Carter’s Keep Me Dry Fitted Quilted 4-Ply Crib Pad, White

Carter’s Keep Me Dry Fitted Quilted 4-Ply Crib Pad, White

Protect your infant’s crib mattress with Carter’s Keep-Me-Dry Fitted Quilted Crib Pad. This 4-ply, waterproof crib pad with reinforced corners measures 28″ x 52″, and fits a standard crib mattress. Featured in white, this crib pad is easy to use and will bring that extra bit of comfort into your little one’s nursery. Machine washable.

Main features

  • Front: 100% Cotton; Back: 100% Polyester; Skirt: 100% Polyester tricot; Filling: 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 4-ply waterproof
  • Reinforced corners
  • Measures: 28″ x 52″
  • Fits standard size crib mattress
  • Machine washable

Verified reviews


Might be a little *too* soft…

I ordered the ‘deluxe’ version, because I honestly can’t resist getting what I assume will be the ‘nicer’ version of a baby product. The crib pad fits the mattress very well, theSealy Baby Firm Rest Crib Mattressand it laundered just fine when I washed it, no shrinking. The only issue I have with it is that the deluxe version is 4-ply, and I assume that the regular version is not. While 4-ply is very soft and would probably be great for a slightly older child, I think it might be a little too soft for a newborn crib. Just pressing into it with my hand makes a pretty good depression that wasn’t possible when it was just the mattress. So in all, the product is great, but I may have just ordered the wrong version for my needs.

Aimee Galva, IA

Good but could be a little softer

This adds a decent amount of softness to my baby’s crib but he still seems to prefer sleeping on the daybed in his room which has a very cover on it. I’m going to try to put a blanket between this and the sheet to see if that will make him sleep as easily and long in the crib as he does on the daybed. Thankfully he hasn’t learned to roll over yet so we have a little time before we have to worry about him sleeping on the daybed.

Rosalind Jacksonville, OH

Soft, not crunchy one bit!

I went with the 4-ply over the 2-ply after reading other people’s reviews. This pad does not feel plasticy, and it’s a nice soft pad to put under the bedding. I’m using the Aden and Anais bedding, and the material of this bedding is quite thin, but soft. This pad offers a nice cushion to the thin sheet. Now, I will have to see how it holds up to diaper leaks in the crib.

Whitney Newfane, VT

I got 2

Well what can I say? It’s a great necessity. I love this so much that I got another one to switch in between washes.

Velma Rexford, MT

Does what its suppose to

Great pad. It is fairly thick and the elastic holds the pad tight but it does make it a little difficult to get off and on. Washes easily and seems to be holding up well.

April Ezel, KY

Great quality

Mrs. Boyer here. I was concerned that the mattress pad would shrink after washing, but after a warm water wash & tumble dry on low heat they still fit just fine on my 27" x 52" crib mattress. I like the softness of the quilted pad. No messes yet so I’m not sure how waterproof it is, but I have high hopes.

Rene Twin Rocks, PA

very nice

this was nicer than i thought it was going to be. it has nice padding and fits the mattress perfectly.

Nicole Redfield, AR

very nice quaility

These are very nice and seem to be of really good quality. Was delighted to get them. Need to get the mattress now …next paycheck and I can update on fit then,

Dominique Medanales, NM

Great buy and quality

I love this mattress pad. This is very comfortable and makes all the difference in the comfort of the mattress.

Joanna Spring Creek, PA

Good, but one problem

This product works well, and appears to be made well. But, it has one annoying issue, which is difficutl to explain. When in the dryer the differant layers seperate, and the plastic lining gets stuck to itself, and bunched up. You can easily fix this, and get everything back in the right place. But, its takes a few minutes. And, if your child is potty training, and wetting their bed often, you’ll quickly tired of this excersise. Also, I fear that this process limit the life-time of the product. Thought, it shows no obvious signs of wear yet. If I had to do it over, I try a differant brand or product which might not have this issue.

Therese Valley City, ND

Carter’s Keep Me Dry Fitted Quilted 4-Ply Crib Pad, White

Very satisfied was as advertised and fit nicely on the crib mattress we have in the room for our grandson.

Tori Rollingbay, WA

Mattress pad

This mattress pad is the only one that I’ve used that ever worked PERFECTLY! It gets washed very often, and it never shrinks. I love it!

Blanche Castle Rock, WA

Much better than single ply version

I hadn’t realized they made these and just purchased after 2yrs of using the single ply. It is probably too soft for an infant but for my 2yr old it’s great.

Delores Cardington, OH

washes great fits perfectly!

