Bunnies By The Bay Plush Toy, Bloom

Bunnies By The Bay Plush Toy, Bloom

Nothing serious about our sillies except their softness! Little ones love to chew, hug, drag, and love them. Machine wash, tumble dry low. Size 10″.

Main features

  • 100% knitted polyester
  • Imported
  • Fun floppy friend can go everywhere with baby
  • Sunny yellow plush bunny
  • Super soft
  • Machine wash, tumble dry low
  • Size 10″

Verified reviews


Perfect addition to the carseat crew!!

My 4 month old daughter LOVES her Raffy and it rides in her carseat with her. It is a very soft toy that is easy for a little hands to grasp and toss around; she also likes to slurp on Raffy’s nose :)This is not what I would call a "stuffed" animal; if you want a true "stuffed" toy, try looking up Jellycat stuffed toys which are super cute and also very soft and high quality.

Whitney Grant, FL

I didn’t realize this wasn’t the pacifier holder.

When I purchased this, I didn’t realize that it wasn’t a pacifier holder so I’m a little bummed. I may just sew some velcro on it myself and make it into a pacifier holder. I like how lightweight and floppy it is. I see now that there’s a different one that IS a pacifier holder and may order that one. Anyway, that’s what I get for not investigating it more thoroughly before ordering. It is cute though and super soft.

Sherry Seelyville, IN

Baby loves this grabbing toy!

I have purchased a few of these Bunnies by the Bay animals. They are just the right amount of “stuffed” for four month old baby hands that love to grab. They wash really well too. I highly recommend!!!

Laurie Millersport, OH

Best security blankey ever!

My son can’t sleep without his bear. When he sad or sick he cuddles with bear and it calms him down immediately. He snuggles with bear all night long. He started attaching himself to bear about 4 months old, I would give if to him when he nursed or had a bottle. It’s a great teether too! We have 4 bears because they need frequent washing due to my son sucking on bear all the time. So I can tell you all bears are washed weekly and have held up perfectly! And such a great price! I registered for the bunnies for my daughter due in 2 months.

Frankie Waterbury, VT

Not what I ordered…

So I can’t really review this item because Amazon sent me the wrong product. They sent me the fuzzy sailor Skipit plush instead of this one.I ordered this one because it is similar to the pacifier holder one we already have and absolutely love, but since we go something totally different I can’t say much about this one. Debating on what to do about it but thinking it’s not really worth the hassle to return the one we ended up with. I wanted this one because it doesn’t have all the stuffing in the body and I would feel better about putting it in the crib with my kiddo, the one we got was a regular stuffed animal and I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving it in the crib.

Geri Great Bend, NY

My daughters LOVES this! It’s machine washable, soft and cuddly

I needed something for my baby to hold on to as she put herself to sleep, but since she is only a couple mod old I was nervous about a blanket or large stuffed animal. This giraffe is great and I love that it’s machine washable not surface wash only!! It’s soft and cuddly and she can grab on to the arms / legs as well!! Her fav thing to sleep with these days! I wanted more but can’t find other animals like this which is a shame.

Fern Clay City, IL

Favorite lovie

My son loves this lovie the best of all his stuffed toys. We love the way it is made and we can machine wash him and tumble dry with no problem. It has a cute face and the floppy nature of this toy makes it a perfect lovie for snuggling to sleep.

Alice Lyndonville, VT

Not a “velcro pacifier holder” but works the SAME.

No loop for velcro-closure pacifier holder, but all you need to do is take the bear’s arm, tie it through the pacifier loop and there ya go – pacifier holder. Super soft. Washes and dries like new. Makes a good cuddle toy when not used as pacifier holder.To me, tying the arms in a loop is better as the baby has a better grip of it when arms are shorter and knotted.

Eva Cub Run, KY