C.R. Gibson Bound Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First 5 Years, Lulu

C.R. Gibson Bound Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First 5 Years, Lulu

Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First Years includes more than 30 archival quality, acid free and lignin free decorative pages to collect and preserve memories from pregnancy through baby’s 5th birthday. Includes page with prompts that help you remember to record important events and lots of space to save photos and memories. Page titles include All About My Mommy, All About My Daddy, Family Tree, My Arrival, My Homecoming, Visitors and Gifts, Watch Me Grow, and so much more. One page for each month the first year and two pages for each year from 2 to 5 with additional space for First Day of School, and space to journal family stories. From the Lulu Collection, Anna Griffinand#8217;s signature pattern created exclusively for CR Gibson, Memory Book cover features an embroidered flower accent and photo frame amidst patterns in shades of soft pink and green. Book is 9″ x 11.125″ and arrives boxed ready for gifting. For almost 140 years, starting with the creation of the very first baby book in 1898, families around the world have depended on C.R. Gibson as their number one provider of products that celebrate life’s most cherished moments. Understanding the importance of preservation and craftsmanship, CR Gibson products offer a tradition of excellent and quality. CR Gibson’s commitment to excellence can also be seen in their commitment to design. CR Gibson sets a standard for style that reflects today’s top fashions while creating a timeless treasured keepsake.

Main features

  • With pages that prompt you to record events and milestones as well as give you room to journal
  • CR Gibson’s keepsake memory book makes it easy to create a personalized baby book that will be treasured
  • From lulu by Anna griffin for CR Gibson
  • The memory book cover features an embroidered flower accent on patterns in shades of soft pink and green
  • A frame to display a favorite photo
  • With pages that prompt you to record events and milestones as well as give you room to journal, CR Gibson’s keepsake memory book makes it easy to create a personalized baby book that will be treasured
  • Memory book features superior editorial content with artistic details throughout more than 30 pages to record baby’s arrival, homecoming, family tree, first day of school and more
  • From lulu by Anna griffin for CR Gibson, the memory book cover features an embroidered flower accent on patterns in shades of soft pink and green and a frame to display a favorite photo check out the entire lulu collection
  • Bound memory book is 9″x 11.125″and arrives boxed ready for gift giving
  • CR Gibson has been preserving family memories for 140 years, and no memory is as special as that of our children

Verified reviews


Don’t fall for the reviews here

Sadly, I read the reviews here and thought that this book would be awesome. It’s too bad you can’t flip through them to see what is actually inside. It seems that people here have never seen a good baby book.There is very little detail in here. They don’t have spaces for so many things that better books have. They don’t have lists of milestones that you can look for in your baby so you just have to write down whatever you remember. Better books will have a list and then you write in the date.It basically just has a bunch of blanks, which is fine if you know what you are looking for, but when I look at my baby book and my husband’s baby books from when we were young, there are so many things I would never have thought of to write in this book and I can’t remember all of them now that my son is 5 months. I wish I hadn’t ordered this book.If you want a good book that is well made and actually has the detail that a baby book should DO NOT GET THIS BOOK. I suggest this one: Our Baby’s First Seven Years (by Mother’s Aid in Chicago). Make sure you find the one that is not ring bound.I’m sad that these reviews duped me. This book is terrible. I’m giving it 2 stars because it was nice looking. The content deserves a 1.

Eunice Greenfield, TN

After months of not deciding on a book, I bought this one

I read a lot of reviews until I finally bought this book for my daughter. I have to say I am pretty pleased with it. It is not loose leaf which is what I was looking for. It’s also very very girly. The only thing that I think could be better is to have more space for the birthday parties from ages 2-5, but it’s still cute. Part of the reason for me being so hesitant to settle on one is because I was wondering what the pages of information are like. So I typed them up real quick. Bellow is a complete list of all the pages in this book:-1 page All About Mommy-1 page All About Daddy-2 pages Family Tree-2 pages Mommy & Daddy are having a baby (when you found out you were expecting – date, OB’s name, due date)-2 pages for baby shower + pictures & momentos-1 page It’s About to Happen (when labor started, etc)-1 page It’s me! (time of birth, weight, eye color, other stats, & a picture)-1 page for birth certificate, hospital bracelet, and SSN-1 Handprints/Footprints page-1 Birth announcement page-1 Current Events page + spot for a newspaper clipping from that day-2 pages First day arriving home-1 page The World Around Me (who the president was, hit tv shows, books, fashion trends, etc)-1 page for The price of.. (house, gallon of gas, diapers, etc)-1 page Pediatrician’s office visits-1 page Immunization chart-1 page per Months 1-12 milestones with room for picture (place to fill out about sleeping paterns, new discoveries/accomplishments, and places visited)-1 page for Growth chart (dates, age, height, and weight %)-1 page for First teeth-6 pages full of Firsts (bath, tooth, friend, haircut, word, smiled, sleep through the night, stood by myself, etc)-2 Pages for My First Vacation-2 pages of Holidays & Celebrations-2 pages for Favorites (toys, best friends, favorite color, favorite babysitter)-2 Pages all about My First Birthday-1 Page/picture for My Second Birthday-1 Page/picture for My Third Birthday-1 Page/picture for My Fourth Birthday-1 Page/picture for My Fifth Birthday-2 pages for My First day of School-Letter from Mommy page-Letter from Daddy page-8 pages in the back for additional photos & momentos. Complete with areas to write memos inI hope that helps.

