Cardinal Gates Banister Shield 15′ Roll Clear-REMOVE BLUE PROTECTIVE FILM

Cardinal Gates Banister Shield 15′ Roll Clear-REMOVE BLUE PROTECTIVE FILM

NOTE: REMOVE BLUE PROTECTIVE FILM! Product is crystal clear! MADE IN THE USA! The Banister Shield banister protection is for indoor use only. Keep children and pets safe from openings in banisters and balconies. A durable, shatterproof crystal clear plastic roll is 33 inches in height. All necessary hardware included for easy installation. NOTE: This product is BPA-free. Recycle #1. REMOVE BLUE PROTECTIVE COATING! Product is 100% clear!

Main features

  • Remove BLUE protective coating when installing
  • Product is crystal clear
  • Adds protection to openings in banisters and balconies
  • 33 inches tall
  • Cannot be torn by hand but may be cut with scissors

Verified reviews


Keeps baby safe, looks like plastic all over your bannister.

My baby hasn’t fallen through the wide gaps in our bannister since we installed this! This is exactly the outcome I was hoping for! Looks like a bannister shield. It is not invisible. As I do not live in the year 3013, I do not expect magical, invisible forcefields to protect my infant, and I was not surprised. Keeps baby safe, looks like plastic all over your bannister.My husband and I installed it in about 30 minutes.

Sharlene Danville, CA

Worked great as a temporary solution for our loft

Worked great as a temporary solution for our loft. The plastic shield was very sturdy & kept our children from being able to get through the spindles which were much too far apart. We have since replaced all the spindles & brought them to code, but this was an excellent solution in the meantime.

Patty Hermon, NY

Wonderful so far!

We moved into a house in which the banister spindles are not up to code, and they’re located on both floors of the house. They are VERY far apart. I insisted we mount this in all areas where our toddler could squeeze through without our knowledge. It’s been mounted since February, and so far has stayed put, and accomplished the goal.Be aware that to be fully effective, the edges have to be permanently mounted somehow. We chose to screw the in where there is a wall, and to use plastic tie wraps where there is an end spindle. It took a VERY long time to install these, but they are worth it. I can do what I need to do while my toddler plays without having to worry that she’ll take a huge fall.

Eve Reeder, ND

Did the trick.

It’s clear until your spawn get their grubby paws all over it. Installation wasn’t easy but wasn’t rocket science either. A bit time consuming. Works to keep cats and kids from squeezing through the bars of our landing.

Lana Haxtun, CO

BEWARE the plastic isn’t clear at all!

It’s do the job but i’m so disappointed the products look different than the pictures. The plastic isn’t clear at all.

Nan Honeydew, CA

Useful for other baby proofing applications

I live in a real log cabin so the walls are kind of rough and a kid could get a splinter or peel bark. I got this to line the lower portion of the walls and it was perfect. I just stapled it to the wood and it has held up. It’s been up a year and so far, so good. My son hits it and it’s still standing and looking good. It keeps the logs in view but safe for little ones. I was able to cut it easily with scissors too for a custom fit. It’s a great child proofer

Erica Hatboro, PA

works, but doesn’t look great

This product works for what it’s intended for, but it really doesn’t look great. You have to punch holes in it with a provided hole punch, then use zip-ties to secure it your banister spindles. I really am not crazy about the way they look. Also, it needs to be screwed in at the ends. In our case, this is a wall on one side, and into the woodwork at the other end. I’m not happy about having to put screws in the woodwork, but the other railing net we’d bought had the same solution. So it’s not just this product. The clear plastic shows finger prints really easily. All in all, I’m not thrilled, but I haven’t found any better options.

Kaye Geronimo, TX