Bunnies by the Bay Skipit’s Buddy Blanket, Puppy

Bunnies by the Bay Skipit’s Buddy Blanket, Puppy

It’s a blankie and a buddy. Plush floppy eared puppy has velour sailor cap and snuggly soft blue velour lined and edged in silky satin. Red anchor and embroidery reads, “ahoy mate”. Spot clean. If needed, machines wash cold. Tumble dry no heat. Size: 16″.

Main features

  • Shell:100% knitted polyester; Lining:100% woven polyester
  • Imported
  • Shell:100% knitted polyester, Lining:100% woven polyester
  • Embellished “ahoy mate” and anchor embroidery on the blanket
  • Puppy made of great cuddle fur
  • Ultra soft velour blanket soft to touch for snuggle
  • Machine wash and tumble dry low
  • Blanket measures 16″

Verified reviews


Backup for our other one that my daughter adores

I though it wise to buy a backup in case we lose hers somewhere or it gets ruined. She loves this thing and I would hate to think what would happen if we no longer had it.

Gwen Hillisburg, IN

Cozy and cute but not organic, and it unravels a bit

This is well-worn and well-loved and in high demand by a certain toddler I know who won’t go without "buh buh," or "bunny." We’ve bought duplicates, in fact.However, I wish we had gone with an organic lovey from a company like Miyim, given the amount of use it gets. Also, white "transitional objects" get gray and dirty super fast. Plus, the bunny part of this pilled after just a few weeks, and the seams fell apart on the bottom within 2 months–with all three of these that we’ve had so far.

Maryellen Williamson, IA

Great lovie!

My son loves this bunny lovie! It’s very soft and the blanket part is velvet and satin. He likes the texture. I wish it was washer safe tho, as I’m not a fan of handwashing. He likes to chew on the bunny head because it’s soft and cushy. He’s 6 months old now, but has liked holding on to it since he was about a month old.

Adrienne Fentress, TX

Love Love Love

Our daughter loves her “la la” she won’t sleep without it. We now own three of these and have them in a rotation for getting washed. The bunny looks a little worn but it does get washed every few days. The pink blanket portion has stayed soft on both sides. We have bought several bunnies as gifts as well. Highly recommed.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick, AL

Sweet Bunny

Intended to give this as a gift for Easter, but decided not to. Our baby uses my hair as a comfort blanket and it is really starting to hurt and become and very bad habit, so we decided to buy the Buddy Blanket in pink. The pink bunny blanket is very sweet with soft velvet (or something similar to velvet) material on the top embroidered with carrots and a cute saying with satin trim. On the reverse side it is silky smooth satin fabric. The blanket separates into two halves (like pigtails). The bunny itself is also very soft and fleecy. While our baby still relies on my hair, she has taken a liking to her Bunnies by the Bay Buddy Blanket. We make sure she sleeps with it and wakes up with it in the morning. The blanket we have was purchased at a high end department store for the same price as on Amazon, which is a bummer, but totally worth the price.

Allyson Fish Creek, WI

Bestfriend for Years – Easily Replaceable if Lost

Upon his birth, my son received Tadbit years ago along with an assortment of other furry plush stuffed animals from friends and relatives. Among them all, he favored this one, and carried it around for years and renamed it "Froggy" -so unique, I know. 😉 I had to replace Froggy twice -once he was chewed up by the dog and another time he was lost. It was so easy to buy a replacement without my son ever knowing that his original "friend" was gone. My son, now 10 yrs-old, still has Froggy. He no longer carries him around or sleeps with him, but he sits on my son’s shelf close to his bed. My son was our first-born and I don’t think I quite realized how important and comforting a little friend like this can be, but we soon learned! They help little one self-soothe and contribute to independence as well as assist with adjustments such as beginning preschool. Froggy is quality made and easily washable. Highly recommend.

Carolina Wyncote, PA

Bunny has a friend

My aunt gave my daughter the pink bunny version as a shower gift. However Bunny needed a visit to the spa (i.e., the washing machine) for some much needed R&R.; I also thought it would be good to have a back-up in the event bunny ever meets an unfortunate demise. So, I have to say that my 6 mo might even like the doggie better since the fur seems even softer. She rubs this silky blankie on her face as she falls fast asleep.This would make a really beautiful and thoughtful gift. Every baby should have one!