Adeline Land O Lakes, FL

Love this book

My mom kept a wonderful baby book for me that kept info from when I was born through college. Of course, I can’t find anything like that anymore, but this book has been a wonderful substitute. It is very cute and has lots of places for pictures and other information. I kept hoping to find a list of the pages somewhere, so here it is for those interested:- All About Mommy and Daddy pages – name, birthday, where born, school, talents/interests, traits that baby inherited, pictures- Family tree w/ picture- Having a baby pages – when discovered pregnancy, due date, doctor, reactions, spreading the news, celebration, mommy picture, sonogram picture, heartbeat, movement, cravings, weight gain for Mommy and Daddy, books and classes- Baby shower and pictures- Birth Day – labor began at__, lasted ___, born at, delivered by, reactions, people there, picture, baby name, meaning, birth date/time/day, weight, length, eye color, hair, looked like who- Birth certificate, hospital bracelet, SSN, hand and foot prints, birth announcement- Current events when born, newspaper clipping- Going home – day, weather, outfit, address, decor, activities, picture, visitors, gifts/cards- World when I was born – president, movies/actors, TV, songs/musicians, books, fashion, sports, technology, family pastimes, Prices of gas, house, car, computer, movie, babysitter, milk, diapers, stamps- Watch Me grow – pediatrician, address, phone, blood type, first and subsequent visits (date, purpose, treatment)- Immunization Chart- 1st month milestones – height, weight, sleeping patterns, eating habits, new foods, discoveries, accomplishments, places went, friends, baby babbles, picture (this continues through 12 months)- Growth chart – date, age, height, percentile, weight, percentile- First teeth – date, dentist, dates teeth first appeared, dental checkups- Firsts – slept through night, smile, found hands/feet, laughed, clapped hands, rolled over, sat up crawled, ate solid food, stood, first step, sang along, waved bye-bye, danced, spoke, dressed myself, drew a picture, wrote my name, 2 pictures- Pictures and descriptions of first smile, tooth, bath, friend, haircut (before and after), steps- New Adventures – first outing and where went, first trip to zoo, shopping, library, movies, plane/train/boat, picture- First Vacation – where, with, stories, pictures/mementos- Holidays/celebrations – special holiday, first celebration, what wore,what did, traditions, who was there, pictures- Favorites – toys, friends, lovey, colors, songs, babysitter, foods, stories, TV, picture- First birthday – how celebrated, who was there, gifts, spot for invitation, photos (this continues through 5 years)- First Day of School – school attended, what wore, teachers name, number of classmates, favorite part, friends, after school, photos (3)- Letter from mommy, letter from Daddy- Reasons why I am so Special – space for notes, keepsakes, photos on 8 pages

Francis Majuro, MH

It is beautiful and perfect as a baby girl baby book!

I looked for a while for a baby book for my infant daughter, even before she was born. I found this one and it is so elegant and pretty – I wanted one that wasn’t too "cute-sie". This is perfect! It has great guiding questions and fill-in-the-blanks plus room to write and put pictures to capture the early days, weeks, months of your baby girl’s life. Also, a page for each year starting ages 2 – 5. Very pleased!

Cathy South Shore, SD

Terrific Book

Wonderful book, lots of pages for info and pictures. It is bound so you can’t remove anything. 🙁 But overall very nice. I like the “Letter from mommy and daddy” in the back.

