Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper, Starburst, 8-35 Pounds

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Diaper, Starburst, 8-35 Pounds

The innovative design of this diaper features a non messy stuff – easier than a pocket system. No fiddling around – a swift stuff to get the liner in is all you need. And – no more losing liners in the laundry. This super thirsty liner is actually attached to the diaper, making the Easy Fit a remarkable all-in-one diaper with many of the benefits of a two piece system – fast drying and easy to clean. Its innovative design provides a very versatile absorption – the attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers of absorption where your baby needs it. (Plus you can adjust forthe absorption you need for heavy wetters and nighttime by adding extra liners). The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made frombamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton – on contact – no run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees. And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance. Protective side guards of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience. Its great fit was mentioned often by our testers – as well as generously sized Velcro type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick.

Main features

  • The easy fit is available in 2 sizes; one-size (8-35 pounds) that adjusts with snaps plus a remarkable tiny fit size that will sweetly and effectively accommodate a tinier baby (5-12 pounds), Available in solids or prints, Minimal packaging

Verified reviews


Easy, Absorbent, Good Fit

We were using pre-folds on our newborn with diaper covers, and after several issues decided to try something else. We now have several of these in colors and patterns.All I can say is these are WONDERFUL. One of the big problems with pre-folds in the middle of the night is the time it takes to change. Unless we’re really quick, the baby started to wake up, and when she did, she wanted to stay up. Changing with these All In Ones allowed us to get up, change her, and she was back in bed before she realized it.They are very soft (bamboo lined), absorb a lot of liquid, and keep the baby much happier than the pre-fold/wrap combo seemed to. The snaps are nice and solid, and stay snapped (unlike the covers we were using) which means everything stays inside the diaper where it’s supposed to. They’re also very minimal on the waste packaging / products / chemicals if that’s important to you.We’re currently using these on a 16-17 lb baby (started using them at 11-12 lbs), and they snug up quite nicely. The Velcro makes it so much easier to get a perfect fit. And being able to use these until 35lbs (hopefully?) would be a very nice cost savings.As far as washing, we’re using oxygenated bleach (oxy) in a bucket to soak (and avoid stains), and then just toss them in the wash. It’s not exactly the instructions they suggest, but we haven’t had any problems with break down or bleach, and they’re still very absorbent. They dry nicely, and quickly, because the insert pulls out, to give more drying area.If you go this route, you won’t regret it.UPDATE: Our daughter is now just shy of 18 months (24 lbs), and still fits in these diapers nicely. One thing we’ve noticed though, is because she’s starting to hold her bladder more, she’ll sometimes save up so much overnight that when she does go it will leak. We’ve taken to adding an additional cloth insert, inside the pocket, to absorb the larger volume at night. The extra bulk doesn’t seem to bother her any. Other than that, we’re still very pleased.

Alice David, KY

Our main diaper- not for night though

We chose these as our main diaper, buying 5 of them- this was the first one we tried- very cute pattern.Pros:Easy stuffingEasy washingFast dryingNon leaking – during the dayHolds quite a bit of peeElastic leaves minimal imprints on thighs and waistThe aplix is excellent- don’t have any problems with it releasing in the wash and grabbing other itemsOverall very durableNice, bright colors- even orange is pretty and Im not a fan of the colorCons:Night leaking: my son is a heavy wetter and without fail these leak on him and me at night- it seems to be something about him sleeping on his side, not that they can’t handle the amount, just not in one place. Although I love these, waking up in piss costs them a star. For night time I reccomend Tiny Tush Elite.When wet feels WET- good for bowel awareness but not comfy for night I would think. Although he’s slept through them being pretty soaked quite a few times.Squirmy baby requires readjusting the aplix multiple times, but I’m sure that’s a general aplix issueI can’t comment on the ability to hold in poo or stain resistance, we’re doing Elimination Communication and he doesn’t usually poop in a diaper and never enough to “blow out”- I strongly reccomend ECing for everyone, especially cloth diapering parents, they go very well together (check out “the diaper free baby”). I don’t have to rinse poo out of my diapers, need I say more?

Tiffany Republic, MI

Nice diaper but weak rise snaps

Like another reviewer, I find that the rise snaps on this diaper are so weak that they come unsnapped whenever I try to pull it tight on my wiggly two-month-old. The whole point of a velcro diaper, in my opinion, is that I don’t want to fiddle with snaps. It’s a serious flaw in what seems like an otherwise nice all-in-one diaper. We haven’t had any issues with leaking, even with some pretty runny breast fed blowouts.In case you are like I was, a new-to-cloth-diapering parent reading many reviews in an attempt to make sense of the overwhelming variety of options, here are my two cents: don’t order a huge number of any one diaper until you’ve tried them (several online vendors offer diaper “trials” which allow you to sample for less cost). I got one each of a variety of brands/styles and discovered through trial and error that my preferences are actually much different than I thought they would be. I thought I’d like side-snapping styles for their sleekness, but actually I find them really hard to maneuver on a wiggling baby. I didn’t think I’d mind stuffing pockets, but actually I find it really frustrating. Never could have known that without putting the diapers through their paces. In the end, I’ve concluded that all-in-ones are more trouble than they are worth because they take so long to dry. I assumed prefolds and covers were too much work, but ended up trying those too because a friend handed some down to me. To my surprise, I strongly prefer them to fancier diapers. It is very simple to fold a prefold in thirds and lay it in a simple cover like a Thirsties or a Bummis Superbrite. And prefolds are so much easier to wash and dry. They dry fast, no stink with cotton, no worries about “stripping.” At night I am using a hemp fitted with a wool cover and so far that works really well for us (again, natural fibers=no stink). Just my personal experience, but perhaps someone will find this helpful.

