Capri Stroller – Red Tech

Capri Stroller – Red Tech

The Capri Stroller is a smart idea; it’s waterproof, has a light aluminum frame, reclining seat, and secure harnesses. There are nice pockets for stuff, and a canopy that protects from sun and rain fairly well–all at no more than 10 pounds. You can even stuff it into an included shoulder bag when you don’t need it. In short, the Capri is pared down like a marathon runner and can store in a closet as well as an airplane’s overhead. Recommendation: this stroller is great for traveling with kids. But for everyday use we found that it came up a little short, with small wheels and minimal padding around the seat. –Diane Beall

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Lightweight and durable…!

I bought this stroller to use in the airport and back home visiting relatives. I love how sturdy this felt while being lightweight at the same time! It is durable, made it through two major airports, and bounced around our SUV. I love the 5 point harness since our 8 month old daughter is short and petite and I felt like the 3 point harness was not secure enough ( we had considered the Trendsport Light). The other stroller did not feel sturdy when we rolled it around the store plus our daughter looked like she would outgrow it soon.I recommend this to people looking for a lightweight stroller for the mall, walks in the park, and a backup in the car. Love the fabric and has withstood feedings and trips outdoors. Only thing I wish is we had gotten the one with the rain cover.

Christa Thurston, NE

Not great, but okay

We have a travel system and we purchased this stoller mainly for quick trips here and there. Our son attends daycare at a large community center and we also wanted something to helps us easily get in and out of the building. We purchased this stoller in blue and have been using it for about a month. For the first three weeks it seemed to get the job done. . . .it’s nothing fancy but it worked. Within the last week we began to notice that it was getting harder and harder to collapse and now the latch it stuck. I’ve called the company and we are going to return it and look into purchasing a different model.

Wilda Rocky, OK

hate the canopy

#1 BASKET – Tiny, but this is an umbrella stroller after all.#2 MANEUVERABILITY – Excellent.It rides great! Very smooth!#3 RAIN COVER/CANOPY – This is where my problems start. This canopy is useless. It doesn’t keep the sun out of my baby’s eyes, nor does it protect her from rain when she’s in a “reclined” position. The wire frame is ackward, and although I can get the canopy not to slide of the wires it’s still a pain to deal with it. I regret buying this stroller because the canopy is horrible!#4 FOOT REST – nice feature#5 STROLLER HEIGHT – Stroller bars are nice and tall so it’s easy to push this stroller.#6 EASY CLEANING – It’s plastic/vinyl so it’s easy to clean or wipe down.#7 RECLINING SEAT – Reclines by a few inches (by unzipping the zipper), not enough for sleeping but enough for comfort.#8 WEIGHT – Very light and easy to fold. It is sturdy enough not to tip over when I hang my purse on the back. But be warned – when folded it’s very long and it hardly fits in my trunk diagonally.I gave it 3 stars which is generous considering how much I hate the canopy!

Carla Chassell, MI

Chico Capri Stroller – stroll in style and comfort!

Now that our son is 6 months old, we just switched to the Chico Capri Stroller. We love how easily it folds up and have been impressed with how sturdy and comfortable it is. Our son seems very comfortable and happy inside, even on long walks. We just went on vacation where he spent several hours in the stroller each day and he was as happy as could be. The stroller worked well on all types of terrain and was easy to maneuver.The little basket underneath is nice to have, but don’t expect to cram too much stuff in there. (We also have him fully reclined, so in the upright position I’m sure you gain more space.)I love the canopy and the fact that it can bend downward to help shield their faces from the sun.I think this is a fantastic lightweight stroller I’m thrilled to have found something that I can easily take on the plane and use for hours on end while away.

Veronica Warroad, MN

Great compact stroller

I was in the market for an umbrella type stroller as I was going on vacation and my Graco Quattro took up too much room in the trunk. I didn’t want a flimsy cheap regular umbrella stroller and the reviews of this one seemed pretty decent so I bought it. First of all, it comes completely assembled which is fantastic! It is very easy to unfold and is very sturdy contrary to other reviews. My daughter is 31″ tall and 25 pounds and is very squirmy and it holds her just great. However, it took her a little while to get used to the shoulder straps as the quattro has a tray and she was not used to being so restrained. I find that if I take off the shoulder straps it still holds her in but she is able to bend over and grab the wheels so I wouldn’t recommend undoing the straps. The reason why I gave it 4 stars was because of the shoulder straps…only because my daughter does not like them, personally.The stroller is also very easy to fold up and has a latch which prevents it from opening when you pick it up. My quattro does not have this which is very annoying so it was a nice touch to the Caddy. I am also able to fit it in the front seat of my car rather than have it take up all the room in the trunk. It’s great for car vacation trips. It’s not as small as regular umbrella stollers when folded but it is much more sturdy as a result.Finally, I read other reviews of umbrella strollers with complaints that the handles are too low for tall people and your feet keep hitting the wheels. This is NOT true for this stoller. I am 5′ 8″ and the handles are just the right height even when I wear my platform sandles which make me 2 1/2 inches taller. Also, my feet never touch the wheels when I push the stroller.Great stroller for the price…buy it!

Kerri Frost, MN

Pretty Good All-Purpose Stroller

I was looking for a lightweight stroller that wouldn’t take up too much room in my trunk. I HATE large, clunky strollers, and never did get a full-size stroller for my daughter. Now that she’s 4 months old and holding up her head, sitting up supported, I thought she was ready for this stroller. I was pleased to find a lightweight stroller with a 5 point harness, since my baby is still little.I love that it has a shoulder strap, because I live in a second floor apartment. After a little practice, I can very easily open and close this stroller with one hand and a foot. So I can carry this stroller down the stairs over my shoulder with my daughter in both arms, and then unfold it while still holding her in one arm. I would NOT feel comfortable doing that with any other sroller.It’s a great looking stroller, too. I love the bright red, and it stays clean easily. The pockets on the side of the canopy are perfect for my keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. It’s true that very little will fit in the basket underneath, but I don’t really mind carrying my diaper bag over my shoulder. “Umbrella” strollers don’t typically have any storage at all, so I would probably have bought this stroller without any basket at all, and still not been dissapointed.My only complaint is that the handles are a little low. I’m 5’7″, and while the handles appear to be at a comfortable height for me, I can’t walk far enough behind the stroller to keep from kicking the wheels from time to time. My husband has an even worse time with it, because he’s 6′. But we’re getting better at adjusting our stride.

Taylor Fairfield, KY