Bunnies by the Bay Wee Bunny Plush, Rutabaga

Bunnies by the Bay Wee Bunny Plush, Rutabaga

Our plump little friend is not just for babies, adults love them too. A thoughtful gift for someone who needs a little “sumpin sweet.” Spot clean. Size 7″.

Main features

  • 100% knitted polyester
  • Imported
  • 100% knitted polyester
  • It is imported
  • Soft plush body
  • Great gift to top a package
  • Wonderful companion for any age
  • Embroidered bunny face
  • Spot treat if needed

Verified reviews



I bought this for my baby on the way at Buy Buy Baby. It was about $2 cheaper than there than on here, but I’ve had this on my registry for a while actually. In person the bunny is a lot smaller than the picture would suggest, but that’s perfect for little hands. It is SUPER soft and cuddly. My husband didn’t like that I paid so much for a stuffed animal, but it was so cute I couldn’t resist. Normally I wouldn’t pay this much for a toy that doesn’t do much, but I couldn’t get over how cute it was.–UPDATE–Initially before my daughter was teething we gave her this toy to play with, unfortunately once she began teething she started to teeth on her stuffed toys. Once she got her front teeth she figured out how to pull fur from her animals and swallow it, which is not good for her or for the toy really. So we had to take away all of her toys that have fur that can be pulled out. I highly suggest waiting until your child is past the teething stage before buying this, because of the fur pulling which I have discovered that many children like to do. She does really like this bunny so we will definitely give it back once she is past this stage.–UPDATE–Wanted to come back and update now that this bunny has been played with now that she is no longer biting fur off of her animals! We have Rutabaga and another Bunnies By The Bay bunny (named Flopsy I think?) and we have had to wash them both a few times now. Something important to remember about the type of fur on these animals, is that if you wash them in the washing machine and then put them in the dryer, the fur will be ruined. Forever. It gets all matted up and stiff. Not soft and lovely anymore. I learned this by washing and drying a different animal, so luckily the bunnies did not get ruined! Instead, I washed them on the gentle cycle and then laid them flat on the dryer to dry. The heat from the dryer helped them to air dry fast, before mildew can grow. Another way would be to hang them up by the ears on a clothesline in the bright sunshine, that way air can circulate all around the animal and allow for faster drying.

Minnie Titusville, PA


We bought this little bunny for our little boy to give to his new sister when she was born and he came to see her in the hospital. It is super soft and has the sweetest little pink cheeks. As soon as she is big enough to hold something in her bed this will be the toy that I give her to bond with.*****update*******This little bunny is adorable and I absolutely love it but…the pink came off its cheeks almost the instant she slobbered on it and even though she has had it for less than one year, its head already detached from its body and I had to sew it back on. I still would buy it if I had it to do over but I was disappointed in how fast it fell apart.

Lana Clearmont, WY

so cute

its small but so cute!! Bought it for my daughters first easter. Shes still too young for it but I think she will love this bunny when she gets a little older

Janine Yarmouth Port, MA

So Soft and Cute

This bunny is so precious. Makes for a wonderful gift. My only complaint is my little girl wanted to eat him and took out some of his fur. I will be buying more in the future, especially since she is getting older.

Mindy Dennis, KS

So adorable!

Such a cute bunny and so so super soft! Got her for my babies first Easter and she loves feeling the soft fur and cuddling with her!

Glenda Gastonia, NC

Very cute bunny!

I think that this is the cutest stuffed animal my little girl has. It however is more for me to like. I bought it for her at 4 months old. She likes it, but now at 6 months it is more for chewing on, just like her other toys. I think that it is for older children, only because they will actually appreciate it more. It isn’t like my daughter is old enough to want to hug and squeeze the thing out of actually liking it. However, I think that it is just darling. Do remember it is very small, and don’t be disappointed that it is so small. I would suggest this to anyone that would ask, but have them keep in mind that maybe below a year old it isn’t that exciting for them.

Janine Hiwassee, VA