Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper, Blueberry, 8-35 Pounds

Bummis Tots Bots Easy Fit Pocket Diaper, Blueberry, 8-35 Pounds

The innovative design of this diaper features a non messy stuff easier than a pocket system. No fiddling around a swift stuff to get the liner in is all you need. And no more losing liners in the laundry! This super thirsty liner is actually attached to the diaper, making the Easy Fit a remarkable all-in-one diaper with many of the benefits of a two piece system fast drying and easy to clean.Its innovative design provides a very versatile absorption the attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers of absorption where your baby needs it. (Plus you can adjust for the absorption you need for heavy wetters and nighttime by adding extra liners).The liner consists of 2 layers. Ultra soft rayon made from bamboo fibres against baby’s tender skin actually absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton on contact no run off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! And an ultra absorbent layer of 100% polyester microfibre basically doubles the absorbance. Protective side guards of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevent compression wetness. This is a diaper engineered for successful leak containment and total convenience. Its great fit was mentioned often by our testers as well as generously sized Velcro type closures and fold-back laundry tabs that really stick. The easy fit is available in 2 sizes; one-size (8-35 pounds) that adjusts with snaps plus a remarkable tini fit size that will sweetly and effectively accommodate a tinier baby (5-12 pounds). The Tini Fit comes with an an additional microfiber booster that you can add into the pocket, boosting its absorbency almost to that of the regular sized easy fit.

Main features

  • The innovative Easy Fit diaper features an insert that is attached to the diaper. Because the liner is attached to the diaper, the Easy Fit combines the convenience of an all-in-one (AIO) diaper with some of the benefits of a 2-piece diaper ‰ÛÒ quick to dry and easy to clean.
  • The innovative design of the Easy Fit allows you to adjust the level of absorption. The attached liner can be folded to create up to 6 layers where your baby needs more absorption. Plus you have the option of adding extra inserts for heavy wetters or for nighttime.
  • The Easy Fit is a one-size diaper (8-35 lbs); you can adjust the rise using the snaps on the front of the diaper.
  • The liner consists of 2 layers. One layer of ultra soft rayon from bamboo against baby‰Ûªs tender skin, which absorbs 70% more quickly than cotton (on contact), which prevents run-off leaking out the side of the diaper when baby pees! The second layer is made of an ultra-absorbent 100% polyester microfibre that basically doubles the absorbance of the diaper.

Verified reviews



I have had the gDiaper, the BumGenius diapers, disposables of various countries, & in the end.. this is our FAVORITE diaper! Besides the fun bold colors (which never fade or run… wash to dryer), they are exactly what you want in a diaper. I have a long skinny 10 month old son… these are the perfect fit from waist to legs to crotch. They are also a better over all fit than the very popular BumGenius. The BumGenius ones are too tight in the leg or too loose in the waist (forming a gap between tummy & diaper). The gDiaper has to be bought in various sizes & it often times was too tight int he waist or too loose in the leg. The are very roomy! And they are also adjustable between small, medium, & large so they are able to grow with your child & move to another in the future! They are even a great fit on my friend’s chunkier little girl!I didn’t think I would like an attached liner, but instead I am in love with the attached liner. No stuffing (unless you want) or un-stuffing to wash or dry. Very absorbant! And the nice bamboo silky side … well… poo just slides off when rinsing! Very nice! I hate poo & my gag reflex is easily set off… these are great! You can rinse & toss in the wash as is & the liner will work itself out & get clean & dry!The velcro tabs are my favorite! They are wider than the standard tab & they overlap to secure the diaper on a small infant. They also have the inside area to press the tabs on when washing to prevent then from being ruined in the wash… and strong! There is no easily way to just pull them off (which many kids will do).This is truly an all in one that is worth every penny spent!

Rosemarie Lind, WA


I have tried Ozzy Cozy, Happy Heiny, Bum Genius, Coolababy and more… these are the best i have found. They hold SO MUCH and they are sooooo soft. Younever have to worry about amonia burn like on terry or MF.

Tameka Clinton, TN

Best diaper by far!

Tots Bots are by far the best cloth diaper that we have used! These are the only ones that I have NEVER had leak. Plus the colors are fun and bold and never fade. You won’t regret any purchase of Bummis Tots Bots!

Cassie Pomona, IL

Absolute Best!

I have tried several different cloth diapers – Fuzzibunz, BumGenius, Swaddlebess, groVia, Thirsties, and many more – these are my absolute favorite HANDS DOWN. So easy to use!! I love the attached liner. The colors are so beautiful and vibrant and stay bright and vibrant after much use. They do not stain, they are incredibly absorbent and very very soft. Also, the velcro is super high quality and sticks! The fit is phenomenal. I recommend these. We have them in every color and I use them almost exclusively.

Fanny Grand Chain, IL

Great product!

This is the 1st cloth diaper I’ve used and have had a great experience. I don’t use it daily though, just when my son has a rash and needs to be aired out. Great product though.

Lina Belleville, NY


I love this diaper! My favorite part of this diaper is that the inner part and insert are made of bamboo. I feel like because of the bamboo this diaper is easier to keep clean. This diaper never smells and hardly gets stained. It dries super fast as well. The only negative is that it is a little pricey and so I will only get a few for now.

Regina Bonsall, CA