Elda Carmen, ID

Don’t think twice… just get this

My 10 month old son is so hooked on “Skippy” (not Skipit) that they’re inseparable. He’s slept with him since birth. Skippy is very respected in this house because of its magical powers to help our boy sleep. Skippy is super soft and cute as heck. And a smart design has the blanket SPLIT which makes it more difficult to easily cover a baby’s face with a full, non-split blanket. (Clever design not seen in other, similar products.) Don’t think twice about Skippy. Just get it, er, him! 😉

Jacqueline New Straitsville, OH

We love Skip-It!

I got Skip-It as a baby shower gift. My son is now 18 months old and LOVES this sweet little lovey. It’s a little bit larger than other loveys I’ve seen, which is nice (easier for my son to snuggle). The blanket part is actually split down the middle in the front AND the back, which I thought was weird at first but quickly came to appreciate as it reduces the chance of a baby covering their nose or mouth with the blanket. The fur and the blanket are soooo soft. The hat is firmly sewed on and doesn’t come off, and the eyes and nose are embroidered – no parts that a baby could choke on. The quality of the construction and stitching are fantastic. The label says to spot clean/surface wash only, but I’ve put Skip-It through the washer and dryer three times now with no problems, and he’s come through as clean and as soft as when he was new (though I would recommend air-drying if you have the time). I’ve used a sweater shaver to clean him up when the blanket starts to get pills around the edges. We love Skip-It so much that I’ve ordered a second one as a backup since I’m pretty sure my son’s world would end if he ever lost him. 🙂 Great lovey!

Doris East Andover, ME

Works like Magic!

We have a 6 month old who has been co-sleeping with us. Two weeks ago, we decided to make a transit to a crib. she wont fall asleep on her own crying and was waking up often. I ordered this bunny and received it a week ago. Oh my, it was working instantly! since then, she falls asleep with no nipple or etc with this bunny in her arm! So now i am stopping breastfeeding and this helps it too as she doesn’t need my nipple to fall asleep! Very impressed about this bunny.Update. My first one, now 23month, went everywhere with this until 2 months ago. She would not sleep without the bunny. We called her “mrs. Bunny”. She now prefers a big blanket, not a blankie. i wish she stayed with this little one, sigh. I got another one for my second Daughter, 6 month. She loves it too!

Emily Browning, MO

Cute, soft and snuggly!

Title says it all — cute soft and snuggly! Makes a great baby gift or a good security object for babies!

Lauri Milliken, CO

So Precious!

My 6 month old LOVES her bunny, we just bought a back up. It is so sweet and cuddly, a really precious little lovey. The only con, WHY IS THIS NOT MACHINE WASHABLE?! I wash mine anyway and it turns out just fine however the pink on the cheeks and ears wore off the first time through the wash. I just can’t imagine only spot cleaning something that she snuggles with every time she sleeps.

Tammy Mount Ida, AR

my favorite of the lovies

I’ve been to the original Bunnies by the Bay shops in Washington, I just love them. Everything is so soft, pretty, and sweet. They even serve pink hot chocolate! So when I found out I was having a daughter, I knew I had to get a Bunnies by the Bay lovie for her. This is my favorite, it embodies the character and quality of the company that I adore. There is nothing sweeter than having her fall asleep with this in her arms. I got one for home, one for day care.

Nellie Lovelock, NV

It’s “the one!”

My first didn’t have a "lovey," but my second did right away. And little Lily Mae is her favorite! We’ve ordered several over the past 12 months just to be sure we always, always have a backup. This frog is super soft and easy to wash (I recommend air drying to keep it feeling super soft).

Tamra Jennings, LA

Wonderful washable lovie!

All three of my kids have Bunnies By the Bay lovies and they are fantastic. They are soft and cuddly, yet durable enough to go through the washer/dryer again and again and again. My son loves it! Perfect for a little boy!

Brittney Rose Hill, KS