C.R. Gibson Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First Year, Noah’s Ark

C.R. Gibson Keepsake Memory Book of Baby’s First Year, Noah’s Ark

Treasure your baby’s special moments and firsts – this Baby Memory Book makes it easy. This book features everything you need to track your baby’s development and story. These pages are each labeled for everything you may need, from a family tree to your baby’s hand print, you’ll be able to track everything about your baby. The cover features Noah’s Ark on a green striped background. The cover features a circular frame that can hold that perfect picture of your baby.

Main features

  • Keepsake baby book has 24 heavy-card-stock pages
  • Cover has a round frame to highlight a favorite photo and dimensional baby animals
  • Space for 11 photos on pages that include ‘introducing me; pages for a family tree, birthday memories, hand and foot prints, and the world
  • Book is 11″ X 9″ and has yellow, green, and baby blue decorations throughout
  • Give a gift that will become a treasured keepsake

Verified reviews


Very sweet

The pages are thick double sided pages, not thin paper ones, so it feels more sturdy. It has a few sections to slip pictures into that make it easier than just taping down a picture. It only goes through the first year, unlike some that then have pages for 2-5th birthdays, like the Carter’s one I have for my son. It covers the major milestones in the first year, but not much more.It’s fine for me, though, since I don’t have time to put a lot into it!

Esther Mentone, AL

Baby Memory Book !

I purchased this book for my daughter, who is expecting her first baby. The book arried in less than a week. The packaging was great ! Beautful and excellent baby memory book! My daughter absolutly love this book and am extremly happy that I purchased. 🙂 🙂

Alba Trevorton, PA

Love it

This book matches my little mans nursery perfectly. I got it to write down all the important things that he’ll go through once he’s born. I hope to remember to write everything down like all his firsts. I may be too busy taking a million pictures of him everyday. I cant wait for my little man to arrive! (35 weeks pregnant)

Stefanie Holland, MI

Adorable but not enough space for ‘keepsakes’

Great and affordable little album with a good quality finish. The feel and texture is more glossy than I like but its very pretty. The only downside – hence 4 not 5 stars – is the lack of pouches to put keepsakes like ultrasounds and photos or scrapbook-like mementoes. It only has one little envelope attached to the inside of the back cover that we filled with advice cards for mum in a jiffy at the baby shower this was purchased for.

Lenore Hematite, MO

I recommend this product

I bought for my daughter, who is expecting baby and she loved it. Soft colors and very beautiful. On-time delivery and very good price

Isabelle San Juan Bautista, CA

baby book

It has great topic pages and cute pics. On the family page it doesn’t have a spot to name a sibling though.

Katelyn Bourg, LA

Nice simple book

The only complaint I have with this book is that there is no place to put the names of siblings. Otherwise I really like how simple it is.

Kim Milbank, SD

Don’t buy this

This book sucks and I’m so disappointed that I even wrote in it because now it’s just garbage. There’s a lot of room for photos, but there’s NO special sections for major milestones like first tooth, first roll over, and it’s only one year and my others are 5 year books. This is just a big time disappointment. Family tree pages, a whole page of weight and length, baby shower info, cost and leaders at time of birth and first birthday- I feel like that’s not even the important stuff that your kids want to know when they’re older…

Melba Kendrick, ID

Nice book

This is a nice baby book but I wish there were more pages, and more spots for baby pictures. I like the jungle theme

Constance Pacolet Mills, SC

Simple, Easy to Keep Up With

Love, Love LOVE this baby book! Plenty of room for pictures, plus marks all of the major milestones for the first year. I didn’t want to have to deal with 70+ pages – I knew I would never finish such a project, but this book makes it easy to complete for your child, while including all the major stuff like growth, first holidays, family info, etc.Plus, the Noah’s Ark theme is absolutely adorable.Pages, by pairs:- inside front cover: introducing me (weight/height/etc; picture slot)- all about mommy & all about daddy- my family tree (takes up both pages)- baby on the way & showered with love- my big arrival & the other side just has spots for pics- birth announcement & my prints- the world around me & what things cost- picture of me w/my favorite___ & all my favorites- pic of me when I first___ & my famous firsts- pic of me at __ months & watch me grow (weight/height chart)- just two slots for pics & my special moments- two slots for pics & happy birthday to me!- final page inside back cover is for a pic of baby with family

Glenna Ijamsville, MD

Its cute

its cute but I would have like to have more blank pages and pictures sections some sections I thought were unneccicary

Constance Hopewell, NJ

Havyn ‘s baby book

Can wait for her to fill up the pages , so Havyn will have something to loo forward to see !gonna be amazing to see what he does to out in the book !

Caroline Allport, PA


More beautiful in person. Animals are actually textured, fuzzy. Feels very sturdy. Be sure to get a Sharpie extra fine tip marker to write with in this book; that is what I used. The paper is laminated just like my thank you cards were and I learned the hard way with those that every other writing utensil out there either smears or does not write at all! All in all a very adorable baby book!

Betty Detroit, TX


This book is beautiful and covers about everything you’d want to in the first year, but even when using a regular ink pen to fill it out, let the ink dry before you turn the page because the ink will smear a bit. A felt tip pen will require more drying time.

Coleen Mason City, IL

good book, needs more room for pictures

This is a very thorough ‘first years’ book but there isn’t a lot of room for pictures, it’s got a lot more written info space than anything. Still definitely cute with really nice thick pages and lots of room to include details about baby’s life.

Camille Minnie, KY

nice keepsake book

We bought this book for our daughter to match her big brother’s book (different design/same manufacturer), which we really liked. There is space inside for relevant information and a few pictures, but nothing too overwhelming. It goes up to the child’s 1-year birthday.

Fanny Gillett Grove, IA

Cute but not what I wanted

I saw this and thought that it was what I wanted. It was not. I wanted something that I could write a lot in and record a lot of my babies activities. This is more just of a picture scrap book, and not a lot of room for pictures too.

Faith New Philadelphia, OH

Love it

I love this baby book. I already filled it up with as much as I could and my baby is only 2 months old. Love the jungle animal theme.

Kellie Enfield, IL


I am happy with the appearance and quality of the book. I would recommend this book to others. The information stored is very orginized well.

Jeannette Sunset, TX

Great book

We did not use this book for my son, he received another book at his baby shower that fit his color theam. Yet, we like the book so much that we will keep it and use it for our next child. I would purchase again, the book does seems to have the quality to stand the test of time.

Betty Bassett, NE