Bummis Swimmi Cloth Diapers, Bubbles, Large

Bummis Swimmi Cloth Diapers, Bubbles, Large

From the Riviera to the neighbourhood kiddie pool, your baby will have the cutest bum around. And rest assured – nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your little darling. Fashion and peace of mind – what better combination can there be in a baby swimsuit engineered with painstaking attention to detail and functionality: A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any babyInterior polyester mesh for easy clean upsCoated nylon layer sandwiched inside that will hold in the messiest stuff a baby can throw at you.Fun, unisex cotton prints on the outsideAdjustable hook and loop closures for a snug and comfortable fitStretchy soft lycra bindings to protect baby’s tender skinWhat should you put inside the SWIMMI?Absolutely nothing. Can you use this pant as a waterproof diaper cover as well?No, You can use the Swimmi as a cloth diaper cover, but you should not use the same pant for both cloth diapers and swimming. Size up for use as a diaper cover, and use with flat cloth diapers only.

Main features

  • Available in 5 swimmingly fun prints
  • Of course, as is true of all our products, the swimmi is made with careful attention to detail in our own wonderful factory in montreal, so that we are assured of good quality and fair labour practices
  • Most of the fabrics and components we produce with are sourced in north america and all are guaranteed lead, phthalate and bpa free

Verified reviews


Does not contain #2

So we had high hopes for this swim diaper. Our son is 18.5lbs and wears a M. Unfortunately, the M does not fit too well, it gets all saggy and the other day we had an accident in the wading pool and voila EVERYTHING came out of the diaper. It did not contain anything. If you are looking for something to have more elastic around the legs and something that fits snug try Finis swim diaper or iPlay. Supposedly those work better…this one did not cut it for us.

Helene Gloversville, NY

the large still isnt that big

This product works well. It is just as effective as the little dipper swim diapers that you can buy that are disposable. The best part is that you can use it over & over. Bear in mind what they are used for. If you arent comfortable with cleaning something up that has poo in it then maybe these arent for you. They fit well but when I ordered them I was concerned that a large may be too big. Unfortunately my son has already outgrown them. I guess it is hard to tell when you are ordering a product like this online. He is not quite 2 years old and of average size. There have been some floaters that have escaped while in the pool but no worse than any other product. Somehow its ok if my son makes #2 in the pool. Anyway I think you would be hard pressed to find anything that is completely effective at preventing escapage until you have a kid that is potty trained. As gross as it is there really aren’t any alternatives.

Ofelia Ipswich, SD

These are worth every penny!!!

I bought two of these when we signed our 6 month old up for swim classes. He’s worn these twice a week for the past 8 months. They are great!!! Again for those that complain that they don’t absorb urine..——- SWIM DIAPERS ARE NOT SUPPOSE TO ABSORB URINE!!! That would totally defeat the point of a diaper for swimming. My boy did a number 2 only a couple of times and this swim suit caught it all just fine. Nice snug fit and they wash incredibly well. The velcro gets a little tattered, but honestly, for 8 months of weekly washing, they are so well made. These are very appropriate for an infant/early toddler to wear alone without being bulky. He received so many compliments on them. He’s now a bit bigger and wearing little boy trunks, but we put these underneath the trunks to catch any potties, because they will hold so much better than the trunks—-they are that good!! Get them, you wont be disappointed.

Susana Brandy Station, VA

This is a fine swim diaper. But be careful in the car!

This diaper is big on my 22 lb boy. I probably should have bought a medium. I like the pattern, it is super cute. I like the mesh inside because it distinguishes it as a swim diaper in the bin versus my other true diaper covers. The aplix seems like it will last a long time. What I don’t like about it is that I can’t put it on my kiddo, put him in the car and drive to swim lessons or the beach because I don’t trust that it will contain pee in transit. So, you really should put the diaper on the kiddo once you are ready to get in the water and not before. It isn’t that I dislike it, I just don’t feel all wow about this one.