Martha Fall Rock, KY

Wanted to love it

I had read great reviews on this book & decided to buy it. I loved the sweet pea design of the book. Also loved that you could personalize the book by putting your baby’s photo in the cover slot. The book does have some nice pages like 1st vacation, holidays, immunizations, etc. It is nice that it provides a page for years 2-5 in addition to birth to 12 months. Some of the pages I found to be too much to complete—like world leaders, world events and etc at time of birth. There is a page for newspaper clipping from day of birth. I wish I had opened the book and looked at it before the baby’s birthday. Since I didnt plan on this, I didnt have a newspaper clipping saved. Downside to this book is that most photo spaces on the monthly pages are only 2.5×2.5inches. This is super tiny.

Reyna Middletown, NJ

Not impressed!

I loved the C.R. Gibson memory books I have seen in stores. I read reviews and purchased this one online. I was not impressed at all. I actually went to Babies R Us to purchase a different one and will chunk this one. It is pretty, but the print is so extremely light I do not like it.

Melva Bassfield, MS

Neutral & perfect

We were “team green” and I wanted to have a baby book ready for footprints at the hospital once our baby was born. I looked for the perfect baby book, and am very happy with this purchase! I like that there is space for footprints and announcements. I gave it 4 stars only because there are always pages that other books have and yours does not, but I am happy with it, and would purchase again for my next baby!

Michele Kellogg, ID


I had purchased a baby book at a local bookstore however, as we picked "Noah’s Ark" as the baby room theme. Ordering a second book online made me nervous because I couldn’t see what the pages. However, I am very happy with this purchase the pages have the same if not better categories then the first book I purchased. The only CON I can think of is I wish the book had at least one pocket for things that should be with the book. I want to keep the ultra sound CDs and pictures with the book but now there is no place to keep them. Overall though I’m really pleased with this book and I hope I can find someone who can use this other book (the benefit of writing in light pencil).

Paulette Logan, UT


I was on the hunt for THE perfect baby book, it had to have just the right look to it (think shabby chic, not disneyfied) and this book is just right. It has all sorts of fun pages to fill out (pages about mom, about dad, about the world, birthdays, doctor’s appointments, firsts) and even though my daughter is about to turn 3, I still have some things to fill in (which I love). This is just the prettiest book!

Sofia Copalis Beach, WA

This baby book covers it all

I bought this as a gift for my best friend and she loves it. It’s got categories for everything and each page is beautifully designed.If you’re looking for down to earth mommy reviews of baby products and parenting advice for the first year of life, make sure you visit the website, AllMomsArePerfect.com. It’s got crib and stroller buying guides, what to bring to the hospital, and what to expect in terms of recovery for mom after delivery.

Geri Floresville, TX


I bought this when I was pregnant with my daughter. It’s a pretty book, but I couldn’t use some of the pages in it, like the baby shower page, because I didn’t have one. I wish there were more spaces for the little milestones, but it doesn’t include a lot of them. I also wish there was more about my pregnancy. I ended up wishing I had just made a scrapbook instead of purchasing this. I still just might.

Bonnie Vernon, UT

It’s a gift!

Did not open plastic package, just opened the cardboard and I can see it’s a nice/ quality product. Always a great experience shopping at amazon.com.

Kelli Deadwood, OR

I love it

Very good quality, very useful, i love this book and i highly recommend you buy it. Go for this book.

Octavia Mount Holly Springs, PA

Very nice book

I got the green C.R. Gibson memory book for my son and had loved it so when I found out we were having a girl I went to get the same one in pink. I am very sentimental and I love filling these out with little stories and all the details about weight, height, firsts etc. Hopefully when they are older they will enjoy reading through their books.

Rhoda Leeds, ND

Great baby book

I got this because it was the most similar to the one I had for my older 2 children. The pages are cute and there is a full page for each month’s developments. I think it is an easier version of a scrapbook and very appropriate for either gender.

Alexandria Wadsworth, NV

A great book

I love this baby book. It looks fantastic and has soothing colors. There is plenty of room inside for lots of information and photos. Look through it before baby is born because there are parts to do before the birth. I have the coordinating book in pink for my daughter and bought this while pregnant with my son. A great keepsake!

Darlene Queensbury, NY

Good quality, beautiful book!

Such a beautiful album. I was hesitant that without seeing it before buying that I’d regret it. Not at all, I was pleasantly surprised with how detailed the book is. The attention to detail and quality of the book are great.

