Most of them are one thin layer of plastic, and they immediately get wet and I feel the need to rinse them out and switch to another. When I use this cover, I can use it for a few days before it feels wet and smelly. Not sure why, but the material is different, a bit thicker and yes, that means also a bit stiffer, but the amount of wetness protection is great compared to the thinner diaper covers. So even though I’ve spent over 200 bucks on different covers, I’m now just going to order several of these because they make my life easier!

Bettie Isom, KY

Not impressed

These covers come in adorable prints, but when it comes to functionality, I’m not impressed. As soon as these covers get wet, they stay wet, especially the white fabric around the edges and the flap of fabric that folds down on the inside top. As a result I have to change covers just about every time I change my babies diaper. Otherwise he gets a rash around his legs and tummy where the wet cover touches his skin. If I only used these covers I’d need about 6 a day! Luckly I switched to a different kind of cover (Rumparooz) that stay dry and can be used over and over many times before they need to be washed. Now I only need 2 or 3 covers for a whole week! Thirsties covers are pretty good too. Don’t waste your money on these.

Kellie Sterling, IL

Bummis SW froggy pond

I like this cover over prefolds. Holds up well so far. 4 stars not 5 because there are no leg gussets 🙁

Paulette Fayette City, PA

Easy and comfortable

This cloth diaper cover is great because it is easy to use. There is no need to pin the diaper – although cloth diaper diehards like my husband still can. I like it better than plastic pants because it does not leave elastic marks on my daughter, yet it works just as well. It is also nice to have the velcro tabs like a disposable for really messy diaper changes.

Abby Naper, NE

Best Cover!

Love these. They have the best fit and are easiest to use. We tried the thirsties duo wraps but they never fit right. They run small and the double gussets left marks on my little one. We also tried the Bummis snap version but they are not the same feel as these and also run smaller than these.

Kristie Pembroke Pines, FL

Great for pre-folds!

I tried this one and the Thirsties, and I love both of them. I prefer the velcro/aplix on this one, though, than the Thirsties because it seems like it can withstand more use, but only time will tell. I use this cover with unpinned pre-folds and it works really well and has never leaked.

Brittany Keene Valley, NY

cute and functional

love this cover! these are our favorites and froggy pond is the cutest print ever. cute on our daughter and we can use on a boy too

Marlene Henning, TN

These beat thirsties and others, IMO, says a Cover Abuser

First off, I hate doing laundry, and we are mean to our covers. I wash hot, frequently with bleach, and I usually put them in the dryer to boot. So that’s me.Almost 2 years into cloth diapering (we have a skinny and tall baby) I’ve found that these covers have held up best to my abuse. We’ve tried prowraps, diaperraps, thirsties reg and duo, bummis superbrites, and probably some others I’m forgetting right now. These are the ones I grab first. The elastic seems sturdier than those on the thirsties (a runner-up for me), and these are solid covers that you can give a good yank to and get a nice fit. They don’t get too thrashed when you forget to fasten the aplix up before pitching them into the laundry. And, they haven’t delaminated yet!Nice job, Bummis. Your Swimmis are great too, btw.

Lula Campbell Hall, NY

A pretty good bye. 🙂

I ordered a few of these for my one year old purposely a bit big. We use them with 2 prefolds as a nighttime diaper. I really like them the only down side is, if I don’t get the diaper on just right, then he wakes up with leaks.

Antionette Cliffside Park, NJ

Super cute on my babys bum

These covers rock! They hold the ickiest you know what in. I never had a blowout with Bummi diaper covers. LOVE THEM!Also the velcro is great. It has not worn out after many washes. We will be able to use these with the next baby.

Selena Hill Afb, UT

Bumkin whisper wrap

When I started cloth diapering I purchased a few different kinds at a used baby clothing store (g diaper, thristies, one other but can’t remember the name, and bumkins). I was most pleased with the bumbkins and thirsties because they just never leaked! I think these are great covers.

Minerva Pingree, ID

ehh ok

originally got this for my 30lb son for overnight, was waking up soaking wet with overnight diapers with 2 boosters, and no i was not giving a gallon of water before bed. he would sleep for almost 12 hours so that alot of pee!!! anyway bought 2 of these and 2 dozen toddler size indian cloth diapers. the cloth prefold diaper is way to bulky and it make the diaper and the wrap so big and bulky that my son could barely walk and it was sad to see him try to sleep without being able to close his legs. i ended up getting AIO diapers and putting 2 liners. i am now looking to get bigger sized AIO’s they’re typically sized 8-35 lbs. i’ve researched like crazy and ended up getting the bummis AIO. so far been happy with them. will post my review for the bummis soon

Tracie Henderson, AR

High quality

Love it. Though it may not fit every child it fit my tall chubby munchkin perfectly. The velcro stays stuck in place in the wash of whatever water temperature and stains come off easily I didn’t have to pre-treat or anything. I like how durable the material is – a little rubbery between 2 fabric laminates so it stretches a little for a snug fit. At first I was apprehensive the stiffer than normal material might be uncomfortable to baby but to my surprise it actually conforms to his body shape pretty well. Just wished it came in a one-size cover so it would have a longer useful life span. Have had this for several months now zero leakage and the only cover that has its leg elastics intact when washed with hot water.