Nona La Plata, PR

The Good, The Bad, The Neutral

The Good:- Initially I hated the velcro or hook and loop closure. The first time I took my 6month old to the pool in it, the hooks caught on my suit and the diaper almost came off when I handed him to my husband in the pool. Yikes! However, I learned to close the velcro more carefully, have never had a problem again and can make the diaper fit my strangely elongated infant. For comparison his iPlay swim diaper only started to fit after he became mobile and his thigh size began to match his waist; he’s also 1.5lbs above the weight on the sizing and the iPlay fits perfectly. The Bummis has fit well for 5months now.- The velcro closure means never having to pull up a wet swim diaper, which I think might be impossible. It also makes taking off a wet swim diaper easier.- The thinner material is great. Pee leaks through all swim diapers. Bummis hasn’t wasted time trying to pad the situation. And that means, you don’t waste time waiting for the diaper to dry. The other reusable swim diapers we have with padding take much longer to dry, about 2 days hanging indoors. (And since it’s impossible to pull up a wet swim diaper, it means you need at least 3 swim diapers for once daily swimming.)- The lack of padded means that you don’t have to carry home a soaking wet wad.The Bad:- Fading! Fading! Fading! Perhaps we’ve loved this swim diaper too much. However, I think bathing suits should last more than 20 uses without fading. I’ve never had any fade very noticeably before. For a more direct comparison, I’ve used my swimsuit every time I’ve taken my baby swimming. He’s used primarily his Bummis swim diaper, but some other reusables and a disposable. In other words, his Bummis swim diaper has been used less often than my bathing suit. My bathing suit is not faded at all, while his has lost the majority of the color on his bumm. The Bummis blog mentioned high chlorine levels causing fading. However, I find it strange that my son has been exposed to more chlorine on his bumm than his front or between his legs. Plus, our primary pool is a saltwater pool.The Neutral:- We have never had to deal with a poop diaper in the pool. Honestly, I’m not sure any of the swim diapers would handle one. I think that the customizable fit of the Bummis would make containing the poop most likely. However, an extremely liquid bowel movement (for example, what might happen if an infant starts consuming large quantities of pool water) might be better held with some absorbing layers.Conclusion: I really want to order another Bummis Reusable Swim Diaper. But at the moment, I am contemplating an iPlay instead because it currently fits my son and because we will be spending a lot of time in the color-fading sun this summer.

Socorro Battery Park, VA

Bummis Swim Diaper

Love this swim diaper. We use cloth diapers normally, so did not want to use disposable swim diapers. Our daughter goes to swim class at the Y so is swimming all year round. In the previous size, I bought the only reusable swim diaper available locally but it pulled on and off like underwear. It contained the accidents fine, but my husband really didn’t like trying to change her after, which could get messy. So, I ordered this one because it velcros like a diaper to make changing messy diapers easier. She has not actually stooled in this diaper since we got it, so I can’t be certain how well it would work for it’s intended purpose. However, it does fit well and seems comfortable for her. It is also very cute. It does not hold urine, but no swim diaper (even the disposable) does.

Dana Columbiana, OH

Love These!

Adorable! As an aquatics professional, I was looking for something that would meet health code (hint, disposable swimmers DO NOT), but also not hold a TON of water, and be comfortable for me little guy! This does all of that! We did put a cloth prefold inside, just in case, but the fit was great, even though he’s still a little shy of the recommended weight, and it was easy to put on. Highly recommend!

Jami Havre De Grace, MD

Happy pants

My baby weighs only 20 lb and these fit him well. We’ve gone swimming a handful of times and I just make sure to rinse them when we’re done. We have not had any poop episodes yet, so can’t comment on that! Would definitely recommend these!

Fannie Coinjock, NC

Great product!

Yes they work to contain accidents!!! Great sizing too due to the Velcro design- you can use before and after the weight limit.Only down side is that they stick out from girl’s swim suits (bc they offer so much coverage) and the pattern often shows through- but this isn’t a fashion show and the product does it’s job and does it well!

Francis Bovey, MN

Worked great

We used these on our 12 month old and they worked great at the beach and pool. We never had to put them to the full test, but they fit him well and seemed comfortable. We ordered a medium and they fit fine.

Carla Unityville, PA

Good buy!

So, my 10 month old son has a hilariously tiny rear. Disposable swim diapers were a waste of money because the smallest size STILL doesn’t fit and those suckers aren’t adjustable. Try enjoying a beautiful day in Hawaii while constantly yanking your son’s swim diaper back up and praying nothing… escapes.Obviously, we like this because it’s adjustable and will fit for a pretty good amount of time. Living in Hawaii, swimming year round, means that it makes sense to use a cloth swim diaper instead of buying regular swim diapers over and over. Plus, we’ve found out through horrible personal experience that it’s REALLY good to buy a swim diaper that uses tabs. Think about it. You have to pull the other diapers down their legs. And if you pulled them out of the pool because they left you a little present…. Yikes.

Rena Loudon, NH

Makes transitioning from the pool tricky, but great colors!

