Carters Easy Fit Jersey Portable Crib Fitted Sheet, Pink

Carters Easy Fit Jersey Portable Crib Fitted Sheet, Pink

Create tender moments in your baby’s nursery with this Carter’s easy fit jersey portacrib sheet. The jersey cotton sheet provides extra softness for your baby’s comfort. It’s crafted using 100% cotton with reinforced corners for a secure and premium fit.

Main features

  • 100% Cotton
  • Imported
  • Tailored fit to standard crib mattresses
  • 100% jersey
  • Reinforced corners
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Great portable crib sheets!

Having allowed the movers to pack away the sheets that we purchased with our Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper (the Original one) and not having access to them for awhile meant I needed to find something else. The one regular crib sheet I have doesn’t fit the Co-Sleeper, though I wasn’t honestly expecting it to, but my son is old enough that I could get away with it temporarily. However, I wanted proper sheets for it that wouldn’t bunch up and be a pain to use. I looked for the actual Co-Sleeper sheets for a bit, but couldn’t ever find them at a good price or in stores. And knowing the measurements for the Co-Sleeper mattress, several of the other more “generic” portable crib sheets I was finding didn’t sound like they’d be as good of a fit as I wanted. Or else, they were 100% polyester/synthetic and I could just see them being icky to sleep on.I’ve had good luck with a lot of Carter’s products in the past, so I decided to go ahead and try these. I’m really glad I did, as they’re fabulous. They’re nice and soft, wash and dry really easily, and fit the mattress of the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper perfectly. (The Original Co-Sleeper mattress is 26 inches by 38 inches, if anyone is curious about the sizing of what I’m putting the sheets on.) The measurements for the sheets are a bit less wide than that according to the product information (they’re supposedly 24 inches wide), but they certainly don’t appear to be too small when put onto the mattress. Obviously, whether or not they will fit a different portable crib is going to totally depend on the size of its mattress.I would highly recommend these though, as they were a good price, and have held up well so far. One thing I will mention is that there are no slits of any sort in these sheets for any straps that your portable crib might have to attach the mattress to the crib, meaning they’re probably better for when you’re using it as a crib instead of a bassinet. (Since that’s the primary time I worry about making sure the mattress is secured with the straps.) You will also most definitely want to wash them before using them, if that’s not already something you’d do, as they smell rather strongly of the plastic packaging when you first pull them out. Don’t let that deter you though – they really do wash and dry quite well. I’m really glad I went ahead and tried these!

Hollie Windham, NY

Perfect! Fits Graco Pack ‘N Play On The Go Travel Playard (Go Green).

This sheet is fantastic. We are using it on theDream On Me 3″ Foam Graco Pack ‘n Play Mattressinside theGraco Pack ‘N Play On the Go Travel Playard, Go Green.It is thick enough, and soft enough, and it fits the mattress and crib perfectly.It seems like it would probably fit many different kinds of playard mattresses.

Crystal Mc Leod, MT

Pack and Play sheet

EXCELLENT product. Fit my Graco pack n play perfectly and washes up beautifully. i would recommend this over the american baby ones if can afford the extra cash.

Robyn Fort Davis, AL

great quality as always from Carter’s

I’ve used this for my child’s daycare crib, and it’s stood up well to nearly a year of daycare spills and regular washings. Nice and soft, no pilling.

Sarah Lawrence, PA

Soft & fits well

This crib sheet fits very well for my portable crib our granddaughter uses when they are visiting. Washes well, very soft, snug enough to be safe but not too hard to put on.

Alice Lena, WI

Perfect for Graco PackNPlay

We use this with our graco pack and play and it fits perfect and the color goes with most neutral bedding and themes. It washes easily, doesnt shrink, and seems like it will last a long time. we have been using it four months and it still looks like new.

Madge Waverly, NY

Perfect for Graco Pack and Play

This is by far the best sheet for the pack and play. It fits perfect, is soft, and washes well (no pilling!) I’ve also tried the Circo sheets from Target (too small) and Graco quilted sheet (not soft and did not wash well). Definitely recommended the Carters sheet!

Nichole Greenville, WV

VERY cozy

This sheet is GREAT for babies! It’s soft and feels more like flannel almost – VERY plush and soft. Carters is great ANYWAY, but they really increased their rating with me with this sheet. A definite must for your baby!

Allene Verona, WI

Good sheet

This fits our portable crib mattress perfectly, and is of pretty nice quality. The price is right, so I don’t mind ordering a few to have extras. Good buy.

Michaela Tonawanda, NY

Nice soft sheet that fits

This sheet perfectly fits the 3x38x26 inch Dream on Me mattress. The sage one is a really nice soft warm green color. The sheet is good quality, holds up well in the wash, and has elastic all the way around to help it stay in place.

Chelsey Clara, MS

works with Arm’s Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper

This is a very huggably soft jersey material that is a perfect fit for the Arm’s Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper. It’s also half the price of the official Arm’s Reach one so it’s a no-brainer.

