Cardinal Gates Clamp, Spindle

Cardinal Gates Clamp, Spindle

Cardinal Gates Spindle Clamp The Cardinal Gates Spindle Clamp is made of solid wood and designed to be sandwiched around two spindles in a set of very small spindles. Oversized – 8″ wide. 1 clamp per box. Made in the USA. Features Made of solid wood Oversized – 8″ in width Designed to be sandwiched around sets of small spindles Saves fine woodwork from damage 1 clamp per box To hold spindles together 2 clamps are needed per side of the gate Made in the USA

Main features

  • solid wood clamps are oversized and 8″ in width
  • designed to be used around a set of very small spindles and sandwich around two of the spindles

Verified reviews


Unfortunately, it’s necessary sometimes.

I needed this to mount a gate at the top of my staircase. It should really be cheaper to make on your own, and if you’re slightly handy, you can see what you’d need to make it. It just keeps the staircase from getting ruined. So, it does what it’s supposed to do. I would rather NOT have to pay $16 to buy two of these, though. They should just come with the darned gate.

Hattie Bedford, IA

Thank heaven for these clamps!

These clamps enabled us to put a gate at the top of our staircase, which has a pedestal on BOTH sides. I was very skeptical about this product, but I was desperate to find something for our stairs after my husband’s research yielded nothing that looked good. The reviews on this were pretty good and I felt the price was not a rip-off like a couple of other products I’d seen, so I took a chance, and I’m so glad I did. I followed the instructions in the PDF file and ordered 3 round clamps and 1 square, and it worked out great. We purchased a cardinal gate once we were able to install all 4 clamps. I’m so relieved I have a top-of-the-stairs gate!

Ollie Otis, CO

Convenient, but be careful

I did my research, so I knew these would fit around the posts that we needed to attach our gates too. I appreciate the convenience of this product (we did not have to buy different size bolts or anything), but be very careful when tightening things up. This wood seems very soft and we had two sets split from tightening too tightly. You just have to go slow to get it tight enough to hold but not so tight that the wood splits. Otherwise, easy to install and use and has held up great (the 2 that didnt split) since installation.

Alyce Kellogg, IA

I think they’ll do the trick

I haven’t installed the gate yet, but I did hold these against the railing to see how they fit. I’ll have to buy new screws, as other reviewers have mentioned, but I think they’ll work.

Lucy Bodega, CA

Should come with it.

I rate this low because it should come with the product and it’s cheap material… Overall, the install went well and it does hold. If you are handy, you could easily pick this up at the hardware store. I would also state that this should be painted. Why would they sell such a beautiful gate with ugly connectors…

Adriana Whitney, PA

Cardinal Gates Clamp

This round clamp is a life saver if you are like me and dont want to drill into your nice wood banister posts.

Molly Thornton, WV


Stupidly…I bought two of these regardless of other reviews about the bolt being too long and useless. IT IS!!! I even went and bought fully threaded bolts and it just doesn’t work right. I have a wrought iron railing and they aren’t all that thick. This may work better on thick wood posts or something but not sure. Still…I think its a waste of money. I ended up using zip ties to attach my bracket to the railing like someone else mentioned and that works PERFECTLY! Very secure, no damage and cheap!! I sent these back. Don’t be like me and listen to the reviews!

Geraldine Stratford, CA

Serves it’s purpose..but

I missed the review that said not to buy if you have small spindles. I was able to get it to work though, without the other half circle part and just using the one, and the flat piece. I also had to use different screws because the ones provided are only threaded on a very small portion. In my opinion, not worth the price. For all of the modifications I had to do, it would’ve been easier to make something myself with a two by four and some screws, and 1/4 the price. BUT, if you have large spindles, it should work the way it is. The description should specify the size.

Jan Kelly, LA

worked for us

Our posts are the right size so the included bolts worked for us. It took me a while to install, for some reason if I had one screw in there I couldn’t get the other one to thread. Finally I had to sort of thread the bolts side by side, I think if the angle isn’t exactly right they won’t thread. It took FOREVER to get these things on and tight. In the end they seem to have worked fine though, you do need to buy 2 of them to install one gate. Would buy again.

Reba Strafford, MO

Awesome solution for a non-tension, no screws in banister gate

We needed a gate for the top of our stairs; a tension gate wasn’t an option, and we hoped to avoid drilling directly into the banister. These clamps work AWESOME. We were able to put up a pretty sturdy gate without permanently messing with the banister. We got 4 of them and paired them with one of the Cardinal gates. I recommend this solution/system often.

Mari La Belle, PA


I don’t understand what the gripe is all about posted by other shoppers. This gate clamp saved me lots of time and headaches when installing the gate. The whole installation took no more than 20 minutes.

Addie Rentz, GA