Car Seat Undermat

Car Seat Undermat

By: Especially for Baby. Grippy surface helps to keep undermat in place. Includes storage pockets. Keeps travel items organized. Protects car upholstery Fits under Car seat LATCH compatible. Absorbs spills. Machine Washable 36 in x 20 in

Main features

  • Grippy surface helps to keep undermat in place.
  • Includes storage pockets.
  • Absorbs spills

Verified reviews


Not really useful

I think this is a waste of money. Not very useful. There are better ones out there.

Summer Weston, WV

Great on our leather seats –

We used this product under our Graco infant carrier car seat base and it worked wonderfully. Not only did the police officer who checked our installation not tell us not to use, he said it was one of the coolest things he’d ever seen. After he showed me how to really get that base in tight, the seat didn’t move it all. I think we could have lubed the seat with WD40 and it wouldn’t have slid around. At first I thought the coolest thing about it was the mesh container that hangs in front of the seat – a great place to stash used bottles, diapers, etc., but when we recently took the base out to install the next size car seat, we saw a bunch of caked on spit-up and other nastiness that never made it onto the leather, thanks to the under mat! Those having problems may just need to put a little more oomph behind their car seat installation.

Marcy Aurora, IA

Not as good as I thought

This product surely protects my leather seats but my car seat seat slides around on the seat when its in place. i’m taking mine out of the car today. I’ll try it again when my son moves out of the infant carrier and into the big car seat.

Sharon Longport, NJ

It is better than nothing

It is ok. It does protect my leather and have an organizer but I have an SUV and it runs tight and small.

Jasmin Woollum, KY

Not recommended by police officers

We had our car seat checked at the local police station, and the safety officer recommended that we not use anything under our car seat. In case of an accident or a problem with the car seat, using any additional product (such as this mat or an attached fleece covering) may void the warranty of your car seat!

Justine Willisburg, KY

Doesn’t Work Well

I bought two of these undermats and wish I had not. They do not "grip" our cars leather seats and cause the infant car seats to slide a bit. We had our car seats inspected and the police officers doing the inspection said not to use these liners. They advised us the us to use shelf liner. I instead purchased the Prince Lionheart undermat that has the same sort of soft tacky feel as the recommened shelf liner. It works the same and is more attractive.

Alma Elsmere, NE

don’t waste your money

I bought two of these and thank goodness BRU let me take them back. They did not grip our leather seats, and actually made the car seat slide around so I took them back, and 3 1/2 years and two more kids later haven’t felt like I missed them a bit. These are unecessary and really a pain.

Polly Kemblesville, PA

No More Stains On Your Seat!

I have three children so when I saw this product when we had our last child I bought it. I remembered all of the stains from the first two that we had a terrible time getting out. We do have a SUV w/cloth seats but still had trouble with the base moving. This solved our problem. Now the seat stays still and the handy storage is great for extra diapers in case you run out in your diaper bag! Worth every penny!

Gabriela Lake Oswego, OR