This diaper does the trick in terms of holding in baby poop when our daughter does her business in the pool. It is not our favorite swim diaper. We like the gender-neutral pattern so we can use the diaper if our next child is a boy, but the design has some challenges…Here are some notes to consider:It’s very hard to get the Velcro straps off–they really need a pull-tab to help us get them undone. Instead, it’s a two-handed and very awkward job that annoys our daughter during a time she’s already uncomfortable–wet and cold. After we get our daughter out of the pool, we would love to be able to just slip off the diaper and take her into the shower with us to clean off the chlorine. However, since the Velcro tabs are so tough to undo, we have to take her somewhere soft to lie her down to get the tabs undone–or it’s a two-person job at the shower door.Also, the Velcro tabs and hemming seem to chafe her skin slightly, as she has red marks when we remove the diaper. I’d love a softer hemming so that her delicate skin doesn’t get irritated–the water makes it more sensitive, after all.The fabric is not typical swimsuit material. Instead, it’s almost like a tightly-woven upholstery fabric. As a result, it holds a big puddle of water when we lift her from the water. It takes a moment to let her drip dry before we can hold her in our arms–unless we are prepared to get ourselves and our towels drenched. So, basically we use an extra towel to catch the water that pools in her bottom, that towels gets drenched, then we use a fresh dry towel to dry her off. We didn’t have this water pooling issue with other swim diapers.The fabric has held its color and seems very durable, which is awesome since we are using it in chlorine water. Standard swimsuit fabric tends to lose its elasticity when exposed to chlorine after awhile and I can tell this suit will hold up.All in all, I’d recommend this diaper. Just know you’ll have to have patience and an extra towel when you use it.

Edythe Hawaii National Park, HI

Wonderful baby swim diaper

This swimsuit/diaper is really nice. It is so thin, and fits well. I bought a medium for my son, who weighs 18 lbs, and it fits great. I also bought a small for a friend who’s having a baby, and it looks perfect for a 7-12 lb baby. It is very cute, and seems very well-made. You don’t need a separate diaper insert, or cover, or anything – it’s all one piece.

Reyna Pembroke Pines, FL

Nice swim diaper

I haven’t used these much yet because the swim season is only beginning, but they seem to be well-constructed and will suit our needs perfectly. As other reviewers have said, I think these swim diapers will work best when worn over a disposable swim diaper. My swim club rules require babes in diapers to wear both. So these are perfect for us. If you plan to use it as a stand-alone swim diaper, you may want to order a size down. I love the fabric on the outside. It’s a canvas-like fabric, which is preferable to the stiff, crinkly plastic-type fabric you find on a lot of swim diapers. The print is nice because you can pair these with a lot of different rash guards – blue, pink, yellow, etc. The diaper has a mesh lining inside, which is a non-issue for me due to the fact that my kids will wear disposables under them. Some kids might not like it. If you’ve ever had a kid poop in one of the reusable swim diapers that pull-up, rather than fasten in the front, you’ll understand how nice the velcro is.

Bridgett Dodge, WI

Just Like Disposable Diapers, This Only Keeps Out Solids

We cloth diaper our daughter & did not want to spend the money or create the waste of regular swim diapers. I found this cute diaper & thought it would be perfect!Because this diaper only keeps out solids, it is very easy to wash. While on vacation I simply rinsed this diaper with clean water while also rinsing my daughter’s swim suit. We have never actually had to deal with solid waste in this diaper, so I cannot comment on the effectiveness of this diaper.So many pools require children to wear swim diapers so it is easy to have this diaper available. We actually had to put our daughter in this diaper after she was potty trained because a pool at a hotel required all children under 3 years old to wear a swim diaper. It was so nice not to waste money on diapers that wouldn’t even be used.My daughter is quite thin so I am grateful that the velcro straps have the possibility of overlapping. This diaper has a weight range of 8 pounds so when my daughter was on the lighter end we could pull it tighter & then secure it more loosely when she got bigger.The pattern on this diaper is adorable. This is an added bonus!

Janell Jones, LA

Great swim diaper

This swim diaper does its job well, the velcro tabs are strong and make for a great adjustable fit, and (best of all)–the diaper is true to size! My 20-pounder with chunky thighs can still wear the Medium we bought him. LOVE it!

Cathy New Freeport, PA

Super cute, comfortable, and money saving!!!

This is our second summer using a Bummi’s swim diaper! I’m so thankful that we don’t have to pay for expensive disposables!! This diaper works great! It is so cute, that sometimes I don’t even put a swimsuit over it!! And it fits my daughter very well- seems to be comfortable!!! No swim diaper will contain urine (can’t be completely waterproof), but they are designed to contain bowel movements. No leaks with this one so far!!

Sally Burkesville, KY

Best reusable swim diaper

We have tried multiple swim diapers and this one is (by far) the best. It holds poop in, in case of an accident and the fit is always perfect because its adjustable like a diaper. I wish we would have saved the trouble and money on all the other swim diapers we tried and bought this one first!

Angelina Cornville, AZ

Ended up returning it. Really wanted to like it.

Compared to the Kushies Swim Diaper, the Bummis was much smaller, even though I bought the size suggested for my son’s weight (just under 24lbs). The elastic on the Bummis is very strong, which might have contributed to me not being able to wrap it completely around my son’s waist to my satisfaction. I didn’t want to cut off circulation, but I didn’t trust that it wouldn’t fall off either. I really wanted to like it, but it just didn’t work for us.

