Carters Easy Fit Velour Crib Fitted Sheet, Ecru

Carters Easy Fit Velour Crib Fitted Sheet, Ecru

A warm and c ounce y nest for baby to sleep in luxury is what is created with Carter’s easy fit velour fitted crib sheet. The fitted sheet is 100% polyester with reinforced corners for a secure, quality fit. The deluxe crib sheet fits standard crib mattress.

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Tailored fit to standard crib mattresses
  • Extra smooth and soft velour
  • Reinforced corners
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Only washed once so far, but love it!

The sheet is great- very soft and fits perfectly. I have only washed it once as baby isn’t here yet- that’s the only thing keeping me from giving this a 5 star review. I can’t assess how well the sheet will hold up after multiple washings- I’m sure it will be fine though!

Louise Millville, MA

Soft and somewhat plush

this is soft, thin, but wish was twice as plush. As you can see in the picture it is plush/velvety enough to shift the material, but still thought would be softer. Warmer than cotton sheets, so helps in the winter.

Edith Hamel, IL

Elastic gave out, but for helping my son sleep, it’s a five-star item

This sheet is a winner. It truly helps my son sleep. We purchased a video monitor when my son was about eight months old, and learned from watching him that his night wakings usually came about when he had rolled away from his very small velour blanket and was trying unhappily to nuzzle into his regular cotton crib sheet. This crib sheet from Carter’s is a safe (in my opinion), perfect solution. As soon as we put it on his mattress, the night wakings slowed down dramatically. We watched our son wake up, then settle himself down by rubbing his cheek against the sheet or stroking it with his fingers. I wish we’d used snuggly sheets from the beginning — with infant safety recommendations spelling out so clearly that babies should sleep just on a sheet, it’s hard to find ways to make my little light sleeper more comfortable. This is perfect. My son is now a year old and I see him stroke the sheet less and less, so I think he’ll outgrow it at some point — which means the sheet really is the perfect sleep helper for my son.As to the quality of the sheet, I was amazed when I first received it at the plushness of the fabric. It struck me as a great value to have so much machine-washable, soft fabric for the price here on Amazon. So many super-soft baby items are expensive and come with special instructions for washing and drying, which can really be a lot of trouble when keeping up with a baby. Unfortunately, the elastic in this sheet dissolved after my first washing, so it’s not a very snug fit on the crib. While I found this disappointing, I will give Carter’s the benefit of the doubt — I think we may have machine-dried this on high when the label states that it should be dried on low, so I’m willing to call this a user error. We haven’t had problems with other sheets purchased from this line, including the pack ‘n’ play sheet, even though they have been machine-dried occasionally (and accidentally) on high power. Be sure to not make the same mistake we made.Every baby is different, so I have no idea how many people this sheet could help. For my son, it made a huge difference. He loves snuggling with his parents, and I think this plush fabric is less of a divergence from human contact than the cool, smooth, typical sheets. I wish we had started using this sheet months ago.

Jasmine Mc Roberts, KY

Don’t buy any other sheets, seriously!

These sheets are so much thicker than regular sheets. I have been using these for 9 months and they still look new. I purchased the sage and brown. They are so soft and my son loves to snuggle against them in his crib. We have two and haven’t needed more than that. If your baby is a blanket snob like mine, get these! (I personally let these sheets air dry and the fit is still perfect.)

Andrea Livonia, MO

Soft and warm

Very soft and fits the mattress well. We used it because it was warmer to the touch than cotton sheets in my cold house this winter, and also it felt similar to the material in the baby swing we were trying to transition my son out of sleeping in all night. My son seems to like it.

Virgie Goddard, KS

Quick looking and buy these!

I’ve been using these for 7 months now, and they are just awesome. Super soft and hold up very well thru lots of washing. they fit snuggly on the mattress. I have zero bad things to say about them.

Liza Vincent, OH

Love the Feel

These are so incredibly soft and fit our crib well. They are very tight, which is of course important, and did I mention that they were so incredibly soft . . . :o)

Carlene Coupeville, WA

Soft and durable

These have held up well through many washes. I wish I had some for my bed! I really like the Sage color (bought 2).

Myra Barrackville, WV


Very soft and cozy! A little thin but that’s to be expected with the price. I would buy again, my son loves the softness.

Doreen Stevensville, VA

Carters Easy Fit Velour Crib Fitted Sheet, Sage

My two year old son loves warm and soft sheet . The right size. Will recommend to friends with children. Good

Ola Wolford, ND

Favorite crib sheet!

I got Carters Sateen sheet and this Velour sheet…and this is by far my favorite! It’s SUPER soft, fits the bed great, and my son loves it!!

Sheri Gretna, LA

Helps my son sleep!

I absolutely love this crib sheet! It’s so soft and thick! My son sleeps so well when I have this on his mattress. I originally bought one, but when I’d wash it, I would have to put a regular sheet on and he hated it. I bought a second one to solve that problem. This is worth every penny!

Tommie Genoa, CO


Very soft, even after several washings. Also has really deep pockets. Now that our daughters a “big girl” we are going to sew two of them together to make a blanket.

