Cardinal Gates Window Warden, Off White

Cardinal Gates Window Warden, Off White

Leaving windows open and unlocked is now possible thanks to the Cardinal Gates Window Warden. Developed by PCA Design this unique window guard allows windows to open up to a maximum of 4″ but prevents them from opening further. Enjoy fresh air safely, great for children and adults who need supervision. Works on most double hung windows, sliding windows and sliding doors. Not intended for casement, awning, or hopper-type windows. This product is a deterrent, not a substitute for proper adult supervision. Discontinue use when child becomes old enough to defeat product. Each pack includes 2 Window Wardens instructions, and all necessary hardware for installation. Available in off white.

Main features

  • Adds measure of security to window without sacrificing fresh air
  • Easy to install on most windows
  • Easily removed by adults in case of emergency
  • Compact, neutral design complements any decor
  • Fully code compliant to IAW International Residential Code, sec R612

Verified reviews


Avoids screwing anything into the sash

These are very easy to install, and since they fit in the track, don’t need to screw anything into the window sashes. We’re using them on Andersen Woodwright 400 double-hung windows.The manufacturer confirmed that for fall prevention, you only need to use one per window, so a single package of two takes care of two windows. If you’re using it for security, they recommended using two per window: one on each side.

Christine Price, TX

Product is Just What I Needed

This product works perfectly for my window. I live on the third floor and was concerned my child with special needs would soon figure out how to open the window and would fall. This product was easy to install yet difficult for little fingers to figure out how to remove. Unlike some window safety products, it is discreet. It isn’t the most durable looking product and probably would not withstand the force of an adult who is trying to force a window open, but if you’re trying to prevent a child from falling out a window, it is more than sufficient.

Essie Ray Brook, NY

Could not use these

I have single hung windows with metal frames. I guess they’re aluminum but I was unable to drill the necessary holes. I used a new bit but the main problem was that the space I needed to reach into to drill was too deep. Maybe an extra long bit would have worked but I don’t own one so I just tossed the locks in the trash. I’m going to buy the tried and true kind of lock that clamps on the edge of the window frame using thumb screws.

Sophia Martinsville, MO

Installed on 1 Andersen 400 Series Tilt & Wash, Back to Buy 15 More Sets!

My wife and I were looking for a simple, effective, and aesthetically unobtrusive solution for the windows in our home. We have 3 little ones 4 years old and younger, and it is impossible to keep track of them all. The 4-year-old has figured out how to unlock windows, and we needed something to keep our peace of mind.Before jumping in whole hog on this solution, I thought I would buy one set and install it. When I say “set”, I mean that you get 2 devices per purchase. Reading the instructions, one would think that you could get by with just the left side OR right side of your window secured, but we intend to install the locks on BOTH sides of each window for extra peace of mind. Consider it double security, we figure, and it’s worth the extra money. As for installation, these could not be easier to install. Just secure the small bracket for each device in the window slide rail with the supplied wood screws (2 per bracket, 4 per window, if you use 2 devices per window like us). The screws will go through the bottom of the slide rail and into the wood frame around your window. Visually, you can hardly even notice these devices. Off white works great for us, as our Andersen windows have an off white slide rail. We are very pleased that one has to look hard to even notice these devices. Unlocking them is a little tricky, WHICH IS THE IDEA! Adults will have no trouble, but a toddler or small child would have difficulty understanding them. On our Andersen tilt and wash windows, the locks come into contact with the top of window right where the clips are located for tilting and washing. I am not concerned about this, however. The device still works as it should to stop the window from being raised beyond the level you set.So, as the headline indicates, these locking devices passed the 3 pronged test for us–simple, effective, and aesthetically pleasing. I’ll now be installing them on all the windows in the house. I would recommend them to anybody considering a window locking device for double hung windows.

Kristine Kimberly, WI


We bought a new house that has single hung windows and no child locks (our other house was double hung with child locks). We have small children (obviously) so opening their windows at all made me really nervous. These are perfect. They were easy to install and they do exactly what we were hoping they would do. I also like that you can put them wherever you want. For example, my husband measured our 2 year old’s head and put it up a little higher than recommended, which allows for some extra air circulation. I also like that they’re easy to remove in a fire, but not easy for a child to remove. We haven’t had any problems with our kids trying to get around them or breaking them, but they understand what they’re there for. We were mostly looking for something that would prevent accidents, not something our kids could abuse.

Callie Brady, MT

Good for closet door

We actually bought this to use on our young daughter’s sliding closet door. It feels a little flimsy, but she doesn’t pull on the door hard so it’s okay. We’re getting more for the other closets to keep her out of the Christmas presents and whatnot 🙂

Ilene Mount Hope, WI