Burlington Baby White Willow Hamper with Liner, Blue

Burlington Baby White Willow Hamper with Liner, Blue

Our willow hampers are hand made from china. The lid is a lift off lid with a handle on it. The liner is removable and machine washable. This is to make getting laundry to the machine easy. 2 handles on the sides of the hamper for ease in carrying the hamper. Looks great anywhere you put it.

Main features

  • 21″high
  • Lift off lid
  • Made of willow and liner is polycotton blend
  • Liner is removeable and machine washable

Verified reviews


Beautiful but not practical

The hamper is beautiful and definitely is useful to have. My one complaint is that you have to take the top off every time you want to put something in it – it makes it tough to maneuver when you’re holding a squirming baby at the same time. If I had to do it over again, I would purchase a hamper with an attached hinge or with no cover at all. Most of the time the cover sits next to the hamper on our floor, taking up valuable space in my baby’s nursery.

Audrey Newington, GA

Don’t waste your money

I got this hamper as a gift. I returned it the next day. The white paint chips off all over.

Kristy Fallon, MT

Perfectly Adequate

I love the look of this hamper, and it’s a hamper… it holds dirty clothes just fine. I’m only giving three stars because I’m not over the moon for it. The paint is a flat finish, and I wish it were eggshell or semi-gloss, and having it now, I think it is way overpriced. There is nothing particularly wrong with it– as I said above, it does it’s job, but it’s not as special as I had hoped. (Weird mom— hoping for a “special” hamper– I know!)

Marie Little River, TX

great hamper

This hamper is way more than I was expecting, I love it!It’s big enough for babies clothes and strong.I recomend it.

Muriel Valley Bend, WV

Cute but careful…

It’s adorable & works well but pieces will break off from handle area. Could be dangerous once kids got older & started crawling…

Bette Plainview, MN