Cardinal Gates Door Guardian, Brass

Cardinal Gates Door Guardian, Brass

The Door Guardian effectively childproofs your exterior doors, providing peace of mind for you and your family. This lock resists forced entry and effectively secures, reinforces, and childproofs exterior doors. Use the Door Guardian on any exterior or basement door. The Door Guardian helps prevent wandering in groups like sleepwalking children and seniors who require supervision. The door Guardian works double duty as both a security device and as a childproofing lock. Durable and attractive, the heavy duty door guardian features rugged metal construction which will complement any decor. Available in 5 finishes, this model is white.

Main features

  • Helps prevent unwanted exits from the home
  • Easy to install
  • Rugged metal construction
  • 12x stronger than a deadbolt resists forced entry
  • Available in white, brass, satin chrome, antique brass, satin nickel

Verified reviews


Great product. Helps me feel safe

Great product. Helps me feel safe. Also, keeps the kids in.

Reba Hermann, MO

Perfect for toddlers!

I have 3 kids under 4. They do not have stranger danger yet. So if I’m changing a diaper, making lunch or something else that needs my immediate attention & some one comes to the door I need to make sure the older two do not open the door. These are perfect!!!! They can not open the door if some one rings the bell & it gives added security if some one tries to break in. If someone wanted to get in there is no way they could kick the door in, they would have to break a window. This also doesn’t put any holes in the door & is hardly noticeable. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made!!

Kristy Richardton, ND

Prevent the kids from opening the front door!

These are great, they are aesthetically pleasing to look at (no chains). I had a set on the previous house for several years with no problems. I purchased mine through Amazon Warehouse as Like New, and it had scratches, which sucked, but expected. It did come with super long screws that wasn’t the standard because the color didn’t match with the lock, its was fine and I didn’t have to purchase extra screws.This have been helpful in preventing the little ones from opening the door, hopefully its strong enough to keep out the intruders.

Doris Brookings, OR

Nice child lock, but required a bit of work to install.

Very nice childproof lock. I got the brass color, which is an antiqued gold color, which goes well with our existing hardware. We had to notch out a portion of the door to install, which we did not expect. It’s basically like a really high deadbolt.

Hollie Unionville, OH

Buy This!

I am going to be putting these on all of our doors that lead outside. It is easy to install, and super easy to operate. I drilled mine into the top of the door frame on the side where the door knob is, and I feel the door is very secure. I originally wanted just one to baby proof a playroom door, but I love it so much I am putting one on all of the doors that lead outside for extra security when I am home alone.

Lesley Hallock, MN

Keep it up high!!!

My barely 2 year old figured out how to open this on his first try. However, we keep it way up at the top of the door so he can’t reach it. It’s very quick and easy to open, and my toddler can no longer open the door for strangers.

Anna Marshallberg, NC

sometimes it seems locked but it’s not

We bought this as a child safety device and as added home security. Our intent was to keep our toddler son from running out the front door into the street.Pros:- easy to install with a drill- magnetic feature makes it more secure- can install at top of door, out of reach of child- not uglyCons:- magnetic part can make it difficult to unlock- sometimes it seems locked but it’s not

Maricela Sheridan, MI

Perfect, simple and easy.

With a metal door I was not sure how I would secure the door that my toddler would love to run out of. Luckily I found this and it works perfectly. Easy to use and highly recommend.

Angel Forked River, NJ

Caution if you have casings around your doors

This product is designed to work best on doors where the casing is flush with the door surface, not too common. If you have a casing around the door you will not be able to get the door guardian installed with the strike touching your door unless you chisel out a large portion of your door casement. Cutting into you casement might not be a problem if you want this for intrusion protection and you own your home.This product is close to being perfect for renters because the only holes are a few screw holes in the door frame that are covered by the door. Remove it when you leave and the landlord will never know. Unless you have the casing problem.Thankfully I only need this to prevent my toddler from escaping the house. So I was able to install it flush with the casing which leaves a gap between the door and the strike. This will allow you to open the door 1/2″ before it hits the strike but then you are stopped. Not great for preventing forced entry but more than enough to prevent child exit.The unit feels solid and well made, i expect it to last. Installation was a breeze minus the casement issue.Update: I’ve added a product image to show what this looks like on my door with a 3/4″ casing.

Angela Orrville, AL

Feeling safe and sound

Perfect lock.Much better than those door chains, and looks better too.I test it on my garage back door. I only used one there, and I could not break open the door even if my life depended on it, and I’m 5’9" 220 pounds pretty fit.I put 2 on my front door and now have a great piece of mind knowing that probably only a car driving through my front door will break it open.I recommend this lock to all my friends and family.Also looks great with any of the finishes it comes with.

Brenda Texola, OK

Worked for our garage door, but not the front door

We bought this white Door Guardian to attach to our front door as a safety mechanism now that our 4YO knows how to unlock and open our front door. Unfortunately, our front door is sealed so tightly that there is no room to attach this Door Guardian. We have a brass Door Guardian on the door to our garage and have used it for a couple years now and it works great. Easy to install. Keeps the door secure. Easy to operate (once you know how) – we’ve had more than a few friends baffled by it, but once we explained that you pull it to the left and then, towards yourself, it is really easy to do.