Kimberly Anabel, MO

Our Favorite Cloth OS

We have several different brands & types of cloth diapers, and this is definitely our favorite (both mine and my husband’s). We love the aplix (and hate all other brands’ velcro/aplix), the bamboo is super soft, the overall diaper is much more flexible & trim than others, and the prints are cute to boot! We have several of these and are really very happy with them – our babysitters and family members have commented positively on them, too. They are definitely our go-to diaper, and they have stood up well to 5 months worth of washing/drying (on low in dryer).

Bianca Flanders, NJ

Best Cloth Diaper!

I Absolutely love the Tots diapers! They are by far the first that I grab. They are the only ones that I have never had leak. not to mention, they are super easy to wash and put back together.

Antionette Hext, TX

Its cute

This is my 3rd favorite in my stash. Its adorable and I like the attached stuffer but I do get some gusset leaking and it grosses me out when poop get stuck in the pocket when Im rinsing!

Leigh Partlow, VA

My Favorite Diapers!

I have tried too many different diapers/ brands/ systems to list and these are one of my favorites! I bought one originally just to try it and I’ve bought 4 more since. They also make wonderful newborn diapers call Tini Fit Tots Bots.

Mamie Agency, IA

Love this!

I never thought I’d like a velcro cloth diaper so much. It actually works really well. My baby couldn’t really fit into it until she was just over 10 lbs, but once she did, it’s our easiest diaper to use. The velcro is soft and has held up well in the wash. I’ve heard horror stories about velcro in other brands of cloth diapers, but this brand seems to have gotten it right. This diaper is probably the best for when you have someone else watching your baby (like a grandparent or something), because the velcro makes it easy for people who aren’t used to using cloth diapers. I also love all the cute designs these come in and really like how this is an AIO diaper with a pocket, so you can always stick another insert in there for extra-extra absorbancy(overnight maybe, or for heavy wetters), but otherwise, it’s just fine on its own.

Winnie Swayzee, IN

Soft Sturdy Diaper

I was amazed by how soft the diaper was all over. The ease of use is great too! When I opened up the package and inspected it my first thought was that this diaper would be the best diaper our little one gets to use (not due until end of June/early July). And we have bought a lot of different cloth diapers from prefolds and covers of all kinds, to fitteds, all in ones, and pockets. It this diaper works as well as I think it will, then I will be getting a couple more for our trips out!

Polly West Mystic, CT

Excellent and cute!

I really love the Bummis easy fit diapers – they are my favorites. I have tried many cloth diapers and to me, these are, hands down the best in all areas: really simple to use and clean – the liner comes out on its own in the wash, very comfortable for the baby, and excellent velcro. Also, the colors never fade and the liner stays soft (and stain-free). This is my first time ordering one of the prints and we got starburst. SO ADORABLE! It’s very retro and fun; the colors are bright and vibrant and it is so cute on. I am definitely getting the cosmic one as well.If you haven’t tried Bummis Easy Fit – they are a must – and these prints are definitely some of the cutest diapers around. A+ in my opinion.

Suzette Ardsley, NY

Diaper Leaks

Maybe my baby is just too skinny, but this diaper doesn’t work for us. It leaks quite regularly and I just can’t recommend it. We registered for a bunch of different kinds and I was excited about this one due to all the positive reviews, but in the end it’s one of the worst diapers we got. If you have a small baby, I’d try BumGenius…they seem to work much more consistently for us.

Keisha Wilcoe, WV

I’m bumping up my rating

I’ve had to edit my original review because over time this diaper has become one of my favorites.Originally I gave this diaper 3 stars because, while I found it generally to be a good diaper and very easy to use, there were some aspects about it that didn’t thrill me. First off I disliked the brushed polyester that edges around the bamboo liner, but after months of use I’ve found it to be great at keeping in leaks- it’s a non-wicking fabric. I also originally found the surged elastic a little rough, but it has softened up with washings. So my two critiques really don’t exist anymore, and I find myself always reaching for it. It’s very absorbant without being bulky, I love the cute prints, and the tongue-style insert makes for easy washing and very fast drying (even on a line). I actually think the tongue-style design is the best, I don’t know why so few cloth diaper brands use it.I also don’t usually like velcro but I can’t deny that it makes it SO easy, and I get a better fit than with snaps. This also seems to be the one style of velcro my baby doesn’t try to get off. And I love the prints.Babble listed this diaper as one of the all-around best cloth diapers and although it’s taken a while I would have to agree now. I’ve actually sold some other diapers so that I can order more of these!

