Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – One Size – 8 Color Options

Buttons Cloth Diaper Cover – One Size – 8 Color Options

Our one-size-fits-all diaper covers are soft, leak-proof, and durable. The double-gusset feature around the legs keeps the mess in, so your little one can run, jump, climb, and sleep while your mind is at ease. The durable snaps allow the covers to adjust to fit any baby (approximately 9-35 lbs.). Plus, they come in many adorable colors! To use, simply adjust the height snaps, snap in a Buttons diaper insert, and put the diaper on your baby. When its time for a diaper change, snap out the wet/soiled insert, and put it in your diaper pail. Covers can be used more than once before washing. Our daytime diaper inserts are made of 4 layers of absorbent micro fiber, with a luxuriously soft layer of fleece on top. Nighttime inserts have 6 wonderful layers of micro fiber, for extra absorbency. Buttons cloth inserts snap into our one-size diapers covers. Plus, they come in 2 sizes for your growing baby (small fits babies 9-20 lbs., large fits babies 20-35 lbs.)! It really couldn’t be simpler. (Diaper inserts are sold separately.)

Main features

  • One-size-fits-all cover (approximately 9-35 lbs).
  • Durable snap adjustment.
  • Double Gussets
  • Made of two durable layers of PUL
  • Use with Buttons diaper inserts.

Verified reviews


Great, affordable cover!

We tried this cover with the day time and night time inserts. So impressed! I love the double gusset feature and extra elastic at the belly button and back – really makes a comfortable customized fit for the baby. The inserts are the softest, thickest pads I’ve tried. I have a more in depth review written here: […]

Sheree North Hoosick, NY

My favorite covers ever……

I am a totally disenchanted fan of cloth diapering. I do it because its smart, but the prices just kill me. I have done the absolute cheapest (prefolds-covers, all kinds of covers) and I have done the most expensive aio’s and now I don’t care how good the words sound in the ads, I gotta see it to believe it. I had planned to buy the best bottom system, but the trial cover I ordered, I did not like. So I ordered a button cover hardly daring to hope it would be better, only it was! I ordered 8 more covers for my baby girl due in aug and my 22 month old son to share. I love how stretchy they are, how they gently swoop down in the front allowing them to sit comfortably under the belly, how the double gussets hold everything in securely, how the crotch area is just a little more narrow, making the diaper to be so much more trim, how the snaps are crossover snaps for a very small baby, how simply they are made without a lot of fuss and things that can go wrong, and how obnoxiously adorable the little button detail is on my sons little diapered bottom, and the price, oh the wonderful affordable price!. Yes indeed, I am a buttons fan! Thankyou husband and wife team, for making cloth diapering simple and easy again.

Ines Pulaski, GA

An Amazing One-Size Cover for an Unbeatable Price!

I have 2 of these covers and will definitely be buying more! The PUL is so soft and smooth and very comfortable on my baby’s legs and waist. Plus, it’s 2 layers, so the wetness protection is superior to most other standard one-size covers. Buttons is a great daytime OR overnight system, and if you tend to shy away from synthetic inserts, the cover alone works great with prefolds, flats or anything else you might have in your stash. It’s a versatile and very economical system. Compared to other covers I have, these seem to run on the smaller side; however, I have used them successfully overnight on ALL 3 of my kiddos – 6 month old baby, 18 month old toddler and 3 year old big boy! More colors and prints from Buttons? Yes please!

Elisa Bruceton, TN

It has the best features of many popular diapers in one!

This cover is even more beautiful in person! I love the high quality, the elastic is strong, but gentle on legs and waist, and especially the price. This diaper cover has the best features of many other popular cloth diapers combined into one!

Gladys Autryville, NC

Growing on me…(a best bottoms fan)

We are big Best Bottoms fans here, but I wanted to try these as a cheaper option to designate for daycare use. They are well made, super soft in feel, with gentle waist elastics, and snug leg elastics. The leg elastics initially caused red marks on my super chubby thighed baby, but since he’s trimmed down with crawling, that’s no longer an issue and I now appreciate the snugger fit.Compared to Best Bottoms, I prefer these for the soft stretchy feel, but still get a better fit with our Best Bottoms (so I tend to reach for the Best Bottoms more often). Best Bottoms give a better fit because they have one additional rise setting (4 instead of just 3 rise options). Fewer rise options on the Buttons inevitably leads to more awkward in-between size stages where one is too snug and the other looks (or really is) huge. Our Best Bottoms always look nice and trim. Buttons do, too, but only when the fit is right, and that is less frequently with the Buttons. We’ve gotten around the in-between stage by unsnapping the outer two snaps in the rise completely on the Buttons covers to allow more room in the legs, but leaving the middle rise snap snapped down to pull up all the excess material. It still looks a bit sloppy, but it works, and looks / fits better than being 100% on the largest rise.The inserts: We have small, medium, large best bottom inserts in hemp/cotton as well as stay dry. All are compatible with Buttons, although they can be a bit stubborn snapping in, but they do snap in. The larges are a hair big for the Buttons covers in my opinion, but you can make them fit on the largest rise if you need to. I definitely prefer to use the medium Best Bottom inserts or the Buttons large inserts on the middle and large rise with Buttons.The large Buttons inserts we got to try are super soft, seem just as absorbent as our Best Bottoms but more flexible and bunch a bit more, though it’s not caused any problems for us. They are in-between the medium and large Best Bottom stay dry sizes. Just as wide at the ends. As wide in the middle as the Best Bottom larges. Wider than the Best Bottom mediums. Just thought I’d share if anyone was wondering how they compare.I’d definitely recommend the Buttons covers and inserts to anyone looking to try an AI2 system at an affordable price-point. Although I still prefer our Best Bottoms, for the price, I’ll definitely be adding more Buttons to our stash, especially now that they’ve added some cool new colors and prints 🙂

