Carseat Canopy Baby Infant Car Seat Cover w/Attachment Straps and Minky Fabric

Carseat Canopy Baby Infant Car Seat Cover w/Attachment Straps and Minky Fabric

Carseat Canopy products are made for “year-round” use. Fabrics are not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter. Each one of our canopies has bold, fresh, cutting-edge prints on 100% cotton outers with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors. We’ve got your baby covered!

Main features

  • Fits most makes and models of infant car seats (Minor alterations may be needed on some makes and models.)
  • Adjustable attachment straps allow for a custom fit
  • Fabric is not too heavy for summer and not too thin for winter
  • 100% cotton outer with soft, snuggly, lovable 100% polyester minky interiors

Verified reviews


Awesome product!

Looks very stylish, fabrics are great and overall quality is excellent. Keeps baby cozy and protected. Velcro straps attach perfectly to our britax b-safe seat handle.

Tessa Bellingham, MN

Get this cover or one like it!

If you have your child between September-June in the Pacific Northwest, then you will need this.We get a lot of rain and wind.This was the perfect answer. Good quality, easily washable.Kept my son warm but not sweltering.Some other models offer a window, but I find you can just fold the side a little and you’re able to watch your child while they are still shielded from light, wind, rain, nosey people at the mall…

Jaime Plattsburg, MO

Very nice, but you can get it cheaper with coupon codes.

I love my carseat canopy! My sister-in-law had one, and I liked it so much, I had to get one for myself. I bought it from the company and was able to use the coupon code to get it for just the shipping cost of $12.99. I’m glad I didn’t spend any more money, because the stitching isn’t perfect. It’s good, but not something I’d pay $40-$50 for. I’ve also used it as a nursing cover and blanket to lay my baby on when I was in a pinch. It washes up easily and fits nicely over my Chicco Keyfit30 carseat.

Silvia Ogden, IL

Pretty good, but not perfect

PRO:-loving the pattern. although some would consider the outside fabric to cause dizziness (i don’t argue), i love it because it seems to be gender neutral, modern, urban, unique, expensive and so very eye-catching.-the blanket is long enough to fully cover my Chicco car seat from end to end… and hang a little bit more past my baby’s feet.-the velcro straps provide a loop long enough to slide the entire blanket along the handle from one side to the other side of the car seat.-the blanket’s width is slightly short to allow a little air circulation.-the inner side is a minky raised dot fabric that is soft to touch.-it seems to fit any type of car seat because it doesn’t hug the edges of the car seat rim.-unlike some car seat covers, i can hold the car seat handle from the side or from the top. other car seat covers seem to cover most of the handle except for the top. this is important to me because i walk with the car seat leaning on my hip with handle at my elbow, rather than car seat near my feet and my hand on the top of the handle.CON:-the outer cotton layer seems rough. maybe its supposed to be durable/waterproof to all the elements?-not heavy enough to withstand even gentle wind. i live in san jose in CA, a city not known for its wind. while walking through a parking lot, a slight wind surprisingly caused my car seat cover to be disheveled.-my little baby appears to heat up easily in general. currently, i live in 70-90 degree weather. with this cover and inside a residence of 80 degree room temperature, i can feel the heat being trapped under the blanket inside the car seat. i don’t know if a regular blanket would trap the heat similarly, but i know that a muslin blanket would not cause this issue. so, this cover is probably much better in the winter months.VERDICT: great baby shower gift. functional/useful, but maybe not useful all year round.

Deanne Littlerock, WA

Use all the time – Best gift I received

As a newborn, it was great for keeping the baby covered. Not it is great for extra shade and for naps on the go. Received it as a gift and now it is my go-to baby gift for other people.

Kerry Beaumont, TX

Great product!

LOVE this! We had been using a cozy cover but my child is 3 months old now and it no longer fits for her. This product fits our Graco car seat really well and the material is great! I love the soft underside of it and it’s great for protecting my baby from the harsh cold where we live.The only thing I wish was different is that it only sits over the end of the carseat, it doesn’t cinch around the car seat at all. While the material is heavy enough that wind won’t just blow it around, I live in MN and we do get heavier winds in the winter that I worry about. Other than that, I really like this product!

Clare West Elizabeth, PA

a good buy

I bought this to replace the blanket i used to cover my baby when he is in his car seat. I wanted something that was made well and this product was good material and the way that it was made.However, the only thing i would have liked changed for this product is I would have liked it to be a size bigger if possible. When i put it on and attach the straps It does not cover the entire car seat and I can see my sons feet, but it is nice and I still use it along with my son who delights in pulling it off to chew on it when I’m not looking.

Young Ben Lomond, AR


I love this product. It’s great for the summer time, when it’s sunny out and the sun light are in their face.

Leslie Husum, WA

Super Cute!

It attaches really easy. Nice fabric and I really like the pattern. Good weight, not too light or too heavy.

Muriel Burton, WV

Thank you

It serves the purpose to keep your baby warm for winter and also fall! It is also thick and very soft.

Marisa Kilmichael, MS