Clare Majuro, MH

Soft and warm

We bought this crib sheet for the colder winter nights here in Oregon. It’s noticeably nicer to lay the baby onto, compared to cotton sheets. The cotton ones felt cold on my hands when I laid him down, so I can imagine how they felt to him! This velour sheet felt much warmer and inviting. It fits the standard mattress perfectly, too, and has held up well to washing.

Vilma Spring Brook, NY

Soft and comfy!

Ordered this when I decided didn’t want to pay $30 to get a 2nd Pottery Barn chamois crib sheet. Received the PB one as a gift… and LOVED it. Carters version is a great price for a thick and super soft crib sheet. So much more comfy on baby’s skin – especially now that he’s big enough to roll over and snooze on his tummy. Highly recommend.

Lacy Hardaway, AL

very soft to the touch

Absolutely love it. It is soft, my son loves it. It adds warmth to cold winter nights. I purchased this item together with quilted organic fitted padding. Could not be happier. I don’t know how I let my baby sleep on just the mattress with the sheet alone. Great buy.

Gladys Yadkinville, NC

Soft and warm

This sheet is soft and warm, looks good too. My only complaint is the fit. It is a little big for the crib mattress and therefore not real safe for a newborn. Fine for my 10 month old though.

Edwina Ray, MN

Just ordered a second sheet

This is my little ones favorite crib sheet and I just ordered a second. We are in Michigan and it gets cold here, even though we keep the temp up it still feels so good to be cozy. Since we can’t put anything in the crib with him to snuggle, it is important to at least make his sheet cozy.

Stacey Avery, TX


I love this. It is just so soft, fit our crib mattress with no problems. True to color and exactly as stated. I wish my sheets were this soft.

Louella Inverness, MS

Super Soft!!

This is so soft and my daughter seems to sleep very nice and comfortably with this sheet. And how could you not love the Pink!!

Beverly Black Diamond, WA

What I expected

Loved it and the baby too. It hugs the crib mattress even though the crib is smaller than the standard ones. Very satisfied.

Celina Dry Run, PA

Great deal

Very warm and soft. does not shed. good price. will buy some more colors. material looks very expensive. ! !

Maura East Montpelier, VT

Must Have for Sleeping through the Night

Love this sheet – very soft! 1st dd slept fine on regular cotton or flannel crib sheets. 2nd dd will ONLY sleep through the night with a velour sheet and this one has held up great with regular washings for past 6 months. Recently had to switch sheets right before bed and put on a flannel sheet. DD did not sleep well at all and fussed throughout the night. I’m buying a 2nd sheet so we don’t go through that again!

Kerry Rock Camp, OH


Softest crib sheets in the whole world! I purchased one of these sheets to have as a back up, but I had started out using the crib sheets that matched with my daughter’s crib bedding set. When I finally opened this sheet, washed it, and put it on her mattress I was sorry I’d ever used anything else. These crib sheets seem to hold up and wash up as well as anything else you can purchase, but the wonderful thing about them is the super soft velour fabric. So so soft, I just wish they made these for adults!

Deanne La Grange, MO

A must for all babies and toddlers!

I bought this sheet in pink and in green, both are great. They fit our IKEA crib mattress easily, which is not at all how the IKEA covers fit after being washed. So we are hooked now – all I want is these in my baby’s crib. They look luxurious, and are very well made. I only wish they had these in queen size for my bed!

Alfreda Lead Hill, AR

Super soft and warm

My son used to hate being put to sleep on cotton sheets because they tended to be cool to the touch. These sheets stay at room temperature which helps with the transfer from being held to being put into his crib.

Debra Salol, MN

Great sheet, I wish they came in adult sizes

I purchased this sheet for my newborn’s crib before he was born. Upon arrival I found the quality to be so good and the feeling is so soft that I purchased another one for my 20 month old’s crib. Love that it isn’t too small for cribs, very easy to put on and remove. No stretching too tight. My husband and I only wish that it came in a full size version for our son’s bed and a queen/king size for us.

Coleen Garden Valley, CA

Very soft/warm, velvety.

I got this for my 6month old and now that the weather is getting cooler, I think he loves it. I love it. It’s SOFT and warm. I love the fact that the size of this is generous on my standard crib mattress. Some other sheets i have to pull so hard i’m almost tearing at the seams to make it fit, but this has generous coverage.I love the chocolate color. I’m not sure yet, but I think my baby is sleeping a little longer in it.Yes this is 100% polyester but I don’t think that’s so bad for a sheet. It’s not as if my baby is wearing those unbreathable polyester sleep sacks. I don’t think you can get this velvetty, softness in cotton! The price is great.

Cassie Lake Lillian, MN

Great for winter!

I was actually surprised at the quality of this sheet, because my jersey cotton sheet from Carters seemed to fall apart after about 9 months. This is very thick, and the elastic that goes all the way around the bottom makes it easy to put onto the mattress. Very soft for my baby to sleep on, especially during the cold winter months.

Karla Fort Stanton, NM

can i get this in queen size too!?

i just put these on my baby’s mattress and i gotta say, it feels so soft and comfy. it’s definitely a step up from his last fitted sheet. i liked it so much i bought it in brown as well. i definitely recommend these sheets to anyone that wants to spoil their baby 🙂

Beverley Nokesville, VA