Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Gate, Black

Cardinal Gates Auto-Lock Gate, Black

The Auto Lock Gate (Model MG 15) A great gate for high traffic areas. The AutoLock gate features a patented latch that allows rapid pass through in either direction. Simply pull and twist the latch to open and to close, just swing the gate shut. This gate has quick and simple installation. The AutoLock gate is constructed of aluminum, which is lighter weight than steel and rustproof. The powder coated finish provides a long lasting easy to clean surface and is available in White and Black. Gate Dimensions: Gate width is adjustable 26″ – 40″, Height 29.5″ and Bar Spacing 2.5″, 10.5″ extension (Model BX1) is available for openings 40″ to 50.5″ 21.75″ extension (Model BX2) is available for openings 40″ to 61.75″

Main features

  • The Aluminum safety gate works great in high traffic areas, doorways, or at the bottom of stairs
  • The Auto Lock features a patented latch that allows rapid pass through in either directionJust swing the gate shut and door closes automatically
  • Has an optional stop bracket that prevents opening over a stairway for greater safety
  • Gate wdith is adjustable 26″ 40″ Height is 295″ 8″
  • The Auto Lock is made of aluminum and is powder coated which results in a beautiful but tough gate

Verified reviews


Almost perfect

We finally got the nerve up to drill holes in our nice new bannister to put up this gate. It works very well, but one of the welds on the bars was loose when we took it out of the box. Big disappointment. The good news is we called Cardinal and with less than two minutes conversation they agreed to send us a replacement. All we had to do was shove the old one in the box and slap on a UPS label. Overall, I think this is a good investment. In fact we just ordered a second.

Hilda Garfield, KS

so worth the money

Awesome gate, by far the best we have owned. Super sturdy, easy to open & close, high quality, hubby found it easy to install

Sherri South Cle Elum, WA

Awesome gate

We had this gate for 4 months now, we open and close it many times during the day and it held up very nice. I purchased this gate to put at the top of the stairs and I am very happy with it. It is very sturdy, extremely easy to use and install, never jams and generally works very well. The only issue with this gate is if you expand it all the way, there is a huge gap in the middle between the bars, so any baby can climb through it, beating the whole purpose of the gate. I mended that situation by putting heavy weight netting in that area, so my daughter can’t climb through.

Kimberly La Coste, TX

Solid but has flaws.

This is a solid gate for top of stairs that is easily opened with one hand. The problem is that if you don’t have a stud to affix the fixed rail then you will have it become loose over time and the screws will start to loosen from the drywall, because of the weight of the gate, and of course toddlers shaking it violently. The pull latch mechanism is supposed to be able to self close both ways and mine did for the first month, then only started to self close one way. It no longer stays in the open position when pulled to one of the sides, just slips back into closed. It also has a very loud bang when it self closes. So I try to close it myself when the baby is sleeping. There is no perfect gate out there. It also has a very large gap from the floor to the bottom of the gate (per instructions). my toddler tried to slip under it several times already, only the head can’t get through. But if you have a crawling baby, be careful.

Christi Elton, LA

this is THE gate!

Shop no further…This gate is the best. I bought 2 at a babyproofing shop because the lady said they were the best and she was right. They work great, and take a beating. I’m going to buy 2 more…

Emilia Christiana, PA

Great looking, functional and easy installation

I had been looking at gates for a couple months before our son started crawling. We needed a gate for the top of the steps leading to the basement. The builder left this open and finished the stairwell rather than putting a normal door to the stairs here. I knew we needed a hard-mounted gate and was surprised to see these are pretty rare in the seas of cheap plastic pressure-mounted gates. After reading the other reviews on this I decided it was the best fit for my needs. Points I found important:- Mounts with screws, as few as 4 for minimal damage to walls/posts- The design allows it to be mounted above the finished trim (no drilling in the trim)- All metal (I can easily see our little guy grabbing and shaking any gate we get)- White to match house (comes in black too)- Couldn’t be taller than 33″ or the hand-rail would prevent installationThe mount/hinge system is simple but effective. Instructions are good, one sheet (read it all before starting!). It comes with small plastic sleeves that fit over the hinge bar so there is no metal-on-metal for the moving parts (for the hinge at least). The hardest part about installation was leveling the door and accounting for a little sagging in the gate for placing the latch piece. There’s not a lot of room for error here so be sure to extend the gate and tighten the two screws that hold the gate pieces together before placing the latch piece on the opposite wall (you’ll see what I mean when you get it). Another reviewer mentioned he used pennies to add extra support for this. I ended up using a small 1/8″ thick piece of plastic that I cut up to fit. No potential for scratches on the gate this way. I used a small 6-inch level every step of the way. I found that I needed to adjust the bottom eye-bolt to push the gate out more on the bottom to be level (the top eye-bolt was screwed in all the way). This is the entire purpose of those eye-bolts, to adjust for leveling. I ended up using only 2 of the 4 screws for the latch plate since I was in a stud. I also used washers I had (for more surface area contact) and longer 1.5 inch screws to get through the drywall and into the studs. The included screws are only good if you plan on screwing this directly into wood (door frame). It does not come with drywall anchors. After a week of use I noticed the gate had settled a bit and my latch was now 1/8 inch higher than the gate lip resulting in them hitting each other each time the gate was closed. I solved this by finding small nylon washers (55 cents at Lowes) and put these on the bottom of the hinge, lifting the bottom eye-bolt (and therefore, the gate) up that 1/8″ inch I lost. The biggest con I can come up with is the latch piece. It works great, I’m just concerned about 2 years of metal-on-metal each time the gate is closed. After a dozen uses the paint was been stripped off the latch itself from rotating in the holder that it’s in. This is a trade-off of an all-metal gate I suppose. Overall I’m very happy with this gate and am confident it will last the 2 years it’s designed for (for kids anyway). The gates at Baby’s R Us have nothing on this.