Francesca Lubbock, TX

Don’t fall for the hype.

Being new to cloth diapering, I purchased all my items based on reviews I read. I don’t know why a lot of people recommend this cover. The fit is horrible and the fabric seems like it would be so uncomfortable for the baby. It’s really stiff and stains easily. Because the materials is so stiff, it is not easy putting it on a crying baby. There are no leg gussets and doesn’t contain the mess from blowouts. The fit rides really low and wide. Not at all for a long and lean baby. The piping on the edges starts to pill after a couple washes and becomes “scratchy.” The only reason why this cover seems good is because it will last through many kids, but what does that matter if it’s not comfortable for the baby to wear and it looks dirty from all the stains in it? Thirsties and Imse Vimse wraps are far better in every category compared to these.

Alba Vina, AL

Great diaper cover!

I own 4 of these diaper covers which I pair with a prefold and fleece liner. I don’t personally use these for night time diapering – I use 2 prefolds with a homemade wool cover. My 6 month old, 15 pound daughter wears a medium size cover which has tons of growing room – which is how I wanted to buy it so we would get multiple months of use out of these covers. I really can’t say enough good things about these covers. We haven’t ever had a leak with them! They also contain poop VERY well. Great cover, great price, great performance!

Raquel Mesa, AZ

Good cover

First, I love the print, it’s so cute. I like the covered elastic. It has lots of give, and it’s very soft. I thought I would like that the PUL was covered with fabric on the inside, however, it absorbs urine. I’ve had some wicking onto the white trim due to this. This cover needs to be washed more frequently than uncovered PUL.

Margot Hallettsville, TX

Cover for Prefolds

I use the Bummis wrap for nighttime diapers. I double stuff it and don’t have to worry about changes. As long as you get the right size, the cover contains any messes wonderfully. These are velcro which make for faster nighttime changes. Also I used these diapers pretty much exclusively until my baby was big enough to fit into the one-sized diapers. My baby has pretty skinny legs and these can be adjusted to make sure there are no leaks at the leg. I used the extra small when she was a newborn and the small when she hit about 10 pounds, but I could have used the small on her when she was under 10 pounds. Using the small before 10 pounds does make for a bulky bottom, but it definitely worked for us. The 15-30 pounds should work until she is about ready to potty train, but I am weary of using them that long. Babies tend to be able to take the diaper off easier if it has velcro instead of snaps. Also the velcro gets dirty. For the price, these are definitely my favorite velcro covers.

Lorene Turrell, AR

Not my favorites

I’ve only been cloth diapering for about 2.5 months (since the birth of my daughter), so my review is based on diapering a newborn. I thought that I was going to love these covers, but find the fabric on the coarse side. They are very durable and seem like they would fit wide babies better – my daughter is on the long and narrow side. The elastic on the legs tends to cut in and leave marks because there is no gusseting on the inside and you need to fit the diaper tightly around the legs to prevent leaks.I prefer the Thirsties Duo covers because they are very adaptable to different folds as well as growing babies, BUT, if you’re starting out cloth diapering, I think it’s a good idea to try different covers and not only buy one brand/size. Babies grow so fast and both the size/shape of your baby and the way you fold your prefold/flat influences which cover you’ll like best at different times. Partners also don’t always agree on their favorite covers (my husband likes this one better than me). It’s fun to mix it up with different covers, folds, etc – cloth diapering is all about versatility!If you still want to try a Bummis’s brand, I think that the Bummi’s Super Brite is a little better (it has leg gussets).My last recommendation – you can throw these covers in the wash with your cloth diapers and they will hold up fine, but I’ve started handwashing & line drying my covers as needed so that I have more available. They also will last longer this way. BUT – do what’s convenient – they are diapers after all, and don’t have to last until the absolute end of time!

Pearl Jamaica, IA

Love these adorable Bummis with Froggies

Too cute! This is the second size of the same diaper cover we have purchased. Works great, lasts through a couple growth spurts, comfy on my little one, holds up well through washings. Highly recommend!

Gladys Eutawville, SC