Carry You Siena Stroller Snack Tray

Carry You Siena Stroller Snack Tray

Carry You Siena Stroller Snack Tray With so many convenient ways to use the Siena Snack Tray, its hard to imagine a trip out without it! It features: * Deep tray to accommodate toys and snacks * Sippy cup holder inside tray * Adjustable width to hold various items * High quality lead-free & pvc-free fabric construction that is 100% washable * Non-skid backing to keep tray from sliding on bumper bar * Lightweight and soft for ease in transporting and storing * Velcro attaches securely around stroller’s child bar * May be attached on the inside or outside of the stroller bar. Whether you are giving a snack while shopping at the mall, offering a selection of toys, or trying to keep a blanket close by, you can add ease to your travel plans with our versatile snack tray.

Main features

  • Deep tray to accommodate sippy cups, toys and snacks
  • Adjustable tray for plastic containers with Velcro to secure containers in tray
  • Non-skid backing to keep tray from sliding on bumper bar
  • Lightweight and soft for ease in transporting and storing
  • Made with water-resistant material

Verified reviews


Very useful, a bit bulky

It attaches easily and comes in very handy when going out with the stroller. I even used when traveling to Belgium last month. It’s fits tons of baby articles. It’s a little bulky but I still like it. It’s not a big deal. The material is durable and washable but it attracts lots of lint so if you’re going to use a blanky in the stroller, this will definitely get pilly. The only other bad thing is that it is so easy to detach that my baby just rips it right off the stroller and it gets annoying. Other than that it’s still a great product.

Clara Limestone, ME

Stroller add on

I bought this to add a snack tray to my Micralite Toro stroller. It was easy to install and fits securely without slipping off. It works very well for holding sippy cups or other large items.The issue with it is that all of the compartments are very deep. My son’s arms are too short to reach to the bottom of the compartment (he’s less than a year old). This means that I can’t put cheerios or other small snacks in the tray, the way you can for the rigid trays that come with most strollers. However, since my stroller didn’t come with a tray, this is still the best option.

Claudette Modeste, LA

Not a good fit for us

We have a Combi sport side-by-side stroller and I’d hoped this would be a nice spot to stow sippy cups but it’s not a good fit for our stroller. It’s hard to make a one-size-fits-all product and it is well-constructed. Mine arrived with an upside-down logo for which the company gave me a small rebate, so I’m please with their customer service. For now, I’m hanging onto it until I can either find a use for it or until we no longer need a stroller, whichever comes first.

Deidra Leesburg, NJ

Fits Bugaboo Stroller Handle Well

It fits our Bugaboo Frog stroller handle well and washed well in the washing machine. If the company went one step further and used mesh material allowing the junk to fall out vs. stick in the crevices it would be perfect.

Lesley Freeport, ME

On Peg Perego Si Stroller

Our small Peg Perego stroller doesn’t have an option for a snack tray, so we needed something that LO could put snacks and drink cup in when using stroller. Took on vacation (cruise and WDW) and it worked perfectly. Does hang on LO legs when they are sitting up, but didn’t bother our child.

Goldie Prescott, MI

Does the job

Shape is awkward so anything put in isn’t that secure. You can’t fit a snack bowl firmly in and it covers a majority of their legs when attaching it to the front of your stroller.

Malinda Springs, PA

great addition to phil & teds stroller

i got this for my p&t dot stroller – i have a baby jogger city mini that has a hard tray and both my son and i miss that on the p&t but this caddy works alright in the absence of a hard tray. it fits a juice box, some matchbox cars, his sunglasses, snack bag, and more (ive never filled it to capacity) and it doesnt really sag and he doesnt hit his legs on it. i can also attach toys to the middle strap with lots-o-links for my infant, that works perfectly. we like it 🙂

Noemi District Heights, MD

Works for us…not perfect, but pretty good.

We have an older model Inglesina Espresso, and the only thing we don’t like about is the lack of snack tray. This gives us the ability to put our baby’s cup and some snacks for her to eat in the tray to approximate a built-in tray. It’s not perfect, but it’s good enough – and the advantages of our Espresso outweigh the disadvantages, so this is a good combo for us.Pros:Fits our Espresso bar, and is the right size to still remove/replace the bar without taking it offDoes not interfere with the folding of the strollerIs deep enough to keep her cup from falling outHas adjustable tabs to tighten up the opening if neededHad plenty of room for snack cups and toysVelcro for fastening the tray to the bar is very tough and holds well.Seems durable.Cons:It does sit on my daughter’s legs, which doesn’t seem to bother her, but makes getting in/out a little more difficultIt doesn’t work well for loose snacks – like a handful of cheerios. I keep snacks in a snack cupIt doesn’t really “wipe down”, since it’s a fiber.We think this is a good solution. It’s not perfect, but I think it’s fair for what they promise and for the price.

Olivia Plainview, TX

Great addition for strollers

The velcro is really sticky and they worked great for us. I would recommend these if you need one for your stroller!

Tameka New Hope, VA

Perfect for strollers that only have a bumper bar

I bought this for my Valco Baby Snap Stroller. It fits perfectly! No sagging and doesn’t sit on the child’s legs, like the Diono one (Sunshine Kids) does. My 2 year old is very happy with it. Holds Hot Wheels, snacks, and a sippy cup. It folds up perfectly with the stroller as well. Very secure. Best of all, take it off and toss it in the wash when it’s dirty. I do air dry it though, just in case.I would purchase it again!

Jade Beaver, OR

need more changes pls!

It would be more useable if they put a bendable/hard string around the snack tray to hold the bottle and snack with out hanging low or sitting on kids laps..its kind of flimsy just the the Diono snack holder by carry on!

Henrietta Seal Beach, CA