I love the Carter’s pads with the cotton top! So much better than what we had before! We have two other crib/toddler mattress pad covers, Sealy and Circo brand. The Sealy is polyester and pills and looks terrible. It is really tight and hard to get over the corners. The Circo has a cotton top but is so tight I tore the corner getting it on one day. Both the Sealy and Circo don’t cover the entire mattress top but rather have a smaller waterproof area.The Carter’s cotton top premium pad is GREAT by comparison. It covers the entire top of our mattress and fits snugly but loose enough to get on and off easily for washing and late night bed changes. It has survived vomit and potty accidents and nothing soaks through! I love how easy it is to put on and take off. The kids’ mattresses are Colgate III foam two sided. (one side infant firm, the other toddler softer) crib / toddler size with squared corners, hope that helps you. We have only two of these Carter’s quilted mattress pads, one for each bed but I wish we had a spare for each bed too since these fit so much better and don’t pill up like the polyester kind. Spend the few bucks extra, get the 4 ply quilted cotton top (yes it does have a waterproof backing) , their premium type pad instead of the polyester top ones. So worth it!*update* 10/29/12 – I think of this product every time I have a late night sheet change, like tonight. Our boy is almost 4 and potty trained but still often wets at night. Buying an extra one of these instead of spending money on a bunch more night time pull ups is so worth it! Just put a different brand on the bed and struggled t get it on, unlike the Carter’s pads we have! Ugh. Now our daughter is potty training but still wears diapers. I am going to work 2 more off these into the budget to have on hand for their accidents! I always machine wash and dry, never had any issues with wear and tear yet.

Tracie Marenisco, MI

Pretty good at a good price

This pad stays put and is thick enough to add some comfort. I would buy it again. Not top quality but adequate.

Rosa Qulin, MO

perfect fit

Washed and dried well. No shrinkage. Exactly what I wanted. Would highly recommend. I like the mesh sides and fitted elastic.

Merle Lily, KY

Very durable

I’ve washed these (I have 2, see why below) many many times and they have held up very well. A trick my aunt taught me is to make the crib in double layers so have a protector pad and fitted sheet under a protector pad and fitted sheet. That way if there is an accident/spit up/diaper leak situation in the middle of the night you strip off one layer and don’t have to wrestle with sheets when you are tired. This tip has saved me many times!

Cecile Dillsboro, IN

Great product

We ordered this as an alternate to an organic crib pad and we are pleased with it. It is very easy to install, no fighting with it, and washes very well. Would totally recommend to a friend.

Wendi Fairhaven, MA

Great mattress pad!

I was looking for a mattress pad that would provide a little more cushion and comfort for my kids. They both sleep wonderfully on our nice, comfy king size bed, but not so much on their own beds. This quilted pad was the solution to that problem. It provides the extra cushion that they needed to make those hard crib mattresses more comfortable.I’ve washed these pads several times, and they haven’t shrunk or lost their shape at all. My two-year-old always asks to put it back on immediately after it comes out of the dryer, and my 9-month-old curls right up and goes to sleep when it’s on her bed. I started using this in her crib when she was 7-months-old. She started rolling over when she was two-months-old, and has been flipping over and sleeping on her stomach for quite a while, so I didn’t worry at all about it being too think for her. Even so, I probably would wait until your baby is around 6-months-old to start using this, just because of the thinkness.I think the only thing I would change would be to make the top layer the water-proof layer. That way, I could just wipe it down and disinfect it when their was a leaky diaper or pull-up, instead of having to take it off and wash it every time. That’s the only reason I knocked off a star. Other than that, I think it’s a great product, and will most likely buy two more so that I have spares for each child’s bed.

Jordan Pontiac, IL

Keeps stains away from mattress

This was the perfect size for our baby mattress. We have had diaper leaks and milk spills which saturated the crib sheets but didn’t make it past this crib mattress protector. Definitely a good buy.If you’re preparing for a baby, check out this comprehensive baby registry must-have list at AllMomsArePerfect. Search for Baby Registry.It covers the first 3 months and helps you decifer what you really need and what you can live without.

Josephine Scandia, MN

Great buy!

I am very pleased with this purchase! Just the right amount of thickness that it’s comfy for baby but I don’t have to worry about SIDS! And the quality is great too! Plus, if she ends up having a poopy accident in bed that I don’t find until she wakes up the next morning (10 hours later), I still only have to wash her crib sheet and this pad – doesn’t go through to the mattress!!

Tamra Curwensville, PA

Love it’s softness and that it is fitted

I love it because it is a fitted sheet, not just a pad. My daughter moves a lot when she sleeps, and the fitted pad is like a fitted sheet, I don’t have to fix the sheets each morning.I like that it is soft, thick enough and I always prefer quilted products. Just a personal preference.Always use a waterproof mattress though. Safer anyway. I have 2 of this product, to alternate when one is in the washer.

Evelyn Indian Trail, NC

Why didn’t I get this in the first place?

The reason I didn’t get this item originally is because I didn’t want another product made in China. Well, the other two mattress pads I bought have been impossible to fit and pull and struggle onto the standard crib mattress. I got this when baby was a few months old, and I’m finally coming back to buy and second one. I’m sick of struggling with my other mattress pads! This one fits well, it’s easy to get one, and it dries in a snap.

Cara Forest Hills, KY

Padded and Stays Dry

My daughter is a tummy sleeper and we always wake up to leaks. I needed a backup pad so I ordered this one. It seems to repel the dampness so she doesn’t get so wet while sleeping on a leak. Padded but not overly plush – so it’s not worrisome.

Zelma Maiden, NC

Great Crib Pad

This crib pad is great and definitely has some extra padding compared to other cheaper quilts with less plies. We bought this as the main pad and a cheaper as a backup for accidents.

Ladonna Casco, ME

Great Price

This mattress was prices right, so far he sleeps in his crib for a couple of hours, but my little one is attached to the master bed. So one day this mattress will get its due justice.

Corina South Dennis, NJ