Madge Milroy, MN


I love this diaper cover! It has a great fit and very goog quality. The price is awesome. I like this cover bettert than the best bottom. Very similar in quality, better fit and $5 cheaper!!

Jannie Middleport, PA

Love these covers! Work as well as Best Bottom!!

I found these covers while I was looking for more Best Bottom cover styles, and after reading other positive reviews stating the Best Bottom inserts work with both Buttons and Best Bottom covers (and vice versa for the Buttons inserts) I decided to buy a couple to try it out. So glad I did!! Buttons and Best Bottom covers and inserts are interchangeable, which is awesome since this is my favorite diapering style! A must for any cloth diapering momma!

Lorena Oxford, OH

Fantastic! Quality and price unsurpassed.

Excellent diaper cover. Leak free. Strong leg gussets. Soft. Great fit. GREAT PRICE. Durable. Well crafted. Pretty colors. Thick double layered PUL.

Kasey Brighton, IA

Similar to and even better than Best Bottoms!

Buttons vs. Best Bottoms reviewFirst thing I want to mention: Best Bottoms inserts are compatible with Buttons diapers! LOVE this, because I prefer hemp inserts and Buttons have not made a hemp insert yet. (Speaking of inserts, I prefer Best Bottoms inserts over Buttons inserts – the Buttons inserts bunch up more than Best Bottoms do.)Double gusset awesomeness.Buttons covers (2 layer PUL, just like Best Bottoms) are SO soft even though they are thicker and more durable than 1 layer PUL covers. Best Bottoms are also 2 layer, but are much stiffer and noisier – if you pat baby’s bottom with Best Bottoms on, it’s loud, I know that sounds like a silly thing to rate a diaper on, but I much prefer my diaper options to be more discrete/quiet.Buttons covers are slightly stretchy, whereas Best Bottoms aren’t for the most part, so I feel like I get a better fit with Buttons.Buttons covers are less bulky than Best Bottoms – this says a lot because Best Bottoms are some of the trimmest diaper systems out there! Buttons is even trimmer, I think due to the fabric being just that much softer/moldable.Buttons covers seem to last longer than Best Bottoms. I have a Best Bottoms cover that I purchased the exact same time as a Buttons cover – the elastic in the Best Bottoms cover has relaxed while the Buttons cover still looks like new.One of the hip snaps on one of my Buttons covers is starting to lose its snapping capability, however, my baby has an unusually trim waist and we’ve been using the same hip snap since she was 6wks old, she is now 8 months old. I just use other snaps, so while slightly irritating, it’s not that big of a deal at this point as I know we won’t be using that snap much longer anyway. I haven’t contacted Buttons yet about possibly replacing the snap – I would like to replace it since I plan on selling these once she is potty trained. On this same cover, there is also a small tear on the PUL on the inside of the diaper at a snap that holds an insert, this tear happened within a couple months of purchase. Doesn’t cause any leaks since this is a 2 layer PUL and the tear is basically under the snap – you can only see it when unsnapping an insert. I do not have any tears in the PUL on the Best Bottoms diapers, so Best Bottoms PUL may be more durable. (I still prefer Buttons and still consider them a 5 star cover. My other Buttons covers are slightly newer, but have had no issues with them in the months I’ve used them and believe this is an isolated problem with just the one cover.)I have this in Pebble (probably my favorite), Green (not apple), White, Light Blue, and Purple (my other favorite). I really wish they had their original colors still available – the new colors are cute, but I wish I had bought Strawberry when I had the chance, it was so pretty.We rarely have leaks, but I have noticed we leak more with Buttons than with Best Bottoms (prior to the elastic on BB stretching, that is) and I think it’s because of the fabric on the PUL – it seems to wick more moisture than the Best Bottoms fabric on the PUL. Again, I still think Best Bottoms are better – the softness and trim factor makes this acceptable to me and not a big deal since we don’t have leaks often. If we do, it’s usually my own fault for not adjusting the insert well enough or making sure the insert isn’t peeking out through the gussets.In addition to Buttons and Best Bottoms, I have a Rumparooz cover, a Lotus Bum cover, and fleece covers. I also have fitteds (which I also like a lot), pocket diapers (my least favorite), tons of flats, some prefolds. I always grab Buttons first. Always.*** UPDATE ***My baby is 9 months old now and crawling all over the place. She does get slightly irritated on the tops of her thighs from the PUL that is exposed to her skin and rubs there when she moves. Once I realized this, I just started tucking that part of the “wing” in so the outer fabric is what rubs there, not the inside PUL. Simple and does the trick. Just wanted to mention this in case anyone else wanted a simple fix for this scenario.

Amie Melmore, OH