Deanna Emden, IL

My favorite diaper

I only have one of these diapers – most of my stash is BumGenius (which I am very happy with, btw). I love my one Tot Bots diaper – it’s soft, fits great, and is cute. I like how the velcro folds down to go in the wash. With the BGs, sometimes the velcro comes a little loose and the diapers stick to each other in the wash. I also like how the liner is attached but comes out for quicker drying.The only thing I have negative to say about this diaper is the price. I’m having a hard time justifying buying more when the BGs are great diapers and cost $5 less. Well, maybe I’ll just buy a couple…

Letitia Block Island, RI

Excellent quality very absorbant diaper

I have tried several different cloth diapers including Bum Genius 4.0s, Oh Katy OS, prefolds and Thirsties covers, Grovia and a couple more smaller brands. These Easy Fits are my favorite for many reasons:1. The quality of the diapers is excellent. The waterproof shell is soft, but feels sturdy. I don’t feel like I am going to tear it when I open the snap down rise. The bamboo soaker is wonderfully soft and has never irritated DD’s very sensitive skin. All the stitching is straight and tight. The velcro closure on these diapers are the best I have seen. My Thirties aplix started to curl after less than a dozen washes. These are great. The closures are MUCH larger than other aplix closures as well. At least twice as big I would guess and that means they stay on very well, and the laundry tabs have never come open in the wash. The vibrant colors have never faded in the wash.2. Absorbent! The bamboo soaker is very absorbent – DD is a heavy wetter and these have never leaked. I do not use it as a nighttime diaper, but during the day it has never failed.3. It is just so easy to use this diaper. DH wasn’t sure about CDing but these diapers are just as easy to use as a disposable. The insert really does agitate out in the wash so all you have to do is close the laundry tabs and drop it in your pail. Putting the diaper on is just as easy.4. The diaper has a very trim fit, even on younger babies. I wouldn’t expect it to fit from birth as advertised, but most “one-size” diapers won’t. These starting fitting DD well at about 10 pounds.5. The tongue style insert means the diaper dries very quickly. Mine are dry within a few hours on the line (mind you, I live in Texas and it is the summer). I also like that there is a pocket opening for additional absorbancy if it is needed.Some things I don’t like:1. It is an expensive diaper. If you are CDing for the environment or health reasons, this doesn’t matter so much. But if you are trying to save money, having a whole stash of these isn’t practical. I used my 10% off registry completion discount from Amazon to buy several of these, which helped.2. Minor complaint, but you can only crossover the closures onto the right tab. It would just be nice if you could crossover from either side. This becomes a non issue when the baby gets bigger though.3. Not a “stay-dry” diaper. I actually think this is a good thing, but feel it is worth mentioning. Bummis makes fleece liners (5$) that you can lay in the diaper if you want it to stay dry.

Kimberly Gladwyne, PA

Soft- abosorbant- great fit

Love this diaper. You can use it with an insert or with the sewn in one that comes with it. The diaper is soft on the inside and durable material on the outside.The sewn in insert absorbs a ton. We love the fit on our 13lb baby. The Velcro is below the top so it never touches his tum tum even when his extra chub comes over the top xD.

Colette Arrowsmith, IL

Love, Love, LOVE this diaper

I’ve used G-Diapers & Bumgenius in the past & own FLIP, SoftBums, Gro-via & Kawaii so I can confidently say these are my all time favorite diaper. I originally shied away due to the cost & “pocket” liner but now I wish I had these all along! When you consider the cost of (cloth) inserts for the hybrid diaper systems I think the cost of these is completely justified. These fit my tall & skinny 9mth son very well (on the largest rise setting) without a lot of extra bulk which means he can fit in all of his clothes. The velcro is the best I’ve seen, fastens securely no matter how hard he tries he can’t get it off & when secured down doesn’t form a diaper chain with the rest of the wash. Never had any issues with leaking (up to 3hrs of pee) & solids slide off easily, I haven’t had any issues with staining yet (in 2mths)& there’s no need to un-stuff because it agitates in the wash. The colors are rich & vibrant (have pomegranate & blueberry) but I wish they had more cute designs for boys I have the Cosmic which is nice but not nearly as cute as the cherry, flower or tutti-frutti designs they have for girls.

Ernestine Deadwood, OR

I love my Tots Bots Easy Fit!

I love my Tots Bots Easy Fit! However, I have some of the new, redesigned Easy Fit Diapers, and they are a big step up, so make sure you have the diapers with minky on the inside:)

Lilia Osprey, FL

PERFECT for “over night”

This is by far my favorite diaper so far! My stash is mostly GMD prefolds and BumGenius for overnight. I purchased this mostly because of the cute print initially. The laundry tabs are much more secure than my BGs and was surprised to find that I can put them in the dryer! There is also no searching for inserts b/c it’s attached! My daughter (8mo) has worn them for up to 6 hours (over night) with no leaking! I’m replacing my BGs with these from now on!

Debra Belleville, AR