Carters Everyday Easy Faux Fur with Satin Blanket, Brown/Sage Circles

Carters Everyday Easy Faux Fur with Satin Blanket, Brown/Sage Circles

Carters Everyday Easy Faux Fur with Satin Blanket, Brown/Sage Circles

Main features

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • Generous 30×40 size to swaddle a baby
  • Extra soft faux fur
  • Printed satin edge
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not a fan of this blanket

Got this blanket for my son because all my other kids have blankets with a full side of satin. Carters always puts out good stuff so I didn’t have any second thoughts ordering it. But this thing sheds. The blue fuzzy side has a long pile to it, It’s not a short tight pile. I have washed this blanket maybe 5 times and it continues to shed little fuzzy fibers that sick to pacifiers and can get in your eyes and irritates them. I would not recommend this blanket. I purchased another blanket on amazon from elegant baby It is a smaller blankie size (20×20 inches) but is so soft and wonderful.

Sophia Dresden, NY


Wonderful quality! Both the satin side and the fuzzy side are super soft and still wonderful after being washed. I wish there was a bigger size I could use as a couch blanket!

Helene Valleyford, WA

Favorite Blanket

This blanket is super soft and fuzzy on one side and silky on the other side. It is very light but very warm. I think I’ll have to buy at least one more for when this one is in the laundry!

Herminia Dansville, MI

Just ok..

This blanket is cute and i like that it’s soft on one side and the cool, silky material on the other. The only thing i don’t like is that it sheds. If my daughters pacifier touches the fuzzy side it’s instantly coated in little hairs and needs to be rinsed to get them off. I probably wouldn’t buy this blanket again.

Corinne Diamond, OH

My daugfhter’s favorite

Out of all the blankets Lexy has, this one has become her favorite. It calms her when she is sad, hurt, overtired, or cranky. It also excites her when she is already happy. This blanket is ulta soft and even after several washings it is still in excellent condition. The pink side is the faux fur and is super soft. I face this side towards her when is cooler outside. However, I do notice on my black clothes very small threads that come off from this side. They also can come off on the binky. The brown flowered side is like satin and stays cool. Great for warmer days:) I have also cuddled up with this blanket or used it to cover up my feet. She is never overheated or too cool in this blanket, as I use it in her car seat for travel, and also in her crib at night. She likes to bury her face in it, happy or sad. I can’t speak enough about this blanket. From Lexy’s actions, EVERYONE should own this! My only negative side to this blanket is the price. I was lucky to get this as a gift at the baby shower. Now, I have to purchase more to keep JUST in case something happens to this one. 22 plus shipping is a little steep.

Rene Orchard, NE