Bunnies by the Bay Blossom’s Bye Bye Buddy, Bunny

Bunnies by the Bay Blossom’s Bye Bye Buddy, Bunny

Taking babies’ best friend bye bye has just gotten safer. An added safety loop on the back allows buddies to be hooked onto just about anything, including baby. Machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Tumble dry with no heat. Size: 11″.

Main features

  • Shell:76% knitted polyester/24% woven polyester; Lining:100% knitted polyester
  • Imported
  • Shell:76% knitted polyester/24% woven polyester, Lining:100% knitted polyester
  • It is imported
  • Plush bunny with soft velour blanket
  • Blossom, lined and edged in silky satin
  • White bunny with pink blanket
  • Machine wash cold; tumble dry no heat
  • 11″

Verified reviews



Technical details section states the product size is "17 x 9 x 3.4 inches" which matches the original tadbit that I was trying to replace for my son. The actual size is much smaller – length of blanket is 11 inches (which is stated elsewhere on the listing) and the head is maybe 1/3 the diameter. The blanket portion is one piece as opposed to the 2 sections in the larger option. I would not have ordered this item if I knew it was not 17" x 9" as stated in the "see more product details" link. The larger options have much more embellishment and the 2 blanket sections are great (harder for baby to cover entire face when sleeping SIDS risk). Skip this item and buy the bigger option for a few dollars more.

Jenny Issue, MD

soft. my baby loves it

I give this to my baby when we are out or when he naps. he loves feeling the cloth in his fingers and when hes grouchy, some "kisses" all over his face from Ellie stops him from crying. the trunk of the toy also has an added benefit of helping to hold in my son’s pacifier when his vigorous sicking may cause him to accidentally spit it out.

Hillary Lincoln, DE

Great for infants!

A lovely little bear great for infants. The arms are a great size for grasping and the velvet & satin "skirt" provide great texture for exploring little hands. I couldnt be happier with this purchase. Similar ones are less expensive at the local huge discount retailer (you know who I mean) but this bear is SO much nicer.

Trudy Greenville, MI

Great companion.

We liked this so much we purchased 4; one for daycare, one for the car; one for the house; and a spare. The blanket portion is very soft and my daughter enjoys rubbing her mouth against it to help har fall asleep. This is very well made.

Marlene Waukon, IA

This is his lovey!

We purchased this rabbit for my three month old son for his Easter basket and he LOVES it! The silk lining has been a favorite with both of my boys and he can’t get enough of it. The rabbit has a delicate, friendly face. He is just the right size for little hands. I am not too crazy about the velcro used to connect the hanging “tabs”; it’s a bit rough for baby’s liking. It could be removed without much trouble, however.Overall, we are so pleased to have found an adorable lovey that can be replaced so quickly (gotta love Amazon Prime!) and inexpensively.

Maryann Latimer, IA


I read so many good reviews on this. I got one for my daughter for Easter because I didn’t want it to be "just another stuffed animal". She doesn’t seem to care for it. She gave it a hug as she pulled it from her basket..but that was it. It is way overpriced for what it is. If I would have known, I would have not ordered it or kept the tag on it to send it back. But it was a gift from my husband and I to our 10 month old and I can’t do that.

Ada Washoe Valley, NV

Soft little lovey

This is a great lovey, very soft. It is little, not a blanket by any stretch, but personally I like that it is little. I feel safe leaving it in my babies crib for her to hold onto while she sleeps, and she can put it on her face without it covering her up or tangling on her and being a risk. Also at some point when she walks, if she wants to carry it along it won’t be dragging all over the place. The only thing that I would change, and the reason not 5 stars, is the place where the head of the bunny connects with the blanket is a little harder than I would like. There is also a velcro loop on the back, but I just unsewed it and you can’t even tell there was anything there. So don’t let that discouraged you from buying it.Update:I bought this for my daughter when she was about 6-7 months old. She is now 18months and loves this bunny so much. the ‘blanket’ part of the bunny is starting to fray and look a little old, but that is after lots of washing and use. It is still holding up really well, despite a few runs in the satin. The harder part of the bunny that I mentioned before does not seem to bother her. She likes to sleep ontop of it most of the time so I assume if she didn’t like the bunny head she wouldn’t do that. I would buy this product again if I have another baby.

Brittney Altamahaw, NC

My baby loves her Honey Buns

We have the all white bunny and we call her honey buns! It was a gift to our older daughter but she never took to it. Then our second girl loved it! It is so soft and silky. My daughter loves to suck on the arms and ears.It always looks so dirty even after I wash it because it is white. i have to scrub the arms with a brush in order to get it clean enough and this is the reason for 4 stars. The fur matted down after a couple washes which makes it hard to clean and is why I have to use a brush. It will not get cleaned after soaking it and then washing. I have to scrub it. There also needs to be more choices of color for the bunny option so that stains do not show up. (on a side note…a chocolate bunny would be so cute!) The other animals that are darker are okay but she really likes the bunny’s ears. Also the silky underneath snags easily and has fuzz balls on it. Just normal wear that shows the bunny is well loved but some people might not like that. I also bought a cheaper "buddy blanket" that was not as soft. I was desperate to find a nonwhite animal. But she does not like it. So here we are at amazon ordering another one so we have a backup while one is being cleaned. Thank goodness it’s on here!!Also I read another review that the Velcro was rough which is true, but we just keep it clasped. I found a purpose for it! We hooked the pacifier around it so my daughter can find it easily in the middle of the night. It’s wonderful to have that.

Mae Polaris, MT


My 7 month old twins got this for christmas and they love theirs! At night I put it next to them with their pacifier and they hold it in front of their face and rub their cheeks on the super silky lining of the bunny. It helps soothe them and they fall asleep holding it. I think its definitely going to be their “lovey” and I doubt they’ll grow tired of them anytime soon.On a side note, I looked into getting this “bye bye” bunny as opposed to the larger more expensive version. I actually like this one better because it is easier for them to put in their hands and less risk of the blanket getting stuck on their face. The larger version is almost too big, and I hated that the silk part of it is in 2 separate pieces. This one is much better because the silk is one solid piece of silk blanket hooked onto the rabbit head.

Katelyn Homestead, IA

Wish I were a baby so I could carry this around!

Painfully adorable bunny, cuddly blankie! My granddaughter is only 5 months old, but I guarantee she’ll be dragging this around for a long time. I intend to continue to order other Bunnies by the Bay toys. So soft and well made.

Kimberley Slate Spring, MS


The bunny is so soft and the perfect size for little kids. The details on the face make it so cute!

Meghan Nahcotta, WA

Snuggly bunny, perfect for babies

This bunny has been a staple in my son’s bedtime routine since he was 4 months old. He’s now 2 years old and sleeps with two of the bunnies every night! The blanket is super soft and he loves rubbing his face against it. These are washable but make sure you dry it a bunch of times so the head is fully dry. The Velcro closure is a bit sharp on the edges so we used scissors to round the corners since my son was scratching his face with it.

Catalina Guadalupita, NM

Perfect lovey for on the go

We bought the puppy version of bunnies by the bay. It’s so soft, so cuddly, and the inside is ALL satin rather than just edging like most animal-head blankets. This is a very small item, so it’s perfect for car seat, stroller or even back carrier. Best of all it has a velcro loop on it’s back so it won’t get lost while on the go. I would highly recommend this item in any version.

Jeanine Ernest, PA