Kerri Gloucester, MA

exactly what I was looking for

this album is exactly what I was looking for. First of all, the design is very cute, but not too "cutesy" or cheesy. It has all of the pages I was looking for (from family info, pregnancy, day of the birth, monthly pages, yearly pages, and more), and I like that it has prompts and you just fill in the blanks. As a new mom, I don’t have the time or brain-power to write down every little thing I want to remember, and this helps me to know what to record, and has a nice neat place to put it. I have had it for 7 months now, and have had an easy time keeping up on filling it out so far. Would definitely recommend this!

Janie Ellston, IA

good quality

Cute book and has things I wouldn’t have thought to include which is nice. Some of things aren’t applicable like new foods I tried in baby’s first month, but overall what I wanted.

Rosemarie Kersey, PA

Pretty perfect book

The pages are a little more generic than I was expecting. But I still love the book and all the memories it will hold.

Madeline Cambridge, MN

Cute but falling apart already

Although this is a cute baby book, I didn’t heed other reviewers advice to my own peril. When this book arrived, the raised oval border on the front that goes around the baby picture was already coming unglued. While I suspect this can be re-glued easily, this is a major disappointment in the quality of this item. Especially for the price!!

Madeleine Lometa, TX

Just what I was looking for

This baby book has everything I was looking for. A nice history of mom and dad, lots of pages about the pregnancy and birth, a page for each month of the first year of her life, and then pages for her birthdays. Also, a chart for immunizations. I used to love looking at the baby book my mom kept for me and hopefully one day my daughter will enjoy looking at hers. I especially like the little photo frame on the front cover. Very cute!!

Marci Wayne, MI

best baby book ever

This baby book is wonderful. It is the cutest one that I have found, so classic. It doesn’t have any gaudy or obnoxious graphics. It’s just classically cute with pastel pink colors. There is another review on here that has a list of all of the pages in the book. I reccommend you check that out to see if it is what you’re looking for.

Cynthia Healy, KS

Buyer Beware!

I had to return this product TWICE because it was all banged up and scratched both times. The second time around, it looked like it was dropped on the corner, because it was completely squashed in. I loved it so much, however, that I searched for it elsewhere and purchased it at a boutique online store. It wasn’t as cheap as the Amazon price, but when you are going to put in so much effort to fill out a book for your baby, you want it to be as beautiful as it was meant to be!The book is absolutely lovely. The colors are muted, the pattern is classic, and the prompts are thoughtful, yet open-ended enough so you can make it as personal as you want it to be. This book is amazing, beautiful, and great quality. If you don’t want a cartooney book, this is perfect for you. Just be warned that if you purchase it from Amazon, it may not be as pristine as you expect!

Catalina Mount Jackson, VA

Book looked like it was a return…

I love the baby book, what I don’t like is being sent a previously returned item. The packaging for the book was obviously opened and resealed sloppily. There also was dirt on the book. I am going to see if I can clean it off, but if notI will be returning it and ordering directly from c.r. Gibson.

Jeanne Chisholm, MN

Very nice baby book!

Love this! This is the second baby book I bought for my son because the first one did not have enough room for all the baby details I wanted to put. Very nice looking book and I love that you can put a photo in the front. The price was great as books at the “baby stores” are pricier.

Adela Pinole, CA

Very cute

It took me forever to find a baby book that I liked, but this one is better! I love that you can put your own picture in the front andit has such cute design. I like the yellow with the pink. Love this baby book!

Gilda Hines, OR

Great for new mom’s that aren’t too crafty

I’m not the homemaker mommy. I’ve tried and I don’t have it in me. But this book was perfect for me to quickly update month by month without stressing out about feeling like I’ve left something blank. I had a different book for my first child and I felt so bad because there were so many blanks in his because there were so many questions that were silly or didn’t apply to my child. This book is short and sweet but covers all the major areas. I would purchase this as a shower gift in a heartbeat.

Billie Lawley, AL

A Beautiful Album

We ordered this album for our first child, our son who we are expecting in 2 weeks. I am pretty selective when it comes to style and content. This album is very nice looking and it seems the events it highlights are appropriate and heartfelt. We ordered the Jack style (yellow, green and blue) and I must say the colors are subdued and can be used for a girl or boy. The exterior cover has a scrap book feel to it, making it unique. The interior pages are tastefully designed using classic patterns like, polka dots, stripes and paisleys. The content seems to be kid friendly and I am anticipating reading it one day to our boy like an exciting story. As of now, I believe that this book is very special and I cannot wait to start filling in our boy’s life events in it.

Roxanne Avalon, CA