Carter’s First Year Calendar, Laguna

Carter’s First Year Calendar, Laguna

Record the events of your baby’s first year with an archival quality acid free and lignin free calendar from the Laguna Collection. Born of a partnership between CR Gibson and Carter’s, and their shared commitment to quality and design, the Laguna pattern calendar features a friendly turtle on a green background. Fully illustrated calendar has space to record activities and memories, and comes complete with decorative stickers to easily record milestones. When open the calendar is 11″ x 18″ . For almost 140 years, starting with the creation of the very first baby book in 1898, families around the world have depended on C.R. Gibson as their number one provider of products that celebrate life’s most cherished moments. Understanding the importance of preservation and craftsmanship, CR Gibson products offer a tradition of excellent and quality. CR Gibson’s commitment to excellence can also be seen in their commitment to design. CR Gibson sets a standard for style that reflects today’s top fashions while creating a timeless treasured keepsake.

Main features

  • 11″x 18″when open, the baby’s first year calendar is a convenient way to record important event and milestones of baby’s first 12 months
  • Decorative pages and stickers provide special and easy way to remember baby’s milestones
  • From the Laguna collection this calendar features a friendly, colorful turtle on a green background accenting a border of blue, green, orange and brown dots
  • Calendar is acid free and lignin free to create a keepsake you can treasure forever
  • Carter’s and CR Gibson share a commitment to quality product and beautiful design, and both have 140 years experience creating products for babies and their parents

Verified reviews


Pretty stinkin’ cute, and nearly perfect

Each month has a place for you to fill out baby’s sleeping patterns, feeding schedule, some sounds and motions they’re making, what they like and dislike, favorite toys and games, and what they’re learning by the end of the month. The pages and stickers are super duper cute while still being gender neutral. Nothing is plain, it all has some sort of colored pattern background and there are plenty of frogs, ducks, bugs, monkeys, turtles, and snails. The stickers are cute, though I wish there were even more of them, but that’s ok.Inside:All About Mommy & DaddyAll About YouFamily TreeEmpty months that you fill in, and one page of stickersLetters from Mommy & DaddyThe only negative: (and why I gave 4 stars instead of 5)Each month there’s a box that says “(month)”, which is where you put that month’s sticker (like “January”). Well, on the thirteenth month, the one that will be your child’s first birthday, they still wrote “month” in the box… the problem being that they only gave you ONE sticker for each month… so you don’t have a sticker for the 13th month, but you can’t just write it in by hand either. You’ll have to type it out on the computer and make your own sticker label for that month. I mean, that is totally doable; I just find it to be a lack of foresight on their part. If they would have just not written “(month)” in the box, then you could hand-write that month in yourself. But since they did write “(month)” you have to cover it up even though they didn’t provide the sticker to do so.

Gretchen Mine Hill, NJ

Bought for a friend

As my title says, I don’t own this item. I have never seen the inside. I got one in a different style that I loved. My friend had a girl and said she thought this is such a cute calendar. I’m guessing if it is anything like my gender neutral Carter’s calendar, it really is neat. I wish I had gotten this one for my daughter. The stickers in the back do make milestones easier to chronicle and easier to keep up with. I recommend a First Year Calendar for any mother. You won’t remember stuff. This is a great way to ensure that those sweet little moments will always be cherished.

Janell Dairy, OR

Cute Calendar – if you use it!

This is a really cute calendar with cute stickers. I like that months aren’t already listed on the calendar so that you can start when your child is born. The colors are pastel and classic. For us, it didn’t work out well b/c I wasn’t good about updating it. While a great concept, I didn’t find the look ‘cute enough’ to actually hang on a wall somewhere to make it easy to track. I also wish there were more (and cuter) stickers. Some of the stickers were bland – and there weren’t stickers for all the holidays, etc.Overall – it’s structured well and is a great concept which is why I gave it a 3. I think they could add more stickers and spice them (and the calender) up a bit since the intention is to place on a wall and not be put on a shelf somewhere.

Elisha Gray, IA

Makes recording events easy

This calendar is an amazing resource for moms with limited time who want to make sure they record all of their baby’s firsts. This makes it so easy for me to jot down whatever my son did, without wasting time or having to remember to do it later. The stickers are so cute and add a fun touch.

Stephanie Blythe, GA

Keep it on the changing table

We have loved using this calendar and plan to get another one for our next baby. We keep it with a pen and open to the current month in the plastic sleeve it comes with. As baby reaches a milestone, we pull out the calendar and make a note. At the end of each month, we fill in the information about baby’s likes, dislikes, baby sounds, etc. We highly recommend this, because you write things as they happen, at your leisure.

Clara Circle, MT

Very sweet and simple

I bought this as an easy way to write and remember all the little firsts! I love the look of the calendar and the stickers are not only cute, but they are a good reminder of the small accomplishments he has made!

