Bush Systems Carbon Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail Filters, 4 Pack

Bush Systems Carbon Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail Filters, 4 Pack

A year’s supply of carbon filters for your Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail! These filters work in two ways… By letting air in and out of your pail, they reduce the moisture buildup that can create harsh bacterial scents. And then.. rather than simply masking the odors, the carbon in these filters removes them completely by trapping them in the pores of the activated carbon.

Main features

  • 4-pack of carbon filters
  • Each filter lasts 3 months
  • Fits the odorless clothdiaper pail

Verified reviews


Disappointed with low quality looking item

Obviously all that really matters about these filters is whether they work or not and I have not yet been able to test that…… so I am only commenting on how they look and how they came. They did not come in any packaging – just the round disks in the envelope which I felt was a little odd and they certainly look low quality. I am hoping that they work well anyway and of course packaging isn’t everything. I just feel like I paid a lot of them and expected more.

Sabrina Venice, IL

Good Product

I didn’t know what to expect when we ordered this diaper pail. Baby is very small but so far it works well.

Rae Odessa, DE

Use with Safety-First Simple Step Diaper Pail

These discs fit the Simple Step Diaper Pail perfectly and help prevent those overpowering odors and doesn’t mask the odor with another fragrance. My husband was surprised at how well the pail/discs worked when he went to toss a (cloth) diaper in there and realized the difference between this system and the plastic grocery bags we were using (which always emitted stinky odors). I would recommend this to anyone with a diaper pail that has a filter option.

Esmeralda Looneyville, WV


What a good idea to help keep the smell at bay… We are glad to have found this pail and filters

Nanette Otway, OH

pretty effective

These are pretty effective at reducing dirty diaper odor. I’d recommend them. Don’t forget to change them out from time to time though.

Lavonne La Salle, MI

Prevent smells from escaping

These do the job for my 7 gallon dry diaper pail. They allow air to go through the pail, but no odor escapes, no matter how icky the poopy diaper. Granted, we are still in the exclusively breastfed stage, so we will reevaluate when we introduce solids and see if these little filters stay up to the task.

Patrica Havana, IL

Keeps the odors out!

Used this in conjunction with the Odorless Cloth Diaper Pail (7 gallon: 1-2 days) and the Citrus Circles Diaper Pail Deodorizing Disks and it does a great job keeping the odors inside the cloth diaper pail instead of all over my house.

Lenora Arbyrd, MO

Work really well to curb the stink!

These things aren’t cheap considering they’re just little filter discs, but man do they work well! They fit perfectly in my Mother Ease diaper pail and there’s no smell at all when the lid is on. These also seem to last a long time. I’d say they’re definitely worth the money.

Carlene Fort Duchesne, UT

I see no difference!

I’ve been using Arm and Hammer discs in my diaper pal the past 10 months and thought they worked pretty decent. I then saw the positive reviews for these and decided to try. I see absolutely no difference and they are quite pricey. Very disappointed and a stinky diaper pail.

Gabrielle Argillite, KY

Really works! No stinky smell!

I use these discs for our cloth diaper pail. I usually sprinkle baking powder on the diapers throughout the week, have a citrus smelling deodorant disc and these. When I ran out of both baking soda and the citrus disc, these were enough to contain the smell when the lid was on. I’d still recommend the baking soda and citrus disc to prevent smells when you lift the lid. These discs really do last 3 months, too! So just this one pack will be enough for a year of odor-free protection-absolute necessity for cloth diapering!

Dawn Clarksville, TN

As expected

These charcoal filters work well in my nappy pail so far. We’re a month in and haven’t had any "stink" issues yet.

Karin Harris, IA

Work great!

These filters seem to work wonderfully in the diaper pail; there is never dirty diaper odor in my daughter’s room.

Pamala Manchester Center, VT

It works

This filter was made for the diaper pail I purchased. Its made of odorless carbon exactly what I needed. If you’ve ever opened a closed container you know what I mean. They last long which makes them cost effective. I plan to purchase the orange filters also.

Violet Pocahontas, VA