Carters Keep Me Dry Burp Pads, Pink Circles, 3 Pack

Carters Keep Me Dry Burp Pads, Pink Circles, 3 Pack

Carter’s burp and lap 3 pack pads can be used during diaper changes, feeding, travel, and playtime. Each cloth is constructed with 100% cotton birdseye fabric with an extra padded center. They are edged in a soft flannel decorative trim.

Main features

  • 100% cotton; Fiber filling: 100% polyester
  • Imported
  • Includes 3 burp pads
  • Extra absorbent cotton birdseye with polyester filling in center
  • Printed flannel trim
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Not worth the price

I got these from my registry, pre-washed them and the middle section bunched up horribly which will considerably affect their absorbansy. They are nothing more than a cheap prefold cloth diaper with a flannel binding added. Buy better quality prefolds to use, or just the flannel burp rags or recieving blankets.

Rosanne De Peyster, NY

Looked a year old after one wash

We haven’t actually USED these yet but after one wash they look like they were bought from a garage sale rather than having been brand new. They still feel like they’ll be quite absorbent in the middle although they did shrink a bit. I was really disappointed in how the brown polka-dotted one especially pilled and just looked ANCIENT. The swirl one held up the best but I don’t think it’s worth getting the pack just for one that stands up to the wash. I’ll update when we actually have our baby and get a chance to use them. 🙂

Mitzi Mount Vernon, OR

Good idea, lousy execution

Like the others that have reviewed this product and posted pictures, I am deeply disappointed in the quality. After one wash, the fabric became very distressed and aged. I bought these to coordinate with some other diaper bag accessories to take out and now, I wouldn’t use these if company were coming over. Don’t pay the extra money for the cuteness, just get plain ones that are cheaper in price instead.

Johnnie Greens Fork, IN

like them

like using these burp cloths, got them embroidered and they look really good, thick enough to hold spit up. and just the right size.

Ebony Blue Ridge, VA

Why didn’t I read the reviews??

1) Expensive!This is baby #3 on a budget and I plan on cloth diapering, so I could probably use my prefolds for this job, but I wanted something cute to match the little unisex theme I have goin on. There isn’t much out there for the parent who wants to keep the sex of her baby a surprise. I bought theCarters Everyday Easy Printed Boa Blanket, Ecru Circles, which I LOVE, to match.2) POOR quality! Right out of the bag, these look cheap and scratchy. The material is polyester, but NOT the soft kind of polyester, I promise!The material is not tightly woven either, so Im not sure how well these are even going to work.My advice, save yourself that sad sigh when the excitement of a shipped item arrives and is sub-par. :(2 stars because it matches the blanket.

Jimmie Dixmont, ME

Buy cloth diapers instead

These are not really worth it. I purchased a pack of cloth diapers and use them as burp cloths, which was less expensive and they hold up much better.

Georgette French Gulch, CA

Doesn’t wash well

I ordered these to match the colors of our nursery…These look cute, but after one wash…yuck! They frayed and faded after one wash..very disappointing..

Elvia Scaly Mountain, NC

Cute prints that get furry after first wash

Very disappointing – these looked really good when they arrived so I promptly threw them in the wash….they came out looking like they were 5 year old rags.Go with the Gerber cotton or flannel burp cloths; these are awful.

Edna Doylestown, WI

Cotton burp cloths absorbant an easy to clean

We love these cloths. They are very absorbant and easy to clean. Cute design on the trim so they don’t look too much like cloth diapers.

Celia Lonedell, MO

Nice size

My kid is a spitter, and we go through at least one burp cloth at every feeding. These are my favorite because they are nice and big, which saves my clothes from getting covered in spit up. I think these are a perfect size – they cover enough of your shoulder that you stay dry, but they don’t take up too much room in a diaper bag.

Sondra Comstock, NY

Cute at first, but fades & shrinks

These burp cloths were very cute at first. After the 1st washing, they faded and shrank. I washed them on cold and dried on low heat and they still faded and shrunk very badly. I will not buy any more Carters burp cloths. The fading and shrinking really surprised me, because Carters clothes hold up much better than this. After a few uses one of them even got a hole in it where the material pulled away from the edging. Very disappointed in the quality. After 1 use, they became around the house use only as they looked too bad to be used in public.

Guadalupe Diggs, VA

Do Not Buy

These are pure junk. Washed these one time and they not only faded, but wrinkled up like gauze/cheesecloth. I am now using them as rags. What a waste of money.

Catalina Hitchcock, OK

Washed terribly!

After 1 wash, they looked 10 years old! This was following washing directions too. They work fine and are a good size and sturdy but wish they didn’t look so ratty.

Patty Linch, WY


They match my Nojo butterfly ensemble that is my nursery theme. Super absorbent. Modern and chic baby look. I love polka dots for girls so this is too cute. They look expensive but are a great price.

Tamra Calvary, GA

A must!

This product is perfect for any occasion while you are feeding a baby. Great to keep your clothes clean.Expect the unexpected. Nice colours and wash well.

Monique Elkton, SD

Amazing Burp Cloths!

These are the only burp cloths I would purchase. They are worth the money. They absorb so much more than the normal flimsy ones.

Roseann Farmer City, IL

Great burp cloths

These are the best burp cloths we bought. They are nice and thick and hold a lot of liquid. A few weeks after my daughter was born my husband actually asked me to buy more of these specific ones.

Mabel Troy, TX

Not thick enough!

I purchased these for a friend. She had registered for them, but I’m not sure she knew how thin they are. We both agree that while cute, they just won’t do the trick for watery breast fed baby spit up.

Jan Canby, CA