Cardinal Gates Kid’s Edge Metal Hearth Guard, Taupe

Cardinal Gates Kid’s Edge Metal Hearth Guard, Taupe

Cardinal Gates Metal Backed Hearth Guard-Taupe Cardinal Gates Metal Backed Hearth Guard clamps onto the fireplace, giving the hearth a protective edge. It‘s crafted to securely hold onto the hearth without damaging it. Features Pad is adjustable to fit hearths 54″ to 92″ Double backed adhesive holds it in place Made of nontoxic material Soft and durable Fire-resistant Can be easily cleaned using rubbing alcohol Free from latex and phthalates

Main features

  • Metal-Backed Hearth Guard clamps onto the fireplace
  • The pad is adhered to a telescoping frame
  • Frame adjustable for hearths 45″ – 76″ A 24″
  • Metal Hearthguard colors are black, brown, gray, taupe and ivory

Verified reviews


Works great even with extension

This feels very solid even with the extension we used in it. Some products seem to get weaker with extensions, but this one seems fine. I’m not worried about our baby pulling it off like I would with an adhesive mounted pad. She uses it to pull herself up all the time, and it doesn’t budge. Good product.

Brenda Noble, OK

love it

I installed this with an infant on the floor and my husband at work – it’s perfect. Dont get anything else!

Deloris Lyons, NJ

Better than expected

This guard offers a nice padding without being too bulky. The installation really was pretty easy and even the cutting of the additional cushion pieces wasn’t that difficult if you follow the instructions. It seems to be secured tight enough that our kid won’t be able to pull it off or bump it and loosen it. This gives us some peace of mind when our toddler tumbles around the brick corners.Luckily the brick on our fireplace is a light tan color and this guard matches is perfectly. You can’t even tell it is on there.

Jamie Port Townsend, WA

Great product, we own 2!

When I did my initial research for baby proofing our hearth I was disappointed to find poor ratings for every pad based product I found. For some reason this product never showed up in my search. Feeling defeated I ordered a very expensiveNorth States Superyard 3 In 1 Arched Decor Metal, Matte Bronzeand installed it around my fireplace. The gate was effective but took away from the beauty of our fireplace.As my son got older and started visiting his grandparents more I became nervous about the similar raised hearth in their home. I knew my mother-in-law wasn’t going to allow me to install a huge baby gate around her hearth and I honestly wasn’t looking forward to shelling out a ton of money again. I was very close to ordering theKidkusion Hearth Kushion Taupeand gluing it to the hearth like one reviewer suggested. However, just the idea of gluing something to my in-laws fireplace made me uneasy. I finally stumbled across this metal hearth guard and I ordered it immediately.Out of the box I was impressed with the construction and design. You really get what you pay for. Unfortunately, the first guard we received was missing a spot weld on one of the corner brackets which made it impossible for the guard to tighten properly on the hearth. We sent it back to Amazon and got a replacement the following week. Once the replacement was installed I was thrilled when my almost two year old walked up to it and tugged on it. It didn’t even budge.Sitting at home for a few weeks I became jealous of my in-laws open fireplace while mine was gated. I finally gave in and ordered my own hearth guard. I am so much happier now that my fireplace is free from its jail!

Tisha New Castle, DE

Great for uneven stone hearths

I was worried adhesive pads would not stay on our stone hearth due to the very uneven shape of the stones, so I tried this guard. I ordered the Brown which is a medium brown color and actually looks great with our beige stone hearth and latte-colored walls (Behr Stone Brown). The installation was a little tricky since you have to cut the pads to fit (the metal frame underneath slides to adjust) — I did not get a perfect cut and you can see the seams between the pieces of pad. I also had a hard time getting this to lay perfectly flat against the hearth, but it is close enough that it does pad all the edges and stays put. A determined child might be able to pull on it and loosen it, but my son has never tried and we’ve had this for about 8 months now.

Shelia Howard Lake, MN