Burlington Baby Large White Willow Basket Set with Liner, Pink

Burlington Baby Large White Willow Basket Set with Liner, Pink

Our large 2 piece willow baskets are hand made in china. They come in a 2 piece set with liners. These are great for storage in any room. They are 16 x 16 baskets that nest into each other.

Main features

  • 16″ high
  • 16″ wide
  • Made of willow and liner is polycotton blend
  • Liner is removeable and machine washable
  • Unconditional guarantee against defective material & workmanship

Verified reviews


Wonderful pretty baskets

I bought these baskets for storage. One is in my dresser/changing table holding some of my diapers. The other is in my daughters bathroom holding her towels and washclothes. I like these baskets a lot. But you can get them for less money at trgt, about 5-10 dollars less.

Chelsea Yellow Jacket, CO


… what can I say… Online, these baskets looked adorable and the review was a good one. Imagine my disappointment when I opened them up at my baby shower… As I pulled them out of the bos, chips of white paint came falling out of the baskets like snow!!! (Same goes for the matching hamper!)Also, the quality of the liners is pretty shabby… Expect the seams on the liners to be frayed, uneven, and single-stitched. If they had cost less, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in the quality. They are still very cute from a distance, just be forewarned about the quality!

Mia Fenwick, WV

Gotta Get These

It dresses up the changing table and is large enough to put toys in it for storage.

Callie Rolette, ND

Cute addition to any nursery!

I think these baskets are great. I have 4 of them stocked on my changing table. I have them filled with diapers, receiving blankets, bibs, burp cloths, bath supplies, etc. All of it is easily accessible and they look adorable. I gave them 4 stars instead of 5 only because the first set that I bought I had to fix. Be careful with the ties on the liners. The ties on one of mine broke as I was trying to tie the bow. Our Babies R Us hardly ever has them in stock so instead of returning it and waiting for more to come in, I had to restring the tie through the liner and sew it back together. A little bit of work but I am still happy with my purchase overall.

Abby Alpine, UT

Paint Chips.

I registered and recevied these baskets for my baby shower. I thought the were cute and would look cute in my sons room. I had planned to use them to hold diapers and baby toiletries. They would nave even worked nicely as little toy baskets, but I will not use them. The paint chips off VERY eaisly. It makes a mess of the whole house and fills up the baskets. I wouldn’t want to put anything of my sons in them for fear paint chips would get on his things. I thought they would be better quality considering the price. Don’t waste your money.

Jade Marengo, IA


These are really cute. They are very big. Too big that they wouldn’t fit on the shelves I wanted them on. I had to return them. If you have a deep wide spot to put them you will love them. I found this smaller & love it.

Danielle Acworth, GA

Great baskets

These baskets are great. I first had bought a more expensive set but ended up taking them back when i seen these. The white matches my daughters furniture. I ended up ordering 2 sets in pink and then for my son i ordered 1 set in blue. I keep things like extra diapers and wipes. Onesies, blankets, towels, wash clothes, dirty cloth. They each have their own baskets in their bathroom for bathtime with their towels, cloths, lotions, soaps and toys. They will come in VERY handy for when we can use them to store their toys in when they become more active. They store GREAT in the bathroom closet and also a perfect fit on the changing table. They would also fit perfect under the crib.

Beverly New Home, TX