Calmies – Natural Teether

Calmies – Natural Teether

CALMIES is an all natural rubber infant teething toy. Safe, soothing, sustainable, & multi sensory. Easy to grasp ball shape is a functional toy and developed by a doctor to provide relief while teething. “The Baby Calming Toy”.

Main features

  • 100% All Natural Rubber Teether
  • Helps Sensory Motor Skills
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Easy for Infants to Grasp – Calming and Fun!
  • Safe! No BPA, No PVC, No Parabens, No Phthalates

Verified reviews


Toddler likes it better than baby

Baby is mobile and doesn’t play with it much. Picks it up, drops it and moves on. Toddler likes to throw it and play with it more.

Polly Lyman, UT

3 month old likes it

I bought this for my 2 month old and at 3 months he likes it. He has more motor control now, so bringing it to his mouth to chew on is easier. I definitely recommend this as a natural toy for a baby. It’s chewy, squishy, and interesting for baby to look at and grasp.

Petra Alexandria, MO

I love it, the baby.. not so much

Although I love this teether and love that it’s all natural and safe for my little one to chew on, he’s not super crazy about it. Which isn’t the companies fault. Each child is different. He does hold onto it for a while though so it is a perfect size for little hands to grip onto. Easy to wash. Like most rubber toys, it does attract fuzz and crumbs easily. But again, easy to clean.

Nettie Nicktown, PA

Great texture/teether

The smell didn’t bother me like it did for others. I washed it, air dried it, and gave to my LO. She gnaws on it from time-to-time and likes to squeeze it. It’s super easy for her to grip – even before she developed her gripping skills. Also great to tether onto the stroller or carseat for her to play with. Would recommend.

Juana Canova, SD


My 7 month old son does enjoy this teether, not as much as his others (yet). He doesn’t have the dexterity to squish it flat and play with it, but I think he will soon. I love that its natural rubber and easy to wash.

Nannie Dana Point, CA


Our little one is not yet needing teether toys, but we gave it to him to try. Very easy to grip, and manipulate. His tongue was at work exploring it. Easy to wash. Can attach a nuk tether to it or other such cord to keep it at hand. Very pleased with this one. Only improvement I can see would be to sent it lol but it really is fantastic.

Lacey Wells, MI


It’s okay. He chews on it some. It is easy for him to hold. However, I have not been able to find a teether he really likes.

Juliana Waymart, PA

skip it

This latex has a weird white film on it. It seems easy to grab but when baby hands grip the ball it makes it awkward to chew. Skip this one. Go fir comotomo or natursutten star instead.

Mona Fairfield, PA

Great bath toy.

My son loves this. It’s easy to grab and chew on. He also loves rolling it around (he’s 5 months old). Also a great bath toy!

Shawna Elliott, SC

Five Stars

This is my baby’s favorite toy and teether!

Ericka Hatch, NM