Carter’s Forest Friends Wall Decals, Tan/Choc

Carter’s Forest Friends Wall Decals, Tan/Choc

Your little one will make lots of woodland friends while hibernating in a charming forest themed nursery. Spruce up your nursery with Carter’s Tree Tops wall decals featuring sweet forest animals in a neutral color palette. Removable and reusable with self stick adhesive. Easy to use and decorate nursery without harming walls.

Main features

  • Easy to use and decorate nursery without harming walls
  • Includes four 10″ x 18″ sheets of decals
  • Removable and reusable with self stick adhesive
  • Add easy to use decals to brighten up your nursery

Verified reviews


Great decals, work well on textured walls

I purchased these decals to match the Forest Friends bedding set in our nursery and they look great! I originally bought them off of Amazon, which stated that they had several in stock through seller LULLABYE SHOP, but a couple days later I received a cancellation notice saying that they were no longer available. I immediately went back to Amazon and was annoyed to see that they were still listing them as in-stock. I wound up purchasing them from another online store and used a coupon code making them even cheaper.I have very textured walls in my apartment so I was worried that these would not work. Not only did they apply very well, but the textured surface adds depth to the images as well (especially the tree trunk). Like another reviewer, I cut them out ahead of time so that I could see what I was working with, and I based part of my design on a picture that another person submitted to Amazon. A couple times I had to peel off a decal to rearrange it and it restuck very well. I’m not sure how they would hold up if we had to move to another apartment, but for now they stick very well.Overall, I highly recommend the decals. They give you plenty to work with and the size of the animals is bigger than I thought. It really adds to my nursery since I can’t do anything permanent (boo apartment living!).I will add my pictures to this listing after I submit this review.**Update**I moved to a new apartment and these decals have held up wonderfully. I saved the original wax paper they came on, put them all back on and reapplied them again and they restuck with no problem! Now that my son is 2 1/2 months old, he LOVES looking at them. I have the tree above his changing table and he smiles and coos at the animals.

Tessa Channing, TX

Choking hazard! Easy for babies to take off walls!!!

I bought these for my 7 month old son’s nursery. I watched him peel off the deer in no time and he proceeded to try and put it in his mouth (like all babies do with anything). I took it away and then he moved onto the fox, off in no time as well. Big waste of money, they do not stick well on our no texture flat pair walls. I have another brand of wall decals and he has yet been able to pull those off. Save your money or be ready to throw it away within a month. And yes, I know they are supposed to be removable and reusable, but for a nursery it’s not a good idea. Plus once my son took the deer off, the tail would not stick.

Tricia Utica, PA

adorable & a great alternative to painting!

I LOVE these decals; they are so adorable and there are so many in the pack that it was almost hard to figure out where to put them all! I live in an apartment where painting is not allowed so this was a great alternative for personalizing my childs room. I highly recommend this product

Glenna West Milton, PA


East to stick on the walls and leave paint unscathed! These are of great quality and are just super cute!

Nan Columbia City, IN


These decals are just adorable. My little one loves looking at his new friends on the wall! The doe, bear, and fox are my favorite!

Lorene Skamokawa, WA

Fun decal

This is a quality product. As promised, it doesn’t damage walls – you can easily reposition each piece. I wish they made more of this – like underwater, snow, mountain, cityscape etc.

Lee Tyndall, SD

Very cute and easy to put together

I got this set of decals for putting above the crib, and it is really adorable. It does take a little planning to arrange, but it’s easy to peel off and re-position, so I didn’t find it too troublesome. Definitely allows a lot of flexibility and creativity.

Robbie Sesser, IL

Adorable and Extremely Easy to Use

These wall decals are a fast and easy way to add some cute art to your baby’s room. My six year old son actually did most the placement of these in his little brother’s room, they are virtually impossible to mess up and he was so happy to help get ready for the baby. The package came with enough decals for us to make a main mural and then place some animals, mushrooms, and acorns above the changing table and a shelf in the room. The images and colors would be great for a boy r girl’s room and are not too babyish that they would want them removed until they get much older. We also purchased the matching canvases witht he owl and fox and they look great in the room with the murals.

Chelsey Appleton, WI

So easy to use and look great!

I am so pleased with these wall decals. They have really livened up my baby’s nursery. We live in rented accommodation so couldn’t paint the walls. Adding these decals to the wall has added the colour needed to brighten up the room and to give it a theme. They are so cute and very easy to use. I particularly like that you can take them off easily and reapply them if you aren’t happy with where you put them.

Nina Lewistown, MT

Love these…

These are super cute! I got two sets…one for over the crib (which it turns out she won’t sleep in), and one for over her changing table. From day one she was looking at them intently, particularly the brown bear (I think because it has more contrast). Very fun! Oh, and they’re easy to reposition. I probably moved them around four times before settling on a design and they are still sticking just fine!

Dina Arlington, IN


These decals are cute and easy to use. There is a lot of variety, which is nice. Our nursery is going to be adorable.

Alejandra Grand Rapids, MN


I got these a year ago and they have been great. We just moved into a new home and I was able to remove these and take them with us. They are just as perfect on the new walls!!! I love that this product has held up so well. Thank you!! So many products today are such trash, it’s nice to come across something worth the money!!

Samantha Summerville, OR

Great decals

I love these decals. There are enough in this package to cover 3 different areas of our nursery. My only complaint is that they do not come off as easily and cleanly as I’d like.

Nola Spencertown, NY

Adorable and fun!

This is such a fantastic way to decorate a nursery! I love the style (I mean, who wouldn’t?) and found that the little pieces stuck quite well to the wall. They also seem to be very adhesive, as they adhered fine even after we had to move them a couple of times. The colors are gorgeous and they really liven up the room. I’m so happy with the wall decals! The only downside is that now, it makes me want to buy all matching/corresponding pieces. haha

Miranda Hialeah, FL

Super Adorable!

When I first opened the package, I was so excited about how cute the animals were and I was thrilled with the size of the decals. I also noticed that there were no pictures with suggested ways to organize the stick-ons on the wall. As someone who isn’t super artistic, I found this to be a bit disappointing (hence the 4-star rating instead of 5). Regardless, I cut out all the parts and organized them on the floor before attaching them to the wall. A little help from my husband and we made a beautiful design above our son’s crib. It’s so cute! I feel like I should buy another set 🙂

Jessie Newbury, NH