Terra Marenisco, MI

I LOVE this gate – once we replaced the latch mechanism

I absolutely love this gate for what it is intended to do – to keep a large male German Shepherd Dog (adolescent) from running down stairs unsupervised. We had used plastic gates for many years, they were a real pain. I LOVE this Cardinal gate, it is far more stylish, it is far sturdier and it’s less likely to be climbed by a toddler.The con – the locking mechanism would not fit on our wall with the railing the way it is, and my husband couldn’t operate the latch with a hand disability. I found a standard magnetic cabinet latch at the local box hardware store; I then superglued the metal part to the gate and mounted the magnetic closer to the wall. PERFECT FOR OUR NEEDS. Do NOT try this with a toddler since the toddler will learn to pull open the gate. The dog will learn to open the gate too but by then he’ll be trained to stay out of things or so that’s the plan anyway!!Cardinal’s customer service is 800-318-3380

Isabel Westminster, MA


This is a fantastic gate and yes you do have to install it to the wall, but there are no bars on the floor to trip over and it is solidly built. The extensions attach permanently so there is no wobble in the gate. It’s easy to operate one handed and with minimal effort, gate can be taken off the hinge when not needed. We just purchased our second one of these gates.

Maggie Hesston, PA

Best gate I’ve ever owned

We’ve gone through a lot of gates over the years between dogs and kids and this one is by far my favorite. Unlike a lot of gates, you can swing this one open easily and it doesn’t have a bar to trip over. All of the components are very sturdy and metal. No plastic to break off. Feels very secure. It is easy for an adult to open and it can swing in either direction or you can set it to open in one or the other direction only. We chose to have it swing both ways. I want to replace all our other gates with this one.

Rochelle Binford, ND

Awesome gates!

We purchased 2 of these- one for the top and bottom of our stairwell. They are solid and well built. It took my husband about half an hour to install them. The bottom of our stairs have wooden posts, so he just added some plywood on the inside and attached it to the wood instead of screwing directly into the posts. Works perfectly!

Nicole Whitehouse Station, NJ


This product fit our narrow hallway perfectly. We live in a 1930s house and have a steep staircase to the upstairs and a curved bottom step. Couldn’t figure out how to get a baby gate to fit without removing the baseboards. Because we could install the handle for this underneath the railing, it worked great. Our son is now able to do the stairs just fine, so we removed the pin and took the gates out. Left the bracket on one side in the event we have another one and need to have the gate access.

Jesse Lucien, OK

Easy and secure gate

There was a gate installed from the previous owners of the house (a KidCo Safeway Gate) but we lost one of the parts plus getting that gate open was a challenge even with two hands. The auto lock gate is sturdy metal and I’m really liking the auto lock feature. The gate swings shut into a locked position without any assistance. Opening the gate can be done one handed fairly easily, but I think it’s difficult enough to prevent my baby from letting himself down the stairs. Installation was quick and simple involving drilling a few screws into the wall. I used some longer screws instead of the packaged ones that came as part of the drywall anchors I purchased separately.

Karen Dexter, KS

Great Gate

This is a good quality gate and I like the one-hand operation of the locking mechanism. It takes some time to install and get the adjustment fine-tuned but it works perfect once adjusted.

Maude Sparta, NC

Cardinal Gates

This is the only gate I would buy. After researching I decided to buy this gate. So glad I did.

Gabrielle Allgood, AL