Darla Ransom, PA

doesn’t hold pee (no swim diapers do, maybe?)

This has been a great swim diaper for us. I love that it opens with velcro like this– I’ve seen other parents really struggling to get swim diapers off wet, wriggling toddler. Ours is really easy to put on and take off.It’s important to note that it doesn’t hold in pee– I was really sad sitting in the waiting area, holding baby, waiting for swimming to start!My son is 22 lbs 4 oz (from doctor today) and has been wearing the large (22-30lbs) for a while– so if anything, it’s possible this runs a little small.

Tricia West Hempstead, NY

Love this swim diaper

I previously purchased the pull on/off kind. These are SO much easier to get on and off. Imagine if your kid poops and you have to pull it off a squirmy, wet kid. I’d rather have these diaper style. Luckily my son has never pooped while swimming, so it hasn’t truly been tested, but in the water the suit will puff up with air so that I can see air is locked in there. If the air is locked in I assume it would hold solids. I’m on my second suit and would recommend.

Margie Water Valley, KY

love these swim diapers

The color is a little lighter than shown, but sense I put swim trunks over my son’s diaper I didn’t care. We have used this diaper in the past in a smaller size and were so happy we bought the bigger size for this year. It does great containing the poo even when swimming! I rinsed the diaper and wash with our normal clothes and was pleased that the mesh didn’t stain! The velcro is strong so remember to fasten it back before washing or it might pick your other clothes or the diaper itself.

Lee Ilion, NY

great for twins

These worked great for my twins. I was able to use it with them before 9 lbs due to the velcro.

Audra Roundup, MT

Great swim diaper!

This diaper is super cute and good quality. Very easy to put on and take off. We take him swimming all the time and it seems to be much better than disposable swim diapers.

Janis Tinnie, NM

Cute, but the wonder here lies in the adjustability

One of my baby-related email subscriptions had sent out an email concerning swim diapers on the precise day I was pondering such an issue. After the email’s dismay for disposable swim diapers, I followed its recommendations of two brands of swim diapers. Considering that my little girl isn’t yet 3 months, I paid special attention to the “small baby!” advice and purchased Bummis Swimmi.And I am so glad I did.What made this work for my tiny girl is the Velcro nature. This diaper can be adjusted like nobody’s business, allowing me to secure it around her little thighs–a reassuring feature that kept me confident that all poop would be kept in.That poop stayed right in the diaper.As for the cleaning? So simple and easy. A rinse and a wash and the diaper was ready for another swim. Is it bulky? Nope, it makes the most of being a relatively thin mesh covering with an adorable pattern (I went with the Bubbles) and fit nicely under my girl’s baby swimsuit.Highly recommended, especially for small babies.

Beulah Lynn Haven, FL

Great swim diaper.

It has velcro which is great for adjusting the size. It fits snug around the legs so that any poop is contained (we’ve never had a poop in a swim diaper but it seems like it would keep it in there rather well).

Bobbi Clark, MO

Save hundreds with this product

I LOVED this swimmi diaper. We used it all summer and plan to buy the next size up for next summer. These diapers work every bit as well as the disposable swim diapers, but cost about as much as one pack of the disposables. If you spend much time in the water you will go through quite a few diapers and could end up spending a fortune. The diaper is adjustable and fits really well. The only drawback is that it isnt water tight, so if your child pees before you get in the water, you will feel it! A small price to pay for a huge savings though. Buy this diaper!

Ingrid Wrangell, AK

Works great

Thankfully we haven’t had to contain a bowel movement yet, but we’ve been swimming 3 times, and this diaper has worked well. My daughter is 9 months, 20 lbs.

Kimberley Wilmington, IL


This swim diaper does not have the bulky liner inside which I think is great. It fits well with room to grow and is very easy to put on and take off.

Robin Holyrood, KS

Adjusts for any size waist!

I was thrilled when I found this swim diaper as my son is so skinny. We got our first one when he was just 3 months old. It was also easier to get on and off than the pull-on swim diapers which was great when he was really little, its just like changing a regular diaper. The velcro and elastic was high quality and never wore out through all the swim adventures and cycles in the washing machine. It’s still in good shape (minus some fading) and I plan on using it again for baby #2. We bought these until he figured out how to pull it off. Now we use the Iplay swim diaper which we also really like but sadly they are not adjustable at the waist, making finding the right fit a bit tricky. I gave 4 stars for 2 reasons: 1, the patterned fabric does fade in the chlorine. 2, they do not make an appropriate diaper for older kids who have figured out how to pull the tabs on these ones. I’d love to see a pull on/adjustable waist hybrid.

Kari Utica, MO