May Farmington, CT

These are ok for portable cribs and worked in my Pack n’ Play

I bought this sheet for the portable crib at daycare, and it works fine. It’s pretty thin material, is already showing signs of wear after two weeks, and I’m not sure how long it will last though, which is why I’m only rating it 4 stars. I was surprised that it also fit my Graco Pack N’ Play!UPDATE: Been using these for a few more months and have been pretty pleased with how they have held up. Surprisingly durable!

Janie Nineveh, IN


Purchased for my new granddaughter’s pack n play. Fits perfectly, doesn’t cause the pack n play mattress to curl up. Will probably purchase one more for a spare.

Evangeline Riley, KS

Excellent crib sheet that fits the Graco Pack ‘N Play

It is so confusing to buy baby sheets online! You never really know if it’s going to fit your mattress depending on what brand you have. This sheet *definitely* fits the Graco Pack ‘N Play as I’ve used it numerous times for it. It also fits on a standard ‘mini-crib’ mattress, as my son uses these at daycare and they have your standard mini-cribs. I think the dimensions of the sheet make it look like it won’t fit, but trust me, if it’s a standard mini-crib mattress, it’ll fit. They are nice and soft and they wash well. Another quality Carter’s product.

Katrina Skokie, IL

Finally, perfect for the Pack N Play

I went through many pack n play sheets, even the kind made by Graco, and these were the best for my baby. The Graco kind were too small after washing/drying. These do not shrink, fit the full-size pack n play perfectly, are very soft, and are reasonably priced. I am very happy with this purchase and will be purchasing more in the future.

Patrica Gurnee, IL

Fits Graco Pack N Play bassinet

We have the Graco Pack N Play "On the Go" and the sheet fits the bassinet feature fine. Easy to wash, stayed soft.

Jocelyn Cool, CA

Very Nice

Nice, light, jersey sheet. Soft/comfortable to the touch. These sheets are used at my son’s day care. I’m happy with this product.

Meredith Salem, IL

Nice product

This is exactly what I was looking for. Fits the pac and play mattress well and is nice and soft.

Valarie Des Plaines, IL

A Bit Snug

I washed this sheet before using it and it still fits, doesnt slip off, but is a bit snugger than I like.

Isabelle Bishop, TX

Dream on Me 3in Mattress

Just like the title says, it fit the Dream on Me 3in mattress that we use in our Graco PackNPlay perfectly. Just wish there were more colors to choose from.

Sandy Charlotteville, NY


This is very light weight and soft! works great for my Graco Pack n’ play. I would recommend and buy again.

Velma Millbrook, NY

Perfect fit

This fitted sheet fits the mattress for my Pack N Play perfectly. I highly recommend these sheets, in fact I ordered more.

Lawanda Holton, MI

Great crib sheet.

Fits very well, nice and soft, color as expected. I really recommend it. Carter’s is difficult to beat. Baby loves it.

Shelby Cedar Grove, WI

Carters Portable Crib Fitted Sheet, Pink

I bought a Graco playpen for my baby. And i was looking for a sheet to use on the mattress. This fitted sheet fits the “Dream On Me 3″ Foam Graco Pack ‘n Play Mattress” that has dimensions of 25.5″x 37.5″x 3″.The link for the mattress is here:B006Z2BZBUI had a hard time searching for the right fitted sheet for my graco playpen mattress. I hope this review helps! Also, i have put it in the washer (cold) and dryer (low) many times and it has come out looking new. I would recommend it!

Agnes Oak Harbor, OH

Perfect Pink!

This fitted sheet is sooo soft and the perfect size for our Graco pack n play. I will definitely buy more to have on hand. Highly recommended!

Julie High Point, MO

Fits the Dream on Me 3″ Mattress perfectly!

LOVE this sheet! We bought two of them because we liked the first one so much. They are soft and perfectly fit the Dream on Me 3" Portable mattress (

Charmaine Justin, TX

Doesn’t fit right

I like the fabric of this sheet, but it I dislike the fit. We have a Graco pack ‘n play, and it causes the mattress to bunch a little. I have tried putting it on many different times to make sure and had my husband put it on too but have the same result every time. Our son can still sleep in it, but it is annoying.

Johnnie Lemitar, NM

nice, soft, cotton sheets… ahhh 🙂

Fit our pack n play yard perfectly and 100% cotton too. Also works in the childcare’s cribs (they have smaller cribs) – the sheets are nice and soft, too. 🙂

Nikki Gallaway, TN

Soft but not deep

I guess most portable cribs have the old school really thin matresses, but I have a much thicker matress on ours because it is where our baby sleeps all the time, so these fit, but they are stretched to the max. The sides of the matress show it is stretched, but it’s not a big deal since it’s on the back.

Gail Zionville, NC

Great basic sheet

Just a basic sheet for the pack n play. I use a softer fluffier one underneath for extra fluff. This has been a great basic sheet that has been holding up for about a year now.

Jo Drury, MA