Bumpil On the Way

Bumpil On the Way

This is the next generation of pillows! This product does so much and does it so well. According to lactation consultants and physicians, the Bumpil On the Way Pillow is a Mom-to-Be must have!

Main features

  • Maternity Comfort
  • Feeding Support
  • Tummy Time
  • Position Baby Upright
  • Infant Area

Verified reviews


Good pregnancy pillow

I read other reviews on amazon before purchasing this pillow and I found that overall I really like this pillow. Someone suggested using 2 standard pillow cases to cover the bumpil and I think that works pretty well and it is an easy way to keep the pillow clean. I was pleased with the size of the pillow it is big enough to have between my arms and legs for more comfortable sleeping while I am pregnant. As far as using it with the baby…baby isn’t here yet so haven’t had the chance. Though I would have been happy paying $25 for this pillow even if it didn’t convert into all of the baby products. I have had it for about a month now and it has slightly lost it’s original shape but I find it more comfortable now that it has “conformed” to the way I sleep.

Belinda Guilford, ME

Writing after I’ve had the baby!

I used this for pregnancy as a body pillow and it was great! Now that my son is 8 weeks old I can say we still use it! He didn’t seem interested in it or anything until around a month old but he actually likes the white and just hanging out in it. I’m so pleased to get dual use from a product like this. Also I can still use it to sleep. There is no cover which is annoying but I just put two pillowcases over each side to protect it while pregnant.

Tameka Cave Springs, AR

Fantastic product!

I would give this 5 stars just for its use as a pregnancy pillow. It was great because it is firm so it didn’t sag and gave me the support I needed and wasn’t so huge that it took up the whole bed. Then I opened it up and used it for my baby’s tummy time and the short barrier kept the dog out so it stayed clean. We did that for about the first 2 months until he got too tall to fit. I didn’t use it as a nursing pillow at first because it seemed too big and awkward, but I put it behind my back so I could sit up in bed to nurse. Now my baby is 4 months old and I just purchased a glider (should have done that 4 months ago) and I have rediscovered this pillow because it is big enough that my 16lb 4 month old can still lay on it to nurse while I rock him. I have recommended this to friends. oh, and another reviewer mentioned it is hard to clean, so I kept mine covered with 2 standard pillowcases.

Kristy Avoca, NE

Was a great help!

I bought this when I was pregnant with my daughter because I was starting to have issues with her that I didn’t have with my son. I never thought I needed one, but this was probably one of the best decisions I made! At first it was pretty firm, but after use and beating it up to get it how I needed it, it was great. In some ways, the firmness was a help.After my daughter was born, I opened it up and she used it almost all the time. She loved how soft it was and it was easy for her to fall asleep in it; she couldn’t fall asleep without it, so I had to line her bed with it. Since we share a room, she started out sleeping in her bassinet part of her pack-n-play. (Of course, I took precautions so she couldn’t accidentally roll and get caught in the sides. By the time she could roll over, she was out of the bassinet part.)I still have it on my bed and when I need it, it still comes in handy – and my daughter is now two! (She even uses it to put her head on if she has a night where she’s super clingy!)I bought one of these for my sister-in-law when she was pregnant with my niece and she loved hers too! We found out that my cousin is having a baby, and I wanted to get her one of these, but unfortunately they were out of stock… (And I love her to bits, but she wasn’t getting mine!)

Lucinda Mosheim, TN

Great pregnancy pillow!

I was having trouble trying to use our decorative pillows to keep me on my side, as they mostly ended up on the floor. I bought the Bumpil because I like multi-purposeful products. We also have a queen size bed, and was concerned that all the other preggo pillows were too big (I’m only 5’1″). I’ve used the pillow and it helps (and reminds) me to stay on my side. I do plan to use with the baby when she arrives.

Esmeralda Montrose, WV

LIfesaver for Sleeping While Pregnant

This pillow was awesome for sleeping while pregnant! It took quite a while to find a comfortable position even using this. It really helped me out. I needed my sleep as I was working 40 hours week up until week 38. So far, I have not used the pillow for any of the other uses described on the packaging. Maybe I will at some point. I would recommend it. The only issue that I have with it is that it is not washable. It is also fairly large — which is actually why I liked it so much. However, it takes up as much room as another person in the bed almost!!!!!!!

Melissa Aurora, ME