Jackie Newland, NC

For all your baby’s firsts

This is a great way to document all your baby’s firsts. The calendar is customizable and very cute. It comes with stickers but I wish it came with even more. Overall, I’m very happy with this purchase. It would make a great shower gift.

Cheryl Munroe Falls, OH

Too Much…for a calendar

I bought this for my daughter to just write things down as the baby progressed so she could transfer the info later into the baby book when she had more time. This calendar is more like a baby book for the wall…requires too much information each month. I’ll keep looking for just the right calendar to make like easier, even if I have to make one myself. If you have the time to put into this calendar it’s great but if not you’d better pass for now.

Adele West Baldwin, ME

So cute

I had a previous design for the first baby. This one is even cuter. The stickers and graphics are a bit more modern than the older version. I love it.

Nan Clyde, TX

Love it!

I had a similar calender when my son was born, now that I am expecting my little princess I decided to get another one. It is very convenient! I have it displayed on the wall, so everytime my little munchkin does something first or cute, I would write it down in the calender. It is amaizing how fast you forget the little things…

Juliette Hicksville, OH

Adorable quality baby calendar!

This calendar is much cuter than any I found in stores. It comes with stickers for baby’s firsts, and the illustrations are adorable. Gave one to my daughter for her newborn son….she loved it so much that she ordered one to give to a friend.

Kenya San Acacia, NM

Wonder Memories

I bought this because my mom kept a calendar for me as a baby. It’s a great way to remember all the "big" moments. I keep this calendar for my son and my baby calendar side, by side to see the comparisons.

Sandy Tuscarora, PA

Wish it had more stickers

It’s a great little calendar. I wish it had more stickers for different life events. Also, the stickers look a little cheap. It’s ok, but not the best I’ve had.

Charlotte Ninilchik, AK

Awesome Idea – Great for Busy Moms!

This is for the mom who can’t commit to a year of remembering to journal about EVERY milestone your baby hits. It’s great. comes with milestone stickers like "1 month old" and "My first smile" that you just stick on the day of the calendar that it happened (or approximately, if you forgot…). I love it. i had to be realistic about how diligent I really could be about tracking her milestones with a full time job and a child-husband to also take care of. bought one for all of my pregnant friends too!

Eloise Floresville, TX

Great calendar

This is great to quickly mark milestones for baby. I don’t always have time to write in baby book so I use this as a reminder for things I want to record at a later date. Super cute.

Jasmin Oneida, NY

Adorable Calendar.

This calendar was exactly what i was looking for to document my sons first year. The thick paper and adorable stickers make this product high quality and very durable. Comes in a plastic slipcover too!

Dianne Mount Olive, IL


Stickers are too big and take up the entire block for the day. Other minor issues, but will do for the price.

Jerri Coal Hill, AR

Modern, clean lined baby calendar

This is a great addition to baby’s nursery…got one as a gift for my first child and bought this Carter’s calender for the second since that one was so successful. It’s difficult to keep up with baby book entries with a newborn, but if you keep this calendar hanging by the changing table with a pen, you can just jot things down for possible baby book entries later so you don’t forget them!I love the muted, unisex colors of this calendar…it’s babyish and cute but not sickeningly sweet. How refreshing!

Doretha Hazard, KY

Exactly what I was looking for!

This calendar is so cute and it is exactly what I was looking for. I wanted something simple that I would keep up with, and this fits the bill! My little guy is due any day now and I can’t wait to start using it! 🙂

Mai Jackson, CA

Super Cute

This calendar is a really cute way to keep track of our son’s milestones over his first year. I love that it is in calalder form to make it really easy to see his development over time. The pictures and included stickers are adorable and they cover all the important firsts. The first few pages go over details of the day he was born and things like his family tree. I love filling this out every month!

Sophia Zavalla, TX


The stickers in this calender are great. It is a nice way to put small passages in each day about your little one. The squares are kind of small for each day, but still a cute calender

Jacquelyn Hartsdale, NY

Love it! Very convenient for a new mom!!

For me, I wanted to catch the moments but didn’t have time to sit too often and write in a baby book since I’m a single mom of twins. My house is so overrun with baby stuff that a baby book would likely be misplaced or buried. This calendar is awesome because I hung it on the wall so I can write things on it even when I’m walking a baby or two. I got one for each baby and they hang side by side. This is great because sometimes I’m lucky to have time to even write on one so I can copy to the other when I get time to catch up. I like it so much that I think down the road, I’ll just add pictures and skip the whole baby book altogether. I would never write as much as I do if I had to open a book and use both hands to do it. Mothers-to-be waiting to have your first kid, my advice to you 4mos into the new mom gig, get the calendar up before the baby(ies) arrive and tie a pen on a string to the nail holding it up so you’re ready to go. The first 3 mos are an overwhelming yet wonderful blur so get this up before you leave for the hospital.

Merle White Cloud, KS


A great, simple, and convenient way to track baby’s firsts. I love the stickers and the cute photos of the animals. It makes a great keepsake!

Gertrude Knox Dale, PA