Lupe Stringtown, OK

Looks nice, installed easily.

When our 2 1/2-year-old figured out how to open the front door I bought two of these for our front and back doors as extra safety. We live on a road where people routinely go 20 mph over the speed limit and we are also at the top of a hill with limited visibility when approaching from either direction. I needed to know she couldn’t get outside. These seemed pricey but fit our needs and I love the added security they offer as well.The locks are heavy and feel solid. I bought a white one and a brushed nickel, they both look great but the white did have a small mark on it in the package. It’s not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. My husband installed one lock in 5-10 minutes, the second one we did need to chisel the frame a bit to get it to sit right but even then it couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes to install. We’ve tested them with some pressure and they’ve held up well. The way they’re installed I think they would hold up if they were ever truly tested but for our main purpose of keeping our toddler in they will definitely work. You have to use a certain maneuver to unlock them so even if she scales something to reach the lock she probably won’t be able to unlock it. I think they were worth the money. I have peace of mind!

Sheryl Story, WY

Very secure, awesome product

Installed these on all exterior doors, kids have real trouble opening them even trying to escape using a chair. Very important with a pool in the backyard with small kids, very small price to pay for this kind of secure safety. Just get in the habit of locking it every time, no matter what and it will do the trick.

Patti Hellier, KY

Great Product!

I have been using these for many years. Fabulous for apartments! Lock from the inside, and no one can open it no matter what from the outside. They would literally have to knock down your door. It is very easy for my son to attach, and love that it now comes in different finishes! I hope I never have to be without one!

Ofelia Hancock, MD

Keeps your little ones inside

The Door Guardian is a great product for keeping little ones inside a home. We have one installed on our front door and it is very effective and easy to use. So how is this different than a standard flip lock, which may cost around 1/4 the price of the Door Guardian?We have several of these standard locks and will use them when lock certainty is less important. First a standard flip lock uses shorter screws, limiting the security of the attachment to the door jam. Sure you could buy extra screws for the flip lock, but that is an extra step and does costs extra (still nowhere near the Door Guardian cost). Two, the Door Guardian is made with much more robust steel – I can’t speak to the steel quality, but the lock has substantially more metal, which I must assume adds to the stability of the device. Third the closure mechanism is more solid. I have found standard flip locks can be rattled out of position is the door has enough play.Beyond security, the Door Guardian offers better aesthetics than a standard flip lock. Also the Door Guardian seems less likely to cause damage to the door that is being locked. Additionally, the Door Guardian can be used with door frames that flare out (where the wood thickness increases as you move away from the door). This is due to the fact that a standard flip lock needs to open to about 270 degrees (or to parallel to the wall – or in the opposite position to closed when mounted). The Door Guardian has an angle built into the device that allows it to sit on these angled frames. If you are confused by this explanation, please Google “Door Guardian installation instructions”, find a PDF instruction manual, and look at figure 2B. I have been unable to attach a standard flip lock on these types of door frames without damaging the frame (becuase the frame prevents the lock from opening all the way). The last thing I would say about the Door Guardian is that it has a very easy one-handed operation. Standard flip locks are very easy to use as well, but I have found the Door Guardian a little bit easier to operate.Installation requires a 1/8″ inch drill bit for the two larger screws. If your door does not have enough space for the screw plate, which is 1/16″ inch, you may have to chisel off some material from the door frame to recess the screw plate. A short explanation of this: pencil the boarder of the screw plate on the door frame; remove the screw plate and use a chisel and hammer to create a 1/16″ inch groove along the inside of the boarder that you penciled in; chisel in a grid of grooves in the inside of the boarder; and chisel away the interior of the grooved area moving from the boarder groove inward until all the material is gone. The grooves will prevent splintering and removal of excess door frame.

May Clopton, AL

Very solid product

I got this for child proofing a door that is leading to the basement. I’m very happy with this product. It was easy to fix to the door frame. It’s a solid product. We’re thinking of getting another for the front door for child proofing/burglar proofing it.

Lacey Anthony, NM

Great product

Easy to install, looks great and no one can tell it’s a child proofing device.Note: This product works like a deadbolt. You can only lock/unlock it from the inside. So it will not automatically latch when you close the door, or if you go out someone has to lock it again from the inside.

Dora Waterbury Center, VT

Perfect an inexpensive peace of mind

Our front door had only a deadbolt, single lock and our granddaughter whom is two knows how to unlock and open this door. The guardian does involve installation using a screw driver and possible a drill into door frame but it is awesome in peace of mind and security. It is also not as ugly as using a lock and chain. You just might want to not install it too high up, just in case of a fire. It takes a little practice on opening and closing but that is easily accomplished even with one hand. If you look them up on the internet you can watch a demo video.

Kate Pond Gap, WV

Great product

This has been a godsend for us. We’ve been worried about our toddler opening up the front door. Once we installed this, it’s been no worries. It was super easy to install and easy to figure out how to work.

